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By 1500 A.D., more than how many different Native American groups were there?
Adult, white males that owned land
In colonial legislatures, which group of people could vote?
Early hunters were challenged to find food when what animal became extinct, along with many other large animals.
Navigation Acts
These laws angered colonists because they restricted trade.
Mayan traders carried goods on their backs or transported them in what?
Use of these increased in colonies where hard labor was required on large farms.
Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec nation, served as a center of what?
France and Britain
The French-Indian war was between which two nations?
The Aztecs forced the people of conquered lands into what?
What colony had the first public education law passed?
The sun god
The Inca believed that their ruler was a descendant of who?
Women in colonies could run businesses and own property if they were what?
Pueblo Bonito
One of the greatest villages in Native American history can still be found in New Mexico. What is its name?
Southern Colonies
These colonies had small farms run by backcountry settlers.
Prehistoric Native American built thousands of earth _____.
South Carolina and Georgia economies prospered because of what crop?
Besides hunting, the Inuit were able to provide food by doing what?
Pennsylvania and New York
These two northern colonies were known for growing cash crops.
Native Americans depended on farming and other ways of life that were well suited to their what?
Southern Colonies
In which group of colonies would you find the largest farms?
King Philip II, a Catholic, did not consider Elizabeth a good ruler because she was what?
Fur traders from which country established trading posts in Canada?
Henry Hudson
Who sailed west from northern England to explore much of the northeast?
In 1608, a ship arrived where with supplies and extra settlers to help the 36 surviving original settlers.
This group of settlers came to America for religious freedom, but did not have religious toleration.
These people refused to bow to lords and ladies because they believed that all were equal.
Indentured servants
These were settlers that couldn’t pay for passage to America, so they worked without pay in America for a set period of time.
Francisco Pizzaro
This man was able to conquer the Inca after their ruler’s death.
To attract settlers to this colony, its founder sent pamphlets to Europe.
How many voyages did Columbus make to the New World?
New England
The English wanted to take New Amsterdam because it lay between the Southern and ______ Colonies.
Vasco de Gama and Bartholomew Diaz
These two early European explorers sailed around the southern tip of Africa.
The first settlers that tried to move west were from which colony?
Information from explorers assisted these people in creating more accurate land and sea maps.
This person was believed to be descended from the Inca sun god.
Machu Piccu
This was the religious center of the Inca nation.
Which colony had the highest percentage of non-British citizens?
During which period of history, rulers encouraged exploration outside of Europe.
This type of business led to economic competition in Europe.
New Orleans
The French governor founded this very important city at the mouth of the Mississippi River.
Venice, Genoa, and Pisa
These three cities were centers of east and west trade in Europe.
This is the study of ancient people through the finding of fossils.
This person was a very
famous Ottawa chief.
This Native American group was known as a military empire.
Proclamation of 1763
This law halted westward expansion in the colonies.
Jeffry Amres
William Pitt, after become prime minister of England, sent British troops to America under James Wolfe and what other general?
This was a system of record keeping with string.
Iroquois Confederacy
This was the most powerful Native American group.
What is the name for sun dried mud brick?
What was the main cash crop in Georgia?
These were broad platforms cut into mountains.
William Pitt
Who oversaw the English war effort from London?
What was the first college established in the colonies.
Slave codes
These were laws that governed slaves in the colonies.
What is a government that links different groups together.
This was a region of large southern plantations.
What was a three masted ship called?
This person was also known as King Philip.
Mansa Musa
This was Mali’s greatest king.
This person showed the Pilgrims how to grow corn.
What is a narrow, twisting passage to a large body of water.
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
What was the first written constitution in America?
Hernando Cortez
Who conquered the Aztecs?
What was the pilgrim’s ship?
What are the people with Spanish and Native American parents called?
What colony mysteriously disappeared?
Gold Coast
What is the West African coast called?
San Antonio
Where is the site of a large Spanish military post located?
Leif Ericson
This is a very well known Viking explorer.
William Berkley
Who was Virginia’s governor.
Who was the Aztec emperor?
Thomas Hooker
This man was the founder of Hartford, Connecticut.
Who was the leader of Songhai?
What was the Pilgrim’s colony?
NewYork City
This city was once New Amsterdam
House of Burgesses
This was Jamestown’s legislative assembly.

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