A Lesson Before Dying Chapter 11-20 Review Questions

Why does Jefferson say, “That”s what hogs eat.”
Jefferson asks Grant if the food he brought to his cell from his Nannan is corn; he is already stripped of any connection to being a man.

How do Jefferson’s responses differ from previous visits?
He talks directly to Grant.

Why would he act like he does?
Hopeless; perhaps he sees Grant as a teacher and one who may help him some.

In Chapter 13, what day is it?

Why doesn’t Grant go to church?
“When I came back from the university, I told her that I didn’t believe anymore…”

To what day does he flash back?

Who is at Miss Emma’s house with Tante Lou?
Reverend Ambrose

Why are they waiting on Grant?
to inform them about his visit with Jefferson

What response does Grant give them about Jefferson?
Initially he says “He is alright” then adds more detail about eating and talking.

Is he truthful?

About what does Reverend Ambrose want to know?
if Jefferson’s soul is saved

Where are Grant’s parents?

Who shows up at Grant’s house?

What are the children doing?
planning for the Christmas presentation

Who does Grant remind them to think of during the Christmas season?
to remember Jefferson and his situation

What does one of the children come back to tell him?
to stop by Miss Emma’s house

What does Miss Emma say happened at the jail?
Jefferson laid on the bunk and would not speak to the group. He wouldn’t eat.

How much time passes before Grant hears the full story of what happened?
two days

Reverend Ambrose tells Jefferson to do what?
put his faith in God

Why does Jefferson ask for the food he does?
because it is corn for a hog

Tante Lou and Miss Emma tell Grant he’s going to do what?
go back to the jail

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