American History Unit 2 test

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How did most white people migrate to America?
indentured servitude
Main types of immigrants?
Scottish and German
How were most Africans transported to America?
Triangular Trade
What was the Middle Passage?
The voyage from Africa to American colonies in Triangular Trade- many people died.
Why were slaves more common in the South than in the North?
More crop plantations in the South needing slave labor than in the North
Where did most runaway slaves go to?
Swamps, Native Americans towns, or Spanish towns.
What was the African culture in the colonies like?
Blend of different types of African Traditions, many adopted Christianity
What is the Magna Carta?
A document that gave the lords some power, more self-governing
What happened with King James 2?
He tried to assert his power and rule without Parliament and tax the colonies
What is the Glorious Revolution
Catholic King James II was overthrown, and Protestant, Dutch king william and mary are installed
What is the English Bill of rights?
William and Mary signed it, guaranteed certain freedoms that were in the Magna Carta
What is mercantilism?
What colonies and England had, economic relationship that gets the mother country rich, but screw the other country
What is salutary neglect?
William and Mary did it to the colonies, laws are in place, but not enforced.
What were the navigation acts?
Only England could trade with the colonies and vice versa, everything had to go through a British Port
What was the Consumer Revolution?
Great increase in goods available in the colonies -triangular trade
What was the Great Awakening?
Period of idea that religion is an individualized experience- promoted democratic beliefs and literacy in the colonies
What was Enlightenment?
Period of new ideas of many philosophers
Economic and trading in New England?
Small farms, livestock, wheat, corn, wood and fish ;not big in trade with england; boston was a big port
Economic and trading in the Middle Colonies?
More profitable farms-better climate; Philadelphia and New York were big ports
Economic and trading in the Souther Colonies?
Most profitable in crops; Charleston was big port
Social Powers of New England?
Middle class families, many towns, better education, more churches
Social Powers of Middle Colonies?
Most populous and Diverse, religiously tolerant,
Social Powers of Southern Colonies?
slaves made up huge part of population, spread out population, worse education, great economic inequality
Who was the French-Indian war between(seven years war)?
British/Colonists vs. French/Native Americans
What did the Treaty of Paris say?
Ended the french indian war, decided the land the British got
What was Pontiacs Rebellion?
After the war the British treated Native Americans badly and colonists took their land, so they rebelled
What is the Proclamation of 1763?
To stop fighting, the British created it which told colonists not to go farther west, but they did anyway.
What was the Albany Plan of Union?
called colonies to unite under British rule
What was the difference between colonial and british gov’ts?
both had legislation and executive, colonial had a more concise documented constituted
Why did the British want to tax the colonists?
They were in debt from the French Indian war
Why did the colonists think they should not be taxed?
They were not adequately represented in govt
Acts put in place by Britain first?
Sugar Act, Quartering Act, Stamp Act
Types of colonial protests?
intellectual-assemblies, economic boycotts, violent intimidation
New Act?
Townshend Acts, Intolerable Acts
How did the colonists protest against the Townshend Acts and Intolerable Acts?
Continental COngress, and Declaring Independence
First battles of the War?
Lexington and Concorde
What did the Second Continental Congress do?
Extended olive branch to king, and then organized how to fight in war and elected GW as general
What was common sense?
An essay that changed many peoples ideas to wanting to be independent
What mistakes do the British make?
Underestimate the Colnists, don’t realize its a guerrilla war, brought in Hessians
What were the Patriots strengths?
They were good at retreating, local militias suppressed loyalists in the countryside
Important Turning points?
Battle of Trenton on xmas night, Colonists won battle of Princeton, forced group to surrender in Saratoga
What was the significance of Saratoga?
gave possibility that colonists could win, French then joined in to help
What was Valley Forge?
where the colonists stayed for a winter and improved greatly
What late battles did the British win?
Savannah Ga, Charleston Sc, Camden, Sc
How did Cornwallis surrender?
With much help from the french, GW surrounded them in Yorkshire, VA
What did the treaty of Paris of 1783 say?
Recognized American Independence, but screwed the French and native Americans
How did the Rev War affect slaves?
Slavery was emancipated in the North, but not the south, some were sold back into slavery.
How did the Rev War affect Native Americans?
They were disregarded and more and more land was taken from them

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