Alexander Hamilton

Flashcard maker : Kevin Stewart
What was Hamiltons theory?
People/governments/stake holders
want us to be successful. They
would get their money back and
make money off our success.
The U.S. would also gain respect.
What does ‘funding at par’ mean?
repay at face value
What were speculators?
wealthy citizens who could take a financial risk
What did southern states compromise?
that they would only agree if the capital was moved to the south (Washington DC)
Where was Hamilton born?
the West Indian island Nevis
What were the problems with his birthdate?
They don’t know the actual date he was born; born into poverty.
Where did he attend college?
Kings College, now Columbia’s College.
What was his role during the American Revolution?
Promoted to lieutenant Colonel, and was Washington’s assistant.
What was his profession after the war?
He became a lawyer
What were his beliefs about the government?
he wanted a strong national government and a president for life
What was he under Washington’s first cabinet?
Secretary of Treasury
What were criticisms of Hamilton’s plans?
People thought it would subordinate agriculture and subvert the republican ideals of the American Revolution.
How did the duel between Hamilton and Aaron Burr end?
Burr, the vice president, shot and killed Hamilton

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