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__________ is an example of internal colonialism, as per In/Equality.
Which material condition was most effective in lowering the infant mortality rate in Bom Jesus?
Ready access to clean water
As per the 2010 U.S. census, approximately how many Native Americans live in Texas?
Of Texas’ Indian reservations, which one has been occupied for the longest period?
Alabama-Coushatta Reservation
European colonizers who endeavored to turn egalitarian people into a regular workforce had a real problem with perceived egalitarian _________.
As per Amanda Hitchcock, the volunteer aspect of dowry, its meaning as a mark of _________, has gradually disappeared.
As per Amanda Hitchcock, the official rate of domestic violence in India is _________ than in the U.S.
Significantly lower
As discussed in lecture, the encomienda system is an example of _______________.
Empire based capitalism
As discussed in lecture, was it that enslaved Indian people, as a whole, were not as effective as enslaved Africans.
Succumbed to Old World disease
Massive unemployment in Greece (2012) resulting from government spending cuts mandated by the EU as a loan condition is an example of _______________.
Structural adjustment
An option aimed at reducing adverse effects of argument culture is to expand our notion of “debate” so that it includes more _________________.
The In/Equality reading about accommodating imperialism discussed, in some detail, the roles of religion, family, households, race, ethnicity and __________________.
Gender roles
Claire Sterk’s research regarding prostitution in the AIDS era included interviews conducted in _____________.
Privet settings
A ___________ is a specific means of minimizing differences in wealth, power, and prestige between people.
Leveling device
A given economic system includes __________ and ___________.
Distribution and production
______________ is an example of a country today where the percentage of people who stressed that they did not want to live next door to a person of anther race was greater than that in the U.S.
___________ is information or activities known only to a few people.
Esoteric Knowledge
Many characterizations of shaman are flawed significantly because they neglect to account for the existing ______________ context.
Within its mainstream traditions, Islam teaches piety, virtue, and _________.
Among your readings was an article by a Harvard botanist who investigated mystic potions, voodoo rites, and _______________________.
The Mondragon Corporation is/was the seventh-largest Spanish company in terms of asset turnover and consists of a ___________________.
Leading business group in the Basque County
The San plan their movement around the changing sources of ___________.
Which of the following groups of individuals are the most respected among the Ju/’hoansi?
Which of the following terms refers to the largest/broadest group of people in the Kalahari Desert?
The individual who leads a Native American Church/Peyote Religion service is called a ______________.
The Ju/’hoansi enter a trance or ASC through ___________, the primary purposes being to heal the sick.
Trance dancing
When Clair E. Sterks (“Tricking and Tripping”) would tell people of her research about prostitutes, the most frequently asked questions had to do with_______________.
How she gained access to the women rather than what she learned.
For Sterks, the single most important technique for establishing relationships with prostitutes was allowing the women to_________________.
Tell their stories and engaging in dialogue
. Claire E. Sterk would occasionally suspend fieldwork when she
When people were dying from AIDS; when she had trouble remaining objective; shifting settings and neighborhoods
When asked to participate in illegal activities, such as holding drugs or money, Sterk would
Explain that she was there as a researcher
According to Sterk, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases have been historically blamed on ___________.
As asserted in “Tricking and Tripping: Fieldwork on Prostitution in the Era of AIDS,” the women in the project all resisted the notion that____________.
They might be selling themselves
As cited in “Tricking and Tripping: Fieldwork on Prostitution in the Era of AIDS,” one of the first challenges the researcher faced was___________.
To identify locations where street prostitution took place
As commented upon in “Tricking and Tripping: Fieldwork on Prostitution in the Era of AIDS,” in order for the researcher to develop a relationship __________and__________ were the most visible and direct ways to make contact.
Being supportive and providing practical assistance
As suggested in “Tricking and Tripping: Fieldwork on Prostitution in the Era of AIDS,” being given a street name was a symbolic gesture of______________.
As set out in “Tricking and Tripping: Fieldwork on Prostitution in the Era of AIDS,” the author developed an identity that allowed her to be both a/an__________and_________.
Insider and an outsider
As profiled in “Fighting for Our Lives,” the author’s interest in the topic of opposition in public discourse intensified following the________________.
The publication of her book about communication between men and women
As noted in “Fighting for Our Lives,” the author uses the word agonism to denote an automatic warlike stance; the word is derived from agonia, a Greek word meaning____________.
According to Tannen, appropriate alternatives to the argument culture include managing conflict by means of__________.
As reported in “Fighting for Our Lives,” the only group of professionals that was significantly more able than others to tell when people were lying was
Members of the Secret Service
According to Deborah Tannen, “the argument culture”_________.
Urges us to approach the world, and the people in it, in an adversarial frame of mind
The average woman of the Alto shantytown in Brazil, as noted in “Death Without Weeping,” experiences 9.5 pregnancies; the average number of these pregnancies typically ending in child death is____________.
3.5 deaths and 1.5 stillbirths
The primary cause of the recent decline in infant mortality on the Alto do Cruzeiro has been the installation of_____________.
Water pipes reaching almost all the homes in the shantytown with sufficient and clean water
“Liberation theology” in Northeast Brazil has resulted in___________________.
Women began to think of themselves as capable of deciding how many pregnancies they would have
As mentioned in “Rising Number of Dowry Deaths in India,” demands for dowry can go on for years after the marriage, especially on the occasion of religious ceremonies or ______________.
The birth of a child
As given in “Rising Number of Dowry Deaths in India,” the official rate of domestic violence in India is significantly lower than in_____________.
The U.S.
What is generally true of shamanic beliefs, in their relation to the spirits?
Spirits have a significant impact on society-must keep them happy for a healthy community
In contrast to hunting shamanism, pastoral shamanism in Siberia involves illness being caused by transgressions of ____________ rather than______________.
Patrilineal kinship rules and by one’s ancestral spirits; animal spirits
As described in “Shamanism,” the ritual life of the Tohono O’odham in southern Arizona and northern Mexico centered on__________.
sufficient rainfall and crops and diagnose a series of sickness unique to the O’odham people
According to “The Secrets of Haiti’s Living Dead,” legend has it that zombies are____________.
The living dead, raised from their graves and animated by malevolent voodoo sorcerers, usually for some evil purpose
Wade Davis found Haiti to be characterized by a great deal of____________.
Cultural wealth and cohesion
Bringing people from Mexico or Guatemala on contract to work at jobs in the U.S is an example of ____________.
Using ideas about race as a strategy to keep people who are being exploited from revolting by getting them to fight each other is an example of___________.
Divide and Rule
Development in a country that is politically independent but whose economy is largely controlled by more powerful nations who guide the country’s development in ways that allow the more powerful country to continue expropriating labor and resources is called
Poverty in Appalachia, particularly in Kentucky and West Virginia is a result of
Isolation of the region and not wanting to conform to a modern lifestyle
A/an _________________________ is a group of people within a larger society who are thought to share the same national or cultural heritage, which is different from that of other groups in the society; generally created in the context of conquest or migration.
Ethnic group
Structural violence is caused by_______________.
Inequality built into the social structure and results in deaths, mailings, malnutrition among those most seriously exploited
A culture that is deterritorialized______________.
Is a culture, or significant aspect of that culture, is no longer associated only with the territory or geographical area in which it originated
A program pursued by a national government to reduce spending, usually by cutting programs and subsidies that benefit the poorer segment of a society is called_____________.
Austerity program
Imperialism is different from neocolonialism because_____________________.
Imperialism: The policy and practice of conquering areas outside the state, keeping them to some degree separate form the conquering state and expropriating value from the conquered area for the benefit of the elite in the conquering state.
Neocolonialism: Development in a country which is politically independent, but whose economy is dependent on other more powerful countries who guide the dependent country’s development in such a way that they can continue the expropriation of labor and resources, much as they did during the control of the dependent country
Gender inequality is more likely in__________________.
Impoverished countries
Gender is largely the product of
A socially constructed phenomenon
Why did it take so long for N!ai to consummate her marriage even though she “cheated” on her husband beforehand?
She wanted to sleep with men she loved/liked
Why did N!ai begin to like her husband?
When he became a healer
Why did N!ai think people lied about her daughter?
To hurt N!ai because of jealousy
The most fundamental theme in the film about N!ai was the _______________________.
Militarization of the society
In the film titled Dead Birds, what was the significance of the “dead birds” concept?
In Dani language it refers to the weapons and ornaments recovered in battle; people, because they are like birds, must die
According to the Dani, what do humans have in common with birds?
That humans must die
Dani subsistence was based primarily on ________________.
A system of cultivation that depends upon irrigation, a form of agricultural intensification
What was the source of wealth among the Dani?
Where did most of the warfare take place among the Dani?
No-mans land to the edge of enemy territory
Among the Dani, who did the weaving?
At feast time the Dani cooked large quantities of food in/on ________.
Earth Oven
As of March 11, 2014, at 3:45 PM CST, there were approximately _____________ people on earth.
As per information presented in class from the World Population Clock, approximately how much did our planet’s population increase between mid-January and mid-March of 2014?
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