Acts — APUSH

molasses act 17331733
What: act stopping north American trade with the French West Indies
Why: British west Indian planters were losing profit because bought cheap french molasses instead
Reaction: Bribery, smuggling
Sugar Act 1764WHAT: reduced tax on molasses from 6 pence to 3 pence, but put tax on wine, coffee, etc. Greenville took strict manners
WHY: regulate trade to the benefit of Britain revenue to defray cost of garrisons in America
REACTION: viewed as internal tax without consent by colonial legislatures. Smuggling, boycott
currency act 1764GREENVILLE
WHAT: an act responding to protest by London merchants against Virginias paper money
WHY: to defend colonists and keep “specie” as the currency.
REACTION: angry and frustrated because many didnt have silver or gold. They began protest and smuggled goods

Quartering Act 1765(mutiny act)
WHAT: An act passed to help soldiers provide them with houses, beer, candles etc
WHY: To provide safe quarters for soldiers at war
REACTION: Concerned how cost would affect their wallets and anxious about soldiers living with some of them
Stamp Act 1765(passed under Greenville, repealed under Rockingham)
WHAT: Parliament passed that every legal document and publication would have a stamp tax
WHY: To put direct tax on colonies, get more money
REACTION: hit hardest on exactly all the wrong people, colonists lashed back violently, burned stamps, collectors rid out of town, hanged or tarred
Henry, Otis, Daughters/Sons of Liberty
Declaratory Act 1766WHAT: Parliament had full power and authority to make laws and statues of sufficient force and validity to bind colonies and people of America
WHY: Rebuild illusion of control following Stamp Act Congress
REACTION: Colonists happy stamp act was over but frustrated because this hinted more acts to come
Townshend Duties 1767WHAT: Light import tax on glass, white lead, paint, paper, and tea, payable at American ports (indirect tax) right to use writs of assistance was reaffirmed
WHY: repealed all but tea duty by 1770
REACTION: non importation agreements
Quebec Act 1774WHAT: To extend quebecs territory down to Ohio Valley
Reaction: granted greater liberty to Catholics