American History Chapter 11 quiz

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The land from the Mississippi River west to the Rocky Mountains was known as
The Louisiana Territory
What case claimed that the Supreme Court could declare a law passed by Congress to be unconstitutional?
Marbury v. Madison
What years mark the Age of Jefferson?
The term laissez-faire means?
Let people do as they choose
Republicans at this time tried to impeach many Federalist judges. Impeachment means?
bringing charges of wrongdoing agianst a public official
This POWER of the Supreme Court was referred to as
Judicial Review
What was the main reason Jefferson wanted to buy the land known as the Louisiana Territory?
He didn’t want any foreign colonies on U.S. soil
What two men clashed publicly and politically and ended up fighting it out in a duel?
Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton
Before the U.S. bought the Louisiana Territory it was owned by what two countries?
Spain then France
Jefferson couldn’t purchase the land known as the Louisiana Territory because the Constitution didn’t allow him that right. He got around the problem by
making the purchase part of a treaty
Why did Federalists oppose the purchase of the Louisiana Territory?
they feared it would increase the power of the South
During the presidency of Jefferson, France’s leader was
Napoleon Bonaparte
What is neutrality?
not taking either side
During the early 1800’s, who was supplying weapons to Native Americans?
British of Canada
During this period in history, anti-British feelings were strongest in the
West and South
Jackson’s picture is on what bill?
The war with Tripoli demonstrated the need for the U.S. to maintain
a strong navy
What did the Embargo Act of 1807 prohibit?
all American ships from leaving the U.S. for foreign ports
What did the Shawnee chief Tecumseh’s name mean?
Shooting Star
Who won the War of 1812?
No one
Which treaty ended the War of 1812?
Treaty of Ghent
The war of Tripoli lasted from
After Jefferson left office, Congress repealed the Embargo Act and replaced it with this?
Non-Intercourse Act
In 1810, Tecumseh and the U.S. military clashed in what battle?
Why did the U.S. go to war (War of 1812) despite being ill prepared?
tired of being victimized by the British
During the war between Britain and France Washington, Adams, and Jefferson all maintained a position of
What did the War Hawks want?
war with Great Britain
Tecumseh’s brother, Tenskwatawa, was known as
The Prophet
What city did the British burn in August, 1814?
Washington D.C.
What is another name for kidnapping American soldiers?
In 1807, a British ship fired on the American warship killing several crew members. What was the name of the warship?
What university did Jefferson help establish?
University of Virginia
The death of Tecumseh destroyed what?
The dream of a Native American confederation
Two prominent leaders of the War Hawks were
Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun
In Jan. 1815, the British lost 2,000 soldiers and the Americans only lost 20. What was the name of the battle?
New Orleans
What is Andrew Jackson’s nickname?
Old Hickory

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