Arguments For The Boss Essay Example
Arguments For The Boss Essay Example

Arguments For The Boss Essay Example

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  • Published: December 30, 2017
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Most of these customers are not dropping by after work; they are coming from nightclubs or bowling alleys. A trip to Denny prolongs the party. Adding to the party scene, Dyne's has coaxed several rock bands to help it concoct late-night snacks. One band dreamed up Bacon Cheeseburger Fries (fries topped with beef, cheese, bacon, and onions).

In addition, a new Dyne's Web site features a rock music blob, and the site encourages folks to vote for the rock band that the food chain should adopt by feeding it free while the band tours.

Your Task. As a Denny racketing director, you have been asked to Investigate the success of Dyne's All- Nightmare program to see whether It should be expanded to the entire Southwest region. The vice president asks you to take on this task alone because I


t Is more efficient and cost effective. Although you are flattered by the offer, you think the task should be tackled by a team of managers.

What arguments could you bring to your boss to convince him that a team would be better for this task than a single individual?

In teams or individually, prepare a list of points to convince the marketing vice president that a team should tackle this task. Here are the list of points that I would present to the vise president: Explain how group members contribute different expertise and perspective and how it would lead to better decisions. Assigning the task to a team, which may compromise of a marketing manager, a local manager who has good understanding of the southeast culture and food, operations manager, product development manager would lead a successful

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Implementation of the program.

Teams would be able to act rapidly to particular task, they can often resolve a particular task related to them very efficiently, thus cutting the cost. When a group of people are involved, various level of the team will have input in the decision making, thus lessening hostile, aggressive and resistance to change.

1 Trouble on a Global Scale: Analyzing Intercultural Blunders (Bobs. 1 Understand how three significant trends have increased the importance of intercultural communication. -explain the effects of ethnocentrism, and show how tolerance and patience help in achieving intercultural proficiency. As business organizations become increasingly global in their structure and marketing, they face communication problems resulting from cultural misunderstandings. Your Task.

Based on what you have learned in this chapter, describe several broad principles that could be applied in helping the individuals involved understand what went wrong in the following events. What suggestions could you make for remedying the problems involved? 1. In Saudi Arabia an American businessman sat down and crossed his legs, so that the leather soles of his fine dress shoes were showing.

He then refused an offer of a cup of coffee from his Saudi counterpart.

A Southpaw, the visitor from the United States kept passing out handouts and his business card with his left hand. The business negotiations fizzled. Why? Here the American Businessman did not understand the non-verbal message that he was sending to his counterpart. In Middle East, showing ones shoes, refusing a cup of coffee or using left hand is considered ad's-respectful and rude. Due to this, the business negotiation failed.

This situation could have been avoided, if the individual had learned and understood the

intercultural nonverbal behavior. . An advertising agency manager, new to his post in Japan, gathered his team for an old- fashioned brainstorming session in the board room. A big presentation loomed, and he expected creative ideas from his staff. Instead, he was met with silence. What went wrong? How could he coax ideas from his staff? In Japanese culture Silence is equated with respect ,wisdom and success.

They also do not interact with their superiors and executives directly. They consider that to be rude and disrespectful. In this example, the agency manager failed to understand the non verbal message with Japanese culture.

The manager can use concrete and specific feedback, Descriptiveness, to move effectiveness and achieve intercultural competence.

During a festive dinner for a delegation from Singapore visiting the government of he Czech Republic, the conversation turned to the tasty main course they were eating. One of the Czech hosts explained to the inquiring foreign guests that they were enjoying a Czech specialty, rabbit, known for its light white meat. The Singapore' faces mirrored shock, embarrassment, and irritation. As inconspicuously as possible they put down their silverware.

Only later did the Czech delegation learn that rabbit is a pet in Singapore much like the house cat in European or North American households. Here the Czech delegates totally failed to understand the non verbal culture of the Singapore delegates. The Czech delegates insider as a specialty, but their nice gesture offended their host due to different intercultural environment. This situation could have been, if the Czech delegates researched the difference between their gestures and non verbal behavior of the Singapore delegates..

The employees of a large U. S. Pharmaceutical

firm became angry over the e-mail messages they received from the firm's employees in Spain. The messages weren't offensive. Generally, these routine messages Just explained ongoing projects.

What riled the Americans was this: every Spanish message was copied to the hierarchy within its division. The Americans could not understand why e-mail messages had to be sent to people who had little or nothing to do with the issues being discussed. But this was accepted practice in Spain. .

As China moves from a planned to a market economy, professionals suffer the same signs of Job stress experienced in Western countries. Multinational companies have long offered counseling to their expatriate managers. But locals frowned on any form of psychological therapy. Recently, China's largest bank hired Chestnut Global Partners to offer employee counseling services. Chestnut learned immediately that it could not elk about such issues as conflict management.

Instead, Chestnut stressed workplace harmony.

Chestnut also found that Chinese workers refused one-on-one counseling. They preferred group sessions or online counseling. What cultural elements were at work here? The Chinese culture is a high context culture. So saving face to hold personals social standing is very important.

The word counseling might be regarded as one being sick, but to save the face, the Chinese culture would prefer a group session or online counseling for anonymity. The company used nonjudgmental, to achieve prevent defensive reaction from the Chinese employees.

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