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Howard Police Systems and Practices – Flashcards
18 Sep 2017 Flashcards

question Vigiles answer Began as early Roman firefighters and eventually became the first civil police force designed to protect citizens question Frank pledge or mutual pledge answer created in the 19th century by King Alfred the Great of England and King Cnute II of Denmark, a form of community self-protection question The Watch and Ward […]

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Exam 4- Study Guide – Flashcards
13 Sep 2017 Flashcards

question what is the term for the perception of oneself as male or female? answer gender question Gender is well established by the time children are… answer preschool age question The prevailing ——- decades ago was that premarital sex was considered permissible for male but not for females answer double standard question According to current […]

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History 8 CH 18 – Flashcards
12 Sep 2017 Flashcards

question President Theodore Roosevelt distinguished between “good” and “bad” corporations, and in the Northern Securities Company case made his mark as a trust buster. answer T question Theodore Roosevelt’s “New Nationalism” called for vigorous federal intervention in the economy, while Woodrow Wilson’s “New Freedom” called on government to stay out of business affairs. answer F […]

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Test Questions on Study Guide Questions And – Flashcards
08 Sep 2017 Flashcards

The demand for a product is the amount that buyers are willing and able to purchase at alternative prices A demand curve shows how quantity demanded changes as the price changes. It implies that everything else that affects demand is assumed to be constant The law of demand says that the lower the price of […]

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College Oral Communication 4 Chapter 2 – Flashcards
07 Sep 2017 Flashcards

question affect answer cause something to change question associate answer connect, especially in thinking question conditioned answer prepared to have a specific reaction question consumer answer person who buys things question design answer make a plan question digestive answer relating to making use of food question elicit answer produce, bring out question emotional answer related […]

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Health & *** Final Exam – Flashcards
06 Sep 2017 Flashcards

question Which of the following statements about love is accurate? answer Love refers to both a subjective feeling and an activity. question Which of the following was found by researchers to differentiate love from friendship? answer fascination and exclusiveness question What seems to be the most important determinant of sexual satisfaction? answer love, in combination […]

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Sensation And Perception Argumentative – Flashcards
04 Sep 2017 Flashcards

In additive color mixing, the combination of red, green, and blue creates ________; in subtractive color mixing, the combination of red, yellow, and blue creates ________. white; black The organization of two-dimensional retinal images into three-dimensional perceptions is called: depth perception The convergence of parallel lines provides the distance cue known as: linear perspective The […]

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Chapter 10 Network pro – Flashcards
29 Aug 2017 Flashcards

question An access point that conforms to the IEEE 802.11b standard acts most closely to what other networking device? answer Hub question All of the 802.11 standards for the wireless networking support which type of communication path sharing technology? answer CSMA/CA question Uses a narrow frequency band and hops data signals in a predictable sequence […]

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World War I Inclass Essay – Flashcards
10 Aug 2017 Flashcards

question Short Term Causes of the War (4) answer 1) June 1914 Assassination of Ferdinand — Serbia assassinated the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria (He was assassinated by a member of the black hand terrorist group –> many questioned whether or not the government supported this group) 2) Austrian Ultimatum — Austria invaded Serbia to […]

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History Test – Flashcards
25 Jul 2017 Flashcards

As slave society consolidated in the Chesapeake region what happened to free blacks? They lost many of their rights Why was slavery less prevalent in the northern colonies? The Small farms of the northern colonies did not need slaves “Republicanism” in the 18th century Anglo-American political world emphasized the importance of ______ as the essence […]

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Pr – Flashcard
19 May 2017 Flashcards

question define PR/ why is PR hard to define? answer PR is value driven mangagment of relationship between an organization and the publics it effects the most question list the 4-step PR process answer Research – learn about audience, client and situation Planning – devise strategies to meet communication needs Communication – spread the message […]

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hr2 – Flashcard
10 May 2017 Flashcards

question 1. For any human resource department to be effective, it must first have a clear understanding of A. the jobs found throughout the organization B. the size of the organization C. the customer base D. the technology involved E. the legal environment the firm operates within answer A question 2. The definition of a […]

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IT-3000 Exam 5-6: List of Choices, Point Mode, The Panel Object – Flashcards
30 Apr 2017 Flashcards

question A RadioButton’s Selected property will indicate if the radio button has been selected by the user. answer False question The plus sign is the preferred operator for concatenation. answer False question An If…Then statement can be used to compare two strings. answer True question In string comparison, a number is more than an uppercase […]

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AP World History: Chapter 3 Early African Societies and the Bantu Migrations – Flashcards
19 Apr 2017 Flashcards

question Egyptian Ebalmers answer -individuals who preserved the bodies of deceased people through mummification question Mummification answer -ruling elites, wealthy individuals, and sometimes commoners equipped deceased individuals with items (food, furniture, tools, ornaments) that may be needed in the next life -Greek historian Herodotus learned about the process by traveling to Egypt about 450 BCE […]

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MLIT Test #3 – Flashcards
28 Mar 2017 Flashcards

question The medieval church modes gradually gave way to the _____ and ______ scales in the middle baroque answer major and minor question The two musical giants of the baroque were _____ and _____ answer Johann Sebastian Back, and George Frideric Handel question A bass part together with numbers specifying chords to be played above […]

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Materials and tools. – Flashcards
17 Mar 2017 Flashcards

  question Airbrush answer /ˈɛəbrʌʃ/- A machine that spreads paint using air pressure, used forpainting or for delicate improvement work on photographs. question Canvas answer /ˈkænvəs/- A piece of this cloth used by artists for painting on, usually with oil paints, or the painting itself. question Easel answer /ˈizəl/ – A wooden frame, usually with […]

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DSST: Technical Writing – Flashcards
08 Mar 2017 Flashcards

question Progress reports answer keeps the reader informed about activities, problems, and progress related to a large projec question Informational reports answer focuses on providing straightforward information question Analytical reports answer evaluates information, draw conclusions, and make recommendations. question Formal reports answer typically lengthy, require extensive research, and involve multiple writers. question Informal reports answer […]

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Com. Prog. Final Exam – Flashcards
28 Feb 2017 Flashcards

question A program written in ____ is the most basic circuitry-level language. answer b. machine language question ____ are also called modules, methods, functions, and subroutines. Java programmers most frequently use the term answer a. Procedures question ____ refers to the hiding of data and methods within an object. answer d. Encapsulation question ____ describes […]

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SOC 210 FINAL – Flashcards
19 Feb 2017 Flashcards

question According to symbolic interactionism, what is the relationship between the self and society? answer The self is shaped by society, but society is also shaped by the self. question Conflict theorists believe that arguments over values and beliefs have their roots in: answer struggles over scarce resources and power. question If you possess a […]

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Communications Ch. 7 – Flashcards
10 Feb 2017 Flashcards

question If bad news appears in the first sentence of a message, the answer receiver’s reaction is likely to be defensive. question What is the correct order for the inductive writing sequence? answer Buffer, reasons, bad news, counterproposal, and desire to continue the relationship question Exceptions to the use of inductive approach for bad-news messages […]

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Programming – Flashcards
01 Feb 2017 Flashcards

question .Net framework answer It provides language interoperability, Programs execute in a common language runtime environment. question .Net framework provides answer security, memory management and exception handling question What is contained in .Net frameowrk answer CLR and class library question What does .Net framework base class library provide answer It provides user interface, data access, […]

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The Eight Parts Of Speech Answers – Flashcards
17 Mar 2016 Flashcards

question It names a person, place, thing or idea. Examples: boy, library, ball, justice. answer Noun question It expresses an action or names a state of being. Examples: slide, write, fly …. be, is, are, was, were… answer Verb question It takes the place of noun(s) to make our language briefer and less repetitive. Examples: […]

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