ASL idioms DVD 1 (half way)

Flashcard maker : Lily Taylor
ASL pro, proficient in ASL
-start with both hands ‘S’, palm facing in
-make ‘1’, ‘5’, then back to ‘S’ while expressing ‘wow’ face and ‘pop’ mouthing
easy as pie, piece of cake
-sign ‘sure’ then tap chest with ‘S’ hand shape
at a loss for words, speechless
-make ‘5’ at the throat, then close while mouthing ‘pow’
awesome, remarkable, ‘big’ wow
-make bent ‘5’ near head/eyes and move back and forth
back up
‘just in case’
-with middle fingers out and circling, palm out (the regular way)
-make a ‘C’ and bounce on other arm
barely, hardly, scarcely, hard to come by
-make ‘5’ with both hands, palm in, middle fingers out, tap chin consecutively
-mouth ‘E’
none, all gone, dried up
-make closed ‘5’ and start from left side of body, palm in, move past face and blow on hand
blow someone away
-make ‘5’ with both hands, approach face with hands parallel, and curve right past head while blowing
chip in
-flat ‘o’ with both hands, close to body, circle around and move thumb out
close call, by one’s hair, that was really close
-‘f’ hand shape to side of forehead, move out quickly
common sense
-sign ‘CS’ from corner of forehead and move out
compulsive liar
-sign strong lie (lie is signed with both hands. one hand at chin other hand in mid-air)
conceited, egomaniac
-exaggerated ‘I’ to the chest with accompanied facial expression of ‘ughh’
darn you
-‘sick’ you
defeat, wipe out
make open ‘C’ with left hand and smash closed ‘5’ right hand on it while moving outward
dirty business
sign ‘dirty work’
don’t feel like it, bored, bullshit
-sign ‘boring’ with pinky out
-symbolize mouth opening with hands. hands make ‘E’ with three fingers, closed at first then dropping bottom hand
fall back, relapse
-symbolize person tripping on palm of hand (14:36)

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