A Guide To Programming In Java – Final Exam

A structure that can store many of the same type of data

Out Of Bounds Exception
Exception thrown when an invalid index is used

A primitive is automatically converted to a wrapper class object

The process in which a primitive is automatically extracted from a wrapper class object

A group of related elements that are stored together as a single unit

Collections Framework
Classes for implementing collections

Dynamic Array
An array that varies in size at run time

A data item in an array

Used for communicating to the computer the type of data stored in an arraylist

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col-md-5 col-lg-5 central-block">Index
The value associated with an element in an array

Linear Search
An algorithm for searching an array in which each element of the array is checked one after the other

Iterating through element of an array

Type Parameter
The part of an array list statement that informs the compiler of what type of objects the arraylist can contain ()

The sixteen bit digital code used to represent every letter and symbol

A java.util class with methods for implementing a dynamic array

A java.lang class for wrapping double values in an objectq

A statement that can be used to traverse an array

A java.lang class for wrapping int values in an object

the operators for accessing an array element

A java.lang class with methods for convering a string to a set of characters of for inspecting individual characters of a string

Accessor Method
A method of a class that is used to determine the value of a variable number

The action and communication an object provides

A data type that defines variables for the state of an object and methods for an object’s behavior

The variables, constructors, and methods that implement a class

An exception thrown when an object variable is cast with an incompatible class

Class declaration
The first line of a class, which contains the access level and other important information

Class method
A method of a class that can be called from the class itself

Class variable
A variable of a class that exists as one copy that all instances of a class refer to

Client code
An application that uses one or more classes

The part of a class that is used to initialize the variable members of a class

Protecting an object’s data

Has-a relationship
Demonstrated by a class that contains another class

Helper method
A method of a class that is used by other methods in a class to help complete a task

Information hiding
AKA Encapsulation

To receive the methods of a superclass

An object of a class

Instance Method
A method of a class that changes the state of a class

A variable or method of a class

Information passed from one object to another

Modifier method
A method of a class that is used to change the value of a variable member

An application that uses components that are separately written and maintained

An instance of a class

Object Casting
To cast and object as the appropriate class

Object oriented development
The solution to the task that is implemented as a system of objects

To redefine a method from a superclass in a subclass

A feature of object-oriented programming that reduces development time and decreases the likelihood of bugs

The data an object stores

A class below another class in a class hierarchy

The upper-most class in a class hierarchy

The access level of a method

An access modifier used to declare a class that is visible to the client code

An access modifier used to declare class members visible to the class but not the client code

The keyword used in the declaration of a variable or method in a class to indicate that the member is a class method

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