A Streetcar Named Desire Unit Test Study Guide

What subject did Blanche teach at Laurel High School?

How does Mitch verify the stories Stanley tells him about Blanche?
He speaks with a supply man named Shaw and a merchant named Kiefaber

Where does Stanley see Eunice after her fight with Steve?
At the local bar

Where does Blanche meet Mitch?
At the Kowalskis’ apartment

Which of the following songs does Blanche sing while taking a bath?
“It’s Only a Paper Moon”

What poet does Williams quote in the epigraph to A Streetcar Named Desire?
Hart Crane

Which”bond” is not shared by Mitch and Stanley?
(A) They served in the army together
(B) They play poker together
(C) They work at the same automotive parts company
(D) They are each married to a DuBois sister
(D) They are each married to a DuBois sister

What type of music was playing when Blanche’s young husband committed suicide?
A polka

Where is Shep Huntleigh from?

Stella left Belle Reve after the death of which family member?
Her father

In the play, what is Elysian Fields?
(A) Ethnically diverse, working class, quiet
(B) Mostly white, working class, noisy
(C) Ethnically diverse, working class, noisy
(D) Mostly Hispanic, middle class, sparsely populated
(C) Ethnically diverse, working class, noisy

What does Blanch pretend to find when Mitch comes by while Stella is in labor?

Who lives upstairs from Stanley and Stella?
Steve and Eunice

What does Stella profess she likes to do for her sister?
“serve” her

What does Blanch give the Young Man?
a kiss

Why is Blanche grateful to the doctor in the final scene?
he is a “kind” stranger

Where is Stella when Blanche first arrives at Elysian Fields?
at a bowling alley

Why did Blanche leave her job as a schoolteacher in Laurel?
She had an affair with a young male student.

What material is Mitch’s jacket made from?

What does Stanley buy Blanche for her birthday?
a bus ticket

What sound does Blanche always hear before the Varsouviana music in her head stops?
the bang of a gunshot

Where does Stanley first hear the stories about Blanche?
from Shaw, the traveling salesman

What game do Stanley, Mitch, and their friends play in the apartment?
They play poker.

What is the Flamingo Hotel?
The place that Blanche took the men she met in Laurel.

Whose astrological sign is Capricorn, the Goat?

Who is Stanley quoting when he says, “Every Man is a King!”?
Huey Long, former governor of Louisiana

What two animals does Stanley accuse the sisters of calling him?
He says they called him an ape and a pig.

What is the mournful sounding Mexican woman selling?
flowers for the dead

When Stanley says, “Come to think of it-maybe you wouldn’t be bad to–m interfere with ..” what does he mean?
He is thinking about sexually assaulting her to “celebrate” the birth of his child

At the end of the play, who does Blanche believe has come for her?
Shep Huntleigh

Stanley’s last words in the play are “Now, honey. Now, love. Now, now, love.” [He kneels beside her and his fingers find the opening of her blouse] “Now, now, love, Now, love. .” Who is speaking to?
Stella, who is sobbing.

What does Blanche mean when she says she has always depended upon the kindness of strangers?
She is weak and has never been able to take care of herself adequately.

At the sound of Blanche’s voice in the last scene of the play, Mitch’s arm supporting his cards has sagged and his gaze is dissolved into space. What does this suggest about how he feels?
Mitch feels guilty for hurting Blanche.

When Blanche explains why she believes Stanley hates her, what is the reason she gives?
There is no privacy.

When the Young Man comes into the apartment, what reason does he give for being there?
Collecting for the newspaper.

Who says:” He acts like an animal, has an animal’s habits! Eats like one, moves like one, talks like one!”?
Blanche describing Stanley

What does this exchange reveal about Blanche and what brought her to New Orleans?
What you are talking about is brutal desire–just Desire
-the name of that rattle-trap street-car that bangs through the Quarter, up one old narrow street and down another•••
Haven’t you ever ridden on that street-car?
It brought me here.-Where I’m not wanted and where I’m ashamed to be • • •
Blanche has experiences too much desire. She has known to many men, and her behavior has led her to her sister’s apartment because she has nowhere else to go.

What is the inscription in Mitch’s silver cigarette case?
“And if God choose,
I shall but love thee better-after-deathl” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

What animal does Stanley associate with the sisters?
hens (chickens)

What is the Napoleonic code that Stanley invokes?
A Louisiana law that entitles a man to his wife’s possessions and property

When “helping” to clean the table, what does Stanley do?
He swipes the dishes off the table and onto the floor.

Who says, ” a woman’s charm is fifty percent illusion”?

According to Stella, what is the “ordeal” that Blanche has been through?
The death of family members and the loss of Belle Reve

Where does Mitch live?
With his mother

Blanche tells Mitch that she “hates beer,” is that because she doesn’t drink alcohol?
No, she drinks liquor. Her suggestion is that beer is lower class.

Why does STANLEY yell [with heaven-splitting violence]: “STELL-LAHHHHHI “?
He is screaming for Stella to forgive him and come to him.

Who is Blanche speaking to when she says, “Thank you for being so kind! I need kindness now.”

When Stella says to Blanche, “He didn’t know what he
was doing. • • • He was as good as a lamb when I came back and he’s really very, very ashamed of himself.” Who is she describing and what has “he” done?
She is describing Stanley, who has just hit her.

When Blanche says: “1 took the trip as an investment, thinking I’d meet someone with a million dollars.” What trip is she talking about?
a trip to Miami where she says she ran into an old boyfriend

How does Stanley react to learning what Blanche’s astrological sign is?
He says, “Ha” implying the irony of Blanche being Virgo, the Virgin.

Which of the following events occurs first?
(A) Eunice gets in a fight with Steve
(B) Blanche kisses the Young Collector
(C) Stella goes into labor
(D) Blanche meets Mitch
(D) Blanche meets Mitch

What does Blanche say caused her family to lose Belle Reve?
(A) Her ancestors’ “epic fornications”
(B) Her ancestors’ dependence on slave labor
(C) Her father’s death
(D) Her mother’s “spendthrift ways”
(A) Her ancestors’ “epic fornications”

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