#9 History of Space Flight

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theSkylab program
This space program allowed people to live and conduct research in space.
the Challenger
This space shuttle was the second to orbit the earth. It is also the space shuttle that was destroyed just seconds after takeoff.
This was the first dog to go into space.
the Apollo
This craft was the first to dock with another vehicle in space. One of its goals was “scientific exploration of the moon.”
the Clementine
This is the name of one of the first lunar probes.
the Mercury program
This program put the first American in space.
Guided missiles were invented in this country.
the Ranger IV
This is the name of the first American lunar probe.
(true or false) In the 1930s, the United States lagged behind the Soviet Union and Germany in the field of rocket research.
(true or false) Following World War II, America caught up and surpassed Germany in rocket technology due to the fact that German rocket scientists left Germany and came to the United States.
Sputnik I
This was the name of the first satellite which was launched by the Soviet Union in October 1957.
the Vanguard II
This was the name of America’s first weather satellite.
(true or false) The Soviet Union’s space probe, Luna 1, struck the moon.
(true or false) The Soviet Union’s space probe, Luna 2, missed the moon and sped off into an orbit of the sun.
the Sputnik II
This was the name of the Russian satellite which carried a dog into space.
Alan B. Shepard, Jr.
This man was the first American to go into space. This took place on May 5, 1961.
John H. Glenn, Jr.
This man was the First American to orbit the earth. This took place on February 20, 1962.
the Apollo-Soyuz Project
This was a joint space project between the Soviet Union and the United States.
the Space Shuttles
These are unique spacecraft. They can carry astronauts and equipment into space, then land back on earth and be used again.
Christa McAuliffe
This woman astronut was making her maiden voyage into space as America’s first teacher in space, when she was killed, along with the rest of the crew aboard her spacecraft when it exploded and crashed.
weather satellite
Americans were the first to put one of these into space.
the Endeavour
This shuttle’s first mission was to rescue a stranded communications satellite.
the Friendship 7
The first American to orbit the earth flew in this spacecraft.
the Gemini
This was the first spacecraft designed to hold two people.
the Apollo 11
The first American to land on the moon flew on this spacecraft.
the Luna 2
This craft was the first man-made lunar satellite.
sailing vessels
Space shuttles have all been named for these.
Yuri Gagarin
This Russian astronaut was the first man in space.
the Apollo program
This program was started in part to achieve goals set by President Kennedy.
the Gemini program
This program was the second American-manned space program.

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