AP World History Strayer Chapter 2

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Norte Chico
A region along the coast of Peru that possessed a highly-developed urban culture as early as 2500 B.C.E. Characterized by massive stepped pyramids and extensive use of cotton.
Indus Valley
3rd millennium BC, Elaborately planned cities, standardized measures, irrigated agriculture, written language, no temples kings etc., had a lot of land, no political hierarchy, was abandoned because of mass deforestation, low crop yields, famine, environmental deterioration, etc. their influence continued even to this day (i.e. yoga). Important because it shows how we developed in our cities and economy.
Central Asian/Oxus Civilization
Present day Afgainistan. Large gates and walls. Social hierarchy. focal point for a \”Eurasian-wide system of intellectual and commercial exchange.
Olmec Civilization
earliest known American civilization, located in southern Mexico and known for its pyramids and huge stone heads
an ancient Sumerian city in Southern Iraq, near the Euphrates, important before 2000 b.c. : exclusive archaeological excavations, notably of a ziggurat and of tablets with very early Sumerian script.
Mohenjo-Daro / Harappa
the two main cities of india, know as twin capitals and both 3 miles in circumference
Epic of Gilgemesh
Mesopotamian flood story that includes legends and myths
Code of Hammurabi
A collection of 282 laws which were enforced under Hammurabi’s Rule. One of the first examples of written law in the ancient civilizations.
A form of social organization in which a male is the family head and title is traced through the male line
Rise of the State
A process of centralization that took place in the First Civilizations, growing out of the greater complexity or urban life in recognition of the need for coordination, regulation, adjudication, and military leadership
Egypt: \”the gift of the Nile\”
provided annual and predictable flooding that benefited and provided a sustainable lifestyle for this civilization, also gave them a stable and positive worldview, proved unty and independence and security
A civilization to the south of Egypt in the Nile Valley, noted for development of an alphabetic writing system and a major iron working industry by 500 BCE
Egyptian criminal. His story is a good example of the darker underside of Egypt. How reliable it is is under question because almost all of the information we have comes from his rival.

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