Age of Contact.

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Pineda and Cortes
Cabeza De Vaca
Coronado Desoto/Mosocoso
La Salle (French)
Which explorer would say \”I was the Spanish explorer who first landed in the Caribbean and allowed Spain to send more explorers.\”?
Columbus 1492
Which explorer would you say \”I was the Spanish explorer who mapped the coast of Texas, my work made it easier for all who followed me.\”?
Pineda 1519
Which explorer would say \”I was the Spanish explorer who was shipwrecked off the coast of Texas and survived my encounter with the Native Americans.\”?
Cabeza De Vaca 1528
Which explorer would say \”I was French explorer who navigated the Mississippi River and established a settlement for France.\”?
La Salle 1685
Which explorer would say \”I was the Spanish explorer who investigated the claim of gold in Cibola and discovered The Great Plains Region?\”
Coronado 1540
Which explorer would say \”I conquered the Aztecs, found riches, and renamed the city Mexico City?\”
Cortes 1519
Why did the first explorers spend a great deal of time in Texas?
Searching for Gold
Which explorer was the first the ENTER Texas?
Cabeza De Vaca 1528
Which explorer mapped the Texas Coast?
Pineda 1519
What was Coronado searching for in the northwest Texas Area? Did he find what he was searching for? What did he find in vast amounts out on the plains?
Cibola, City of Gold. No. Grass, Buffalo, And a Vast amount of fertile soil.
What era did the Spanish and French discovery of Texas take place?
Age of Contact
what two important things happened on 1519?
Cortes 1519 defeating the Aztecs and Pineda 1519 mapped the Gulf of Mexico.
How did Pineda mapping the coastline of Texas impact exploration?
Made travel easier for other explorers.
Where and what people did Cortes invade and conquer?
The Aztecs in Mexico-Cortes never get to Texas.
Who explored The Rio Grande and Southern part of Texas?
Cabeza Da Vaca 1528
Who explorer the Pan Handle are of Texas?
Coronado 1540
Which two explorers NEVER entered Texas?
Pineda, Cortes, and Columbus
What was La Salle’s main accomplishment in Texas?
Claimed land for France
What was the name of the settlement that La Salle established?
FT. St. Louis
What were the main reasons for European exploration in the Texas area of North America?
Gold, God, and Glory
What is a conquistador?
Solider and Explorer
What was the economic theory that a nation’s power is based on its wealth?
What geographic feature did Cabeza De Vaca mainly use to explore Texas?
Rio Grande and Coast of Gulf of Mexico
Which explorer crossed the most rivers?
Coronado-Canadian, Red, Brazos, Pecos- 4 rivers

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