Arkansas Driver’s Permit Study Set

1st offense shall be guilty of an unclassified misdemeanor and shall be fined in an amount of not less than $100 and not more than $1,000.

To Be a Legal Driver in Akransas
In order to be legal, drivers are required to have an Arkansas Driver license if they are located in the state for more than six months as a non-resident or within thirty days once becoming a resident.

How To Obtain a Driver License
*be at least 14yrs of age (restricted license)
*be at least 18yrs of age (un-restricted license)
*If under 18 submit the appropriate documents from your school.
*submit proof of name, residential address and date of birth
*consent from parent or guardian
*pass a regular driver license test
*submit a valid driver license issued by another recognized licensing authority
*you are not currently under any suspension, revocation, or denial in while or in part by this or any other state, or one year has passed since any revocation
*legally reside within the United State
*not mentally incompetent, alcoholic or drug user
*no judgments pending for a moving traffic violation

What is the gross weight rating for instruction permits?
26,001 pounds

Instruction Permit means
allows a driver to operate a motor vehicle when accompanied by a licensed driver, twenty-one years of age or older, who is occupying a seat beside the driver.

Learner’s License means
a restricted license issued to persons between fourteen and sixteen years of age.

Intermediate License
issued to persons sixteen and eighteen years of age

Class D License
non-restricted license issued to persons eighteen years of age and older.

Class M License
issued to operate a motorcycle on public roadways.

Class MD License
restricted license to drive a motorcycle issued to persons between 14 and 16 years of age

Motorized Bicycles Certificate
issued to persons ten years of age or older

What do you do before you begin driving?
Always make sure your seat and mirrors are adjusted to you.

Where do most traffic deaths occur?
within twenty-five miles of a driver’s home.

Rules of the road include the following:
*traffic controls
* lane controls
*right-of-way laws
*parking rules

Signs in work areas are typically
diamond shaped, orange and displaying black letters or symbols, and serve as a warning that peopl are working on or near the highway

Fines are doubled if
you receive a traffic violation in a highway work zone

Do Not Enter Signs
a square sign with white horizontal line inside a red ball. It means the vehicle can not enter.

Slow Moving Vehicl Signs
a reflective orange triangle on the rear of a vehicle which means the vehicle is traveling less than 25 miles per hour.

Destination Signs
square or rectangular shaped and are green or brown with white lettering.

Service Signs
blue with white letters or symbols

Route Signs
indicate the type of roadway

Railroad Crossing Warning Signs
round yellow sign with an “X” symbol and black “RR” letters

Warning Signs
yellow with black lettering or symbols and most are diamond shape

Regulation Signs
indicate a driver is prohibited from executing a particular movement such as a U-turn. these are white square with black and red letters or symbols

Work Area Signs
diamond shaped, orange with black letters

Lane Control Signs
indicate where a driver can go and where a driver can turn and often use an arrow as a symbol

Passing Signs
indicate where it is safe to pass another vehicle

Fog Line
A solid white line indicating the outer edge of the road

White Lane Markings
A dashed white line between lanes of traffic indicates a driver may cross the line to change lanes

Yellow Lane Markings
A broken yellow line between opposing lanes of traffic indicate a driver may cross to pass if there is no opposing traffic

Never pass on a double yellow line or the shoulder of the road whether paved or not

Always turn to the lane closest to the direction of travel

The law indicates which vehicle must yield the right-of-way; it does not give anyone the right-of-way. A driver must do everything possible to prevent striking a pedestrian or another vehicle, regardless of the circumstances.

Emergency Vehicles
A driver must pull over to the right edge of the road, or as near to the right as possible, when you see or hear an emergency vehicle approaching from any direction.

Emergency Vehicles cont’d
Arkansas law requires that any motor vehicle operator on a multilane highway must move whenever safely possible to the farthest lane away from law enforcement vehicle that is stopped and has emergency lighting turned-on.

School Buses
Always stop when approaching a stopped bus. It is a felony to cause the death of a person while passing a stopped school bus that is loading or unloading school children.

No Parking Zones
curbs painted in red indicate a fire zone; curbs painted yellow indicate a loading zone or other restriction

The biggest contributor to accidents is
failing to see what is about to happen

Rubbernecking or Tailgating
following too close to the vehicle in front of you.

How far ahead of your vehicle should you be looking?
15 seconds, or two telephone poles away

places where traffic merges or crosses

When changing lanes you should
Look in your rear-view and side mirrors and make sure there are no vehicles in the lane you want to enter.

Blind Spots
areas near the rear corners of your vehicle where you cannot see through your mirrors

What else must you do when you turn on your wipers?
It is the Arkansas streets and roadways law to turn on your headlights whenever your wipers are on

When should you turn your headlights on?
Turn your headlights on 1/2 hour after sunset, 1/2 hour before sunrise or at any time you cannot see a person or object clearly within 500 feet.

Should you use high or low beams in fog?
Always use low beams in fog, snow and rain

How far away from where you want to turn should you put on your signal?
You should always turn your turn signal on at least 100 feet before you make a change

What is the speed you should reduce to on wet roads?

The faster your vehicle is going, the more distance it will take to turn, slow or stop. How many times the distance does it take 60mph than 30mph?
three times

How many feet does it take to react to something you see and bring your vehicle to a stop driving 50mph?
400 feet, the length of a city block

How many feet at 30mph?
200 feet, almost half a city block

Sight-Distance Rule
Drive at a speed at which you can always safely stop. Use the “Four Second Sight Distance Rule”.

The “Four Second Sight Distance Rule”
Pick out a stationary object as far ahead as you can clearly see and start counting to four-one-thousand. If you reach the object before you finish saying four-one-thousand then you need to slow down.

What happens if you can’t see a truck driver in the tractor side mirror?
The truck driver can’t see you and the possibility of a crash is increased

What side of the road should bicyclist travel?
Bicyclists should travel on the right hand side

On the average how long does it take for your body to get rid of each drink?
one hour for each drink

What percent of alcohol is considered driving over the limit?

How much is the fine if found guilty of an alcohol violation?
$150 to $1000, in addition to court costs

are caused when the tires can no longer grip the road

What should you do if your car begins to skid?
stay off the brake, steer the wheel in the direction you want the vehicle to go and continue to correct your steering

Learner’s License
a restricted license issued to persons between fourteen and sixteen years of age.

How do you obtain a learner’s license?
the applicant must possess a valid instruction permit indicating successful completion of the required knowledge, vision and skills tests.

Does a person operating a motor vehicle with a learner’s license be accompanied by a licensed driver?
yes, and the licensed driver has to be at least 21 years of age.

A driver with an intermediate drivers license can not operate a motor vehicle between what hours?
11:00p.m. and 4:00a.m., unless accompanied by a licensed driver over the age 21, driving to or from a school activity, church activity, job or because of an emergency.

All applicants making an initial application for an Arkansas driver license must show what?
he/she must show proof of legal presence in the United States.

What should you do before you drive?
Take the time to honestly assess whether your trip is necessary and adjust your seat and mirrors, buckle up, check your vehicle and maintain a clear view outside the vehicle.

What is the best defense when preventing a traffic crash?
being able to clearly see what’s outside your vehicle. Your headlights and warning lights should also be unobstructed and clear of dirt and debris.

What is a traffic signal light designed for?
to indicate a driver when and where to stop and when to proceed.

Where are traffic lights placed?
at intersections or other roadway locations where there is a large volume of traffic or high incidents of traffic crashes.

If you want to turn right at a controlled intersection how should you proceed?
come to a complete stop and if there is no opposing traffic to interfere with the right turn, the driver may proceed with the turn. Also, be cautious of pedestrians (people walking) crossing in front of the vehicle.

What does a flashing red light mean?
it indicates the same as a stop sign. A driver must come to a complete stop, then proceed when safe.

What does a lighted red arrow mean?
it indicates a driver must stop and is prohibited from turning in the same direction indicated by the arrow.

What is a continuous yellow traffic light?
it indicates the traffic signal is about to change. The driver must stop if executed safely without blocking the intersection. If the driver is within the intersection he/she should proceed without stopping.

What is a flashing yellow traffic signal?
indicates to proceed with caution

What is a yellow lighted arrow?
indicates the signal is about to change and if the driver is about to turn in the direction of the arrow, preparation should be made to stop.

Arkansas laws require drivers to yield to?
emergency vehicles, law enforcement, fire or ambulance vehicles that may be moving through an intersection with emergency lights and sirens.

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