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narrowcasting allows advertisers
appeal to a limited TV audience with specialized interests.
narrowcasting” refers to delivering programming to a specific group defined by demographics and/or program content, rather than mass appeal.
A strategy of product differentiation allows manufacturers to separate a particular brand from its competitors by associating that brand with a particular set of needs that rank high on the consumer’s priority list.
_____ is being used when a publishing company prints three monthly magazines—one for horse breeders, one for cat lovers, and one for thrifty senior citizens.
Market segmentation
Complete information, which is one of the four fundamental assumptions of free market economics that a market-driven society strives to achieve, refers to the idea that society benefits from having a wide range of sellers and buyers.
Which of the following statements is most likely true about advertising media?
An advertising medium is any paid means used to present an ad to a target market.
The term “price currents” refers to:
publications containing announcements of prices and shipping schedules for unbranded commodities.
The term “price currents” refers to:
publications containing announcements of prices and shipping schedules for unbranded commodities.
The _____ protects all copyrighted material, including advertising, in the United States.
Library of Congress
An advertisement containing elements that have the potential of causing unjustifiable injury to the consumers of the product is best categorized as:
unfair advertising.
What economic principle best demonstrates the importance of advertising?
Abundance principle
The traditional actions taken by people in a society or community and the philosophical rules that society establishes to justify such past actions and decree future actions are the two interrelated components of ethics.
Some years ago, an ad for Montgomery Ward (which has since gone out of business) said the retailer was selling a pair of diamond earrings that had been reduced from their regular price of $1,199 to $399. Upon investigation, it was discovered that there was no evidence that Montgomery Ward had ever sold the earrings at the “regular” price. This ad was most likely an example of _____ advertising.
The United States has the strictest regulatory control over advertising in the world. Now that advertising has become global, many campaigns use similar themes and even the same ads across frontiers. But foreign governments often regulate advertising considerably more than the United States.
Consumers met with the Food and Drug Administration to encourage the agency to require that scientifically accurate and understandable written information be given to consumers when they purchase prescriptions. The Center for Medical Consumers is most likely an example of a(n):
consumer advocate group.
Advertising supporters argue that advertising allows manufacturers to engage in mass production, which then lowers the cost of the products
Which independent agency is the arbiter of broadcast decency and the independent federal agency with jurisdiction over the radio, television, telephone, satellite and cable TV industries, and the Internet?
Federal Communications Commission
Business-to-business advertising agencies frequently charge their clients service fees because:
ad rates in trade magazines are lower and the standard agency commission does not generate enough revenue to cover agency costs.
One of the disadvantages of using a decentralized advertising department is the:
ack of ad uniformity across divisions.
What are the two categories of media available to the international advertiser?
Foreign media and international media
The words in the ad explained why Nexus salon hair care products provide the best possible treatments for your hair. These words are called the ad’s:
copy and Tribal DDB are _____ that specialize in creating ads for digital media.
nteractive agencies
Goldwin Golf Corp. has developed a golf club that has a wider shaft and is 40 grams lighter than other clubs currently on the market. It has hired Lowell Agency Co. to develop an advertising campaign for this new club. Goldwin has offered to pay the agency 3 percent of its profits if it sells more than 30,000 clubs during its first full year of production. This bonus is an example of a(n):
incentive system.
What type of advertising seeks to create a favorable long-term perception of the business as a whole
Institutional advertising
The many factors that affect the client-agency relationship can best be grouped into the following categories:
chemistry, conduct, communication, and changes.
Negatively originated motives are also called _____ motives.
What is the typical agency markup for services provided to a client?
17.65 percent
What is the job title used for the individual in the ad agency who serves as the liaison between the agency and the client?
The account executive
Current subscribers to Sports Illustrated receive special renewal rates. The magazine is most likely trying to build brand loyalty by _____ consumer habits.
Which of the following statements about the cognitive learning theory is true?
The cognitive theory helps explain how we learn from the experiences of others.
Three personal processes govern the way we discern raw data and translate them into feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and actions. They are the perception process, the learning and persuasion process, and the:
motivation process.
Semiotics is the study of how humans use words, gestures, signs, and symbols to convey feelings, thoughts, ideas, and ideologies.
What are the two broad categories of learning theories?
Cognitive theory and conditioning theory
What step in the consumer decision process follows problem recognition?
Information search
What are the two types of perceptual screens consumers use?
Physiological and psychological
LeBron James, as a spokesperson for McDonald’s, would be an example of a(n) _____ for the fast food restaurant chain’s target market.
opinion leader
What is the major objective of all brand marketing?
To produce brand loyalty
According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, physiological and safety needs carry the greatest priority for individuals.

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