Artist Management

The continued decline in sales of recorded music last year is predicted to continue in 2012
Three to five years
A new artist manager who opens his own company should prepare to finance the company for how long
Seldom prepared
Formal career plans are
False (the artist manager is)
the tour manager is ultimately responsible for the success of every performance
there is no US trade association for artist mgrs
US trade association for artist managers
power in the music business can come from having money, having the ability to earn money, and having money to influence decisions
Stage performances, email, text messaging, working within online social networks
An artist must be professional in which areas of the music business?
one of the things that happens with an artist signing with a big label is that the music will become homogenized. Most managers accept that this will happen
a new artist’s most important fan
For a new atist in the music business, and angel is
the location of a website on the internet
what is a domain name?
artists who tour regionally wihtout the expectation of becoming a a national and international recording artist do not necessarily need a manager
Col. Tom Parker got 50% of Elvis’ royalties while he was alive, how much did he get after death?
the contract with Ke$ha and Dr. Luke said he would secure a major lable contract within one year of her signing a mgmt contract with him?
Jimi Hendrix drove himself to support his personal lifestyle despite the objections of his manager
Lou Pearlman
according to the Backstreet boys contract, the group had a sixth member, that person was
Paul Rosenberg did nog guide his famous client to change with the times and change with the artist’s fan base (Eminem)
Following methods of market segmentation requires more thought and research by the artist manager
A group of performers commonly set themselves up initially as a proprietorship to protect themselves from liability
An LLP is a business form often used by artists and groups in the US. Canada, and the UK
Does not have direct charges to the artist:
Publicist, banker or lawyer
sponsor who pulled out when Natalie Maines from Dixie Chicks made controversial comment about President
Northern part of the US
Nearly all of the Tour stops in the Kenny Chesney video were in this part of the US
being able to get that phone call returned among the most important assets an artist manager has
developing meaningful interpersonal relationships is more important to the artist manager than any other skill or talent
360 deal aka multiple rights contract
label is entitled to a percentage of some or all of the income streams of an artist in the the music business (merchandise, ticket sales, publishing, movie or TV appearances, etc)
many management companies provide most of the services of a record label and may eventually replace the label by recording and marketing music on behalf of their artists
attorneys are not necessarily the best choices to provide career mgmt to artists. conservative nature, lawyers are disposed to advise clients on ways to conduct business without creating conflict
touring, merchandising, sponsorships licensing, recording, songwriting and full exploitation of all of their talents
artist mangers are in business of developing long term careers for their artists which includes:
product development, sales and promotion, planning and managing the work of the team around the artist
much of the work of an artist manager is:
planning, organizing, directing and controlling
functions of management
identifying where you want to go, why you want to go there, how you will get there, what you need in order to get there, and how you will know if you’re there or not
assembling the necessary resources to carry out a plan and to put those recourse into a logical order. also involves defining the responsibilities of the team and managing everyone’s time. Seeking funding and financing for the plan included in this as well
leading and directing
ensuring the talents and energy of the team are directed toward the career success of the artist (hiring new media company for example, monitoring expenditure of funds, manages time)
as applied to group of professionals who supports the artist: booking agent, promoters, business manager, accountant, etc
following the implementation of the plan, controlling the resources required to achieve the goals of the plan (time, people, equipment, financing)
seeks to guide broader, long-term goals of the artist’s career
involves short term work toward an outcome that improves the artistry of the artist
attending industry events, conventions, awards shows, conferences and seminars.. good places to meet key players who may be helpful in careers of both manager and artist
set a goal of becoming introduced to ten key people, then set up a luncheon meeting with at least two of them. be creative and aggressive in building a business network
know the preferred communication method of the contact you are working with
using persuasion to influence and motivate industry gatekeepers on behalf of their artists
short course on preparig to manage artists
get some education, get some experience, build a network, find some clients, then go to work managing
10 billion
in 2006 artist managers and booking agents globally earned a combined:
10-25% of earnings of an artist
artist management earnings
two years or more from release dates
assuming album recoups advances, time frame to collect recording royalties from large leabels
effective way to acquire knowledge
work for artist management firm
customers artist serves
fans (who buy tickets, recordings, merc and digital products), concert promoters, talent bookers, sponsors, members of artist’s team and anyone else who relies on artist to provide something
what Lee Iacocca says sums up a good manager in one word
personal or executive assistants
ways to or around gatekeepers
access to promoters and other talent buyers
booking agents have the power of
radio programmers can give the artist access to
television and cable programs
publicists can give the artist access to
a strong body of work builds reputations that translate into
3-5 years
time a new artist management company may begin to turn a profit
for an artist to seek national of international recognition, an artist manager is essetial
percentage of all non-recording revenue streams an artist may likely have to share in a 360 deal
International Federation of Phonographic Industry
IFPI…the counterpart to America’s RIAA
Recording Industry Association of America
an artist who consistently sells our small venues and sells 6,000 CD’s per year at those performances will always get a conversation with a manger seeking talent to manage
A web of supporters with whom artists regularly communicate about their music. Artist’s fan base is at the heart of this
artist should be able to describe himself in two sentences
tickets, music and merchandise
artist must motivate fans to buy these
Col. Tom Parker
managed Elvis Presley for 50% of his profits. Sold Elvis’ first contract to RCA for set dollar amt. instead of percentage, and failed to register is music with PRO’s
Renee Agelil
Celine Dion’s husband and manager for 50% commission (over 50 million albums sold). he had a keen sense for the target market of the United States
Michael Jeffreys
Jimi Hendrix mgr for 30% of earnings plus 3% royalty and half of his publishing…he overbooked Hendrix and some blame him for driving hendrix to the brink
Peter Grant
Led Zepplin’s manager, passionately represented them to a 200k advance for their record and full control over writing, publishing and recording. he limited zeps exposure to media and sought album sales rather than singles
Herbert Breslin
Pavarotti manager who used P’s charisma to help his career
Joe Simpson
Ahslee and Jessica Simpson’s father and manager. did not do a good job preparing them for public appearances which hurt their image (ashlee’s live/canned debacle on SNL)
Jon Landau
Bruce Springsteen manager, helped him realized can stay true to roots and still have commercial aspect
Bob Doyle
owns Major Bob music publishing. Was Garth Brooks’ manager.
Andrew Loog Oldham
Rolling Stones mgr. got them writing songs
Johnny Wright
Brittney Spears, Backstreet Boys, NSync, Justin Timberlake, Jonas Bro’s, P’diddy. an expert problem solver
Lukasz Gottwald (Dr. Luke)
Ke$ha. he got to manager her beckaus DAS mgmt didn’t get her a deal in a year. Dr. Luke got her a deal with RCA
Jonnetta Patton
Usher’s mother and manager
three years (with typical 2-4 year extensions when mutually agreed to)
typical length of an artist management contract
manager has no obligation to “seek, obtain, or procre any employment or engagements for the artist”
booking agent
has the responsibility to secure performance opportunities and contracts (though the mgr often assists in developing contacts needed to get those deals done
California and New York
states where you music be a licensed booking agent to book talent
artist agrees to have only one manager. manager will manage on a non-exclusive basis however so he can manage other artists as well
power of attorney
gives mgr legal authority to sign documents and make contractual agreements
mgr compensation in gross revenue from artists earnings
tour support money is not commissionable by mgr
advances to artist for recordings are not commissionable
some managers manage by monthly retainer rather than percentage
sunset clause aka blackout period
creates a time after contract ends during which manager will earn commission for work that is ALREADY planned and under contract
10% for first six months, 5% for last six months and ends after a year
sunset clause income provision (may also include special provisions for songwriting royalties and special licensing will be handled, etc)
If mgr is working on a major sponsorship deal that is not completed for a year or two after the mgmt contract ends, he is entitled to compensation
out of pocket expenditures made by the mgr specifically on behalf of the artist. do not include office rent or other costs paid by the mgmt company
key man clause
prevents the manager from assigning the contract to anyone else
trust of 15% in TN, and 25% in CA
percent of income court requires to be held in trust for minors until they turn 18
target you are trying to hit is called the:
the plans you make to reach the goal are (list of general steps, like practicing stage show, etc);
things the artist and manager do each day to implement the strategies in order to achieve the goals
plans and budget for any even should be written to help manager and anyone else working on the event
six to eight weeks
time it takes to plan a showcase to seek a label deal. be sure to review the general entertainment calendar to be sure no clashes with major events. make it a 30 minute event at 5:30 in a local club in small venue to make it look like big attendance. use drink tickets instead of open bar. have banner with artist name and website up on stage
target market
made up of consumers and potential consumers with whom the artists music connects creatively and commercially and who have the willingness and means to buy music, tickets, merch
market segmentation
dividing a large market into smaller sgements of consumers that are similar in characteristics, behavior, wants or needs
demographics (age, sex, race, religion), geographic, psychographics (lifestyle characteristics), behavioristic (why and how consumers engage with a product)
methods of market segmentation
marketing approach over time
has marketing approach been modified to acknowledge that the 22 year old fan who bought the artist’s first album is now over 30? They’re in a different place in their careers and they are different consumers now. Additionally, what are you doing to embrace the special target market consumer characteristics of those who are now 18-22 years old
name of a product that consumers identify with in terms of the benefits it provides so artists name and everything associated with it create a name in minds of target market/fans
the brand relationship is with the artist, not the label
symbol that represents brand and distinguishes it from other products, registered with US patent and trademark office
right to publicity
people have right to control the commercial exploitation of their names, their image or likeness or some other distinguishing aspect of their person (Bette Middler case 1989 court said she had a “property right to her distinctive singing voice”
booking agent
connects artists to most paid performances
William Morris Endeavor Entertainment and Creative Artists Agency
worlds largest booking agencies
booking agents involvements
live performances, commercials, tour sponsorships, appearances in television specials, negotiate fee artist will charge a promoter for concert performance or tour
10% of value of shows booked
booking agents compensation
artists publicist and manager
appearances on television talk shows
conduit to news and information form artist to radio, television, cable, papers, trade magazines, consumer magazines, blogs, etc
private publicist compensation
3000-4000 for three months plus expenses
business advisors
artist needs bookeeper, business manager, laower, banker, insurance agent
initial business form for self employment, states not liable for anyone else’s actions but their own but no personal liability protection
formal form requiring filing charter with secretary of state with assistance of an attorney
usual formed with members of performing group. not personally liability protection
uniform resource locator. web address for artists website
resources that are presented to visitors of website
concert hierarchy
artist mgr, business mgr, tour mgr, agent, promoter
soft tickets
tickets where artist is performing as participant in festival with other artists
hard tickets
fans buy ticket to see one specific artist
tour support
money given artist to artists to offset losses artist incur while touring to promote album 100% recoupable, can be 25k-100k
settlement meeting
meeting with promoter to receive pymt on behalf of the artist after performance
house rate
venue sets rate on merchandise sold there 25%
split point
after guarantee is paid artist, amount of net income from gig promoter and artist will split
who pays expenses associated with concert rider
they are all charged back to the artist
passport for gear
middle agent
negotiates performances for college performances
PRO for sound recordings for satellite and internet radio
published price to dealer
royalty rates for new artists
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