Acids – Strong….or…..Weak?

sulfuric acid (HSO4)weak
octanoic acidweak
uric acidweak

heptanoic acidweak
propanoic acidweak
sulfurous acidweak
hexanoic acidweak
butanoic acidweak
boric acidweak
ascorbic acidweak
citric acidweak
acetic acidweak
formic acidweak
boric acidweak
chromic acidweak
phosphoric acidweak
chromic acidweak
pentanoic acidweak
citric acidweak
carbonic acidweak
carbonic acidweak
boric acidweak
nitrous acidweak
oxalic acidweak
hydrocyanic acidweak
phosphoric acidweak
hydrofluoric acidweak
hydrogen iodidestrong
hydrogen bromidestrong
perchloric acidstrong
hydrochloric acidstrong
chloric acidstrong
sulfuric acid (H2SO4)strong
nitric acidstrong
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