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A&P- "essay questions" – Flashcards
04 Aug 2017 Flashcards

question Bone Marrow answer There are spaces in the trabecular cavities of spongy bone that hold either red bone marrow (hematopoietic tissue) or yellow bone marrow (fat) depending on the age of the person. question Where does blood cell production occur in adults? answer ????? In the red bone marrow of the long bones question […]

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Physical Science Essay Questions – Flashcards
28 Jul 2017 Flashcards

question “As science has progressed, the branches of science have merged together.” Explain this statement. answer As more discoveries are made about the nature of matter and energy, different sciences become interconnected. For example, biochemistry studies the chemistry of living things. Geophysics studies the forces that affect the earth. question Explain why a scientific theory […]

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CH. 9 – The Market Revolution – Flashcards
25 Jul 2017 Flashcards

question Describe Lafayette’s visit to the US in 1824. Who was discouraged from participating in the celebration & why? answer Lafayette’s 13 month tour of 24 US states demonstrated how the US had changed in 40 years; the spread of market relations, westward expansion, and the rise of a vigorous political democracy. This expansion of […]

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Anne Bradstreet (Part 1) – Flashcards
18 May 2017 Flashcards

question Anne Bradstreet was the first what? answer American poet question Anne Bradstreet as a poet is unusual for what three reasons? answer women didn’t write poetry, women were generally not educated, and she wrote about her feelings and thoughts question Why is it bad for a man or woman to write about their thoughts […]

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Texas Government. Chapter 2: the Texas Legislature, the Texas Constitution of 1845 – Flashcards
09 May 2017 Flashcards

question The Texas Constitution is answer a textbook example of what a constitution should not be. question The current Texas Constitution was drafted answer after the termination of Reconstruction policies. question Constitutions should provide a basic framework for government and leave the details to be defined answer in statutory law. question The Texas Constitution formally […]

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Japanese family words (hiragana) Flashcards
30 Apr 2017 Flashcards

question かぞく answer family question おじいさん answer grandfather question おばあさん answer grandmother question おとうさん answer father question おかあさん answer mother question おにいさん answer older brother question おねえさん answer older sister question わたし answer me question ぼく answer me (boys) question おとうと answer younger brother question いもうと answer younger sister question あかちゃん answer baby

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Descedents Estates – Flashcards
19 Apr 2017 Flashcards

question UPC 6-101. Nonprobate Transfers on Death. answer PODs are nontestamentary. PODs are a quick way to transfer property. -no need for formalities of the will’s act question Will Substitutes and The Subsidiary Law of Wills answer 1. Life Insurance: ambulatory–nonexistent until the testator’s death–and revocable 2. Pension Accounts 3. Bank, Brokerage, and Mutual Fund […]

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World History Chapter 1 RVC’s – Flashcards
08 Apr 2017 Flashcards

question What were the four river valley civilizations? (RVC’s) answer Mesopotamia/Sumer, Shang China Indus Valley Egypt question What rivers were located in Mesopotamia? (RVC’s) answer Tigris (North) Euphrates (South) question What were some advantages of living in Mesopotamia? (RVC’s) answer flooding rivers = silt (good soil) question What were some challanges of living in Mesopotamia? […]

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Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness – Flashcards
28 Mar 2017 Flashcards

What is Joseph Conrad, the author of Heart od Darkness, background? His father was a polish nationalist and opposed russian domination when russia was trying to take over poland. Joseph was sailor in the British Navy and became a British citizen. Much of his work is about adventures/sailing/travel What is Conrad’s opinion of imperialism? As […]

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AH Exam 2: Museum Checklist – Flashcards
17 Mar 2017 Flashcards

  question Albrecht Dürer: Virgin and Child with St. Anne 1519 answer This picture shows Saint Anne, who was particularly venerated in Germany, with her daughter, the Virgin Mary, and the Christ Child. The theme and emotional intensity of the work, which was intended for private devotion, suggest the influence of the artist’s following of […]

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Test Answers on Chapter 5 Multiple Choice – Flashcards
07 Mar 2017 Flashcards

question By exalting the legendary sage kings (Yao, Shun, and Yu) as exemplars of virtue, Chinese moralists promoted the values of A) hunting and gathering. B) military aggression and masculinity. C) social harmony, selflessness, and hard work. D) matriarchy and the home. E) None of these answers is correct. answer C) social harmony, selflessness, and […]

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27 Feb 2017 Flashcards

medieval romance story written in the Middle Ages telling tales of heroes and kings satirical manner of speech or writing which uses irony, mockery, or wit to ridicule something burlesque literary or dramatic work that ridicules a subject either by presenting a solemn subject in an undignified style or an inconsequential subject in a dignified […]

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Busg Comm 178 FINAL – Flashcards
18 Feb 2017 Flashcards

question Chapter 8:When making a routine request, answer assume that the audience will comply question In the body of a routine request, you should answer explain and justify your request question When closing a direct request, answer you should request a specific response and mention the time limits question Before volunteering someone’s name as a […]

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Govt 2306 Chapter 1,2, & 3 – Flashcards
09 Feb 2017 Flashcards

question A belief that government is designed to promote the public good describes ______ political culture. answer Moralistic question Traditionalistic political cultures, according to Daniel Elazar, are typically found in the answer South question Political culture is a term used to describe answer the broadly shared values and beliefs about government question Which of the […]

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Flashcards on Study Guide
22 Jan 2017 Flashcards

question decomoser answer an organism that breaks down the remains of a path of an dead organism. question food chain answer a path of energy in an ecosystem as one living thing east another question food web answer two or more food chains that overlap question adaptation answer a physical feature of behavior that helps […]

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Modern Biology Study Guide (Section 2-3) matt Water And Solution – Flashcards
17 Mar 2016 Flashcards

question Solvent answer Substances in which the solution dissolves question Aquueous solution answer Solution in which water is a solvant question Hydroxide Ion answer is a negatively charged particle of hydroxide. An example of Hydroxide Ion (hO-) question Hydroxide Ion answer is a negatively charged particle of hydroxide. An example of Hydroxide Ion (hO-) question […]

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Test Answers on Sociology review – Flashcards
17 Mar 2016 Flashcards

question After submitting her completed research dissertation to her comittee, Becky was accused of plagiarism by the chair of the department. What did the chair believe Becky did? answer Becky copied major parts of her dissertation from someone elses work question To be classified as a society, what are the two key qualitites a group […]

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The Bill of Rights – 1st Ten Amendments to the Constitution – Flashcards
17 Mar 2016 Flashcards

Freedoms of Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, and Petition Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petitition the Government for a redress of grievances. 1st Amendment […]

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