A&P Chapter 3 matching

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Forms part of the protein synthesis site in the cytoplasm?
Ribosomal RNA
Act as “interpreter” molecules that recoginize specific amino acids and nucleotide base sequences?
Transfer RNA
Attaches the correct amino acid to its transfer RNA
Synthetase enzymes
Provides the energy needed for synthesis reactions?
Found in the cytoplasm, this structure specifies the exact sequence of amino acids of the protein to be made?
Messenger RNA
May be attached to the ER or scattered in the cytoplasm.
Ribosomal RNA
(Match Phase)
Chromosomes decoil to form chrmatin
(Match Phase)
Chromosomal centromeres split and chromosomes migrate to opposite ends of the cell?
(Match Phase)
Nuclear membrane and nucleolus disintegrate
Late phase
(Match Phase)
Chromosomes align on the spindle equator
(Match Phase)
Centrioles move to opposite end of the cell
Early prophase
Plays a role in the synthesis of steroid based hormones and proteins
Endoplasmic reticulum
The actual site of protein synthesis
Hollow cytoskeletal elements that act as organizers for the cytoskelton
Dense spherical bodies in the nucleus that are the synthesis site for ribosomal RNA
Houses DNA and RNA
(tight junctions,demosomes,gap junctions)
Help prevent molecules from passing through the extracellular space between adjacent cells
Tight Junctions
(tight junctions,demosomes,gap junctions)
Type of anchoring junction
(tight junctions,demosomes,gap junctions)
Communicating junction
Gap junction
(tight junctions,demosomes,gap junctions)
Present in electrically excitable tissues
Gap junction
(tight junctions,demosomes,gap junctions)
Abdundant in tissues subjected to great mechanical stress

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