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What is another name for a file allocation unit?
What is Pagefile.sys used for in Windows?
virtual memory
You do not have to be logged on as an administrator in order to use tools found in Computer Management.
An upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 carries applications and user settings forward into the new installation.
Which Windows utility can be used to view and modify partitions on hard drives and to format drives?
The six step troubleshooting program can only be applied to software problems.
On the IE General tab you can block cookies.
Name the Windows RE command that can be used to manage hard drives, partitions, and volumes.
What is the name of the program that reads the settings in the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) file and manages the initial startup of the OS?
Windows Boot Manager
Which of the following is NOT true about Group Policy?
all policies are applied before the logon screen appears
Which of the following keys will cause the Windows Boot Manager to appear as long as it is pressed during the boot process?
A dedicated device or computer called a print ____ can control several printers connected to a network.
Requiring users to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to get a logon window is more secure than the welcome screen.
Which part of the Windows display shows information about open programs and provides quick access to others?
It’s usually a good idea to run several anti-malware programs at the same time on your computer.
Which type of virtualization should you deploy to provide a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?
Where should a user disable virus protection settings that might prevent the boot area of the hard drive from being altered?
BIOS setup
An RFID badge is related to which type of authentication method?
smart card
The _____________ is used to change motherboard settings, finds a boot device, and contains instructions for running essential hardware before an OS is started.
There is no option for networking access when using Safe Mode.
Which type of OS should you install for best performance when you have enough RAM?
64 bit
If you enter a command and want to terminate its execution before it is finished, you can press ____ to do so.
Which network location option means that Network Discovery is turned off and you cannot join a homegroup or domain?
public network
Besides backing up user data or system files, you can also back up the entire volume on which Windows 7 is installed using __________.
Backup and Restore
If a Windows computer belongs to a domain, all security is managed by the network administrator for the entire network.
To use Remote Desktop, the computer you access remotely can be running Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional.
a temporary voltage reduction
elimination of accumulated magnetic fields
horizontally torn images on-screen
a device that raises the voltage when it drops temporarily
a utility to wipe a hard drive clean
an error message shown on a blue screen
a location where Windows keeps a copy of driver software
a tool in Windows 7/Vista that tests memory
a video setting you can try if the display is not working
a round air duct that helps direct air to the processor
C. brownouts
E. degauss
A. artifacts
I. zero-fill utility
F. driver store
J. Memory Diagnostics
H. VGA mode
Which key should be pressed during the boot in order to display the Advanced Boot Options?
A ____ boot allows you to install the new OS without disturbing the old one so you can boot to either OS.
The price for Windows 7 is the same regardless of the edition and type of license you purchase.
What is the most likely cause of an improper shutdown or system lockup?
hardware problem
Which Windows tool monitors activity and alerts you if a running program appears to be malicious or damaging the system?
Windows Defender
Which Windows tool can be used to identify a driver that is causing a problem by putting stress on selected drivers, causing the problem driver to crash?
Driver Verifier
What is it called when software is used to simulate the hardware of a physical computer?
virtual machine
The Windows shell is responsible for interacting with hardware.
When a partition is formatted with a file system and assigned a drive letter it is called a volume.
The delegation of server-side virtualization to a third party is referred to as which of the following?
cloud computing
What is another name for several small utility programs that are found in the Control Panel?
Errors with memory are often difficult to diagnose because they can appear intermittently and might be mistaken as other types of errors.
What does jailbreaking do?
give you root privileges to iOS
If you want your computer to be protected by BitLocker Encryption using computer authentication, what feature must your computer have?
a TPM chip on the motherboard
Windows Disk Cleanup is the utility to use whenever you want to defragment your hard drive.
What should be the first thing to try if the hard drive is not spinning at startup?
check power connections and switches
Which registry key stores information that determines which application is opened when the user double-clicks a file?
The OEM version of Windows 7 can only be installed on a new PC for resale
Which is NOT true about using share and NTFS permissions?
if both permissions are used, the least restrictive permission between the two applies
What does the term x86 refer to?
32-bit processors
Which of the following is true of a Type 1 hypervisor?
called bare-metal hypervisor
One way to authenticate users on a computer is to use a small device that contains authentication information. What is this device called?
smart card
Which of the following common blue screen errors means the hard drive is most likely corrupted?
Which program is responsible for reading motherboard settings and running the POST?
Startup BIOS
A hard boot takes more time than a soft boot.
Which of the following symptoms might indicate that the MBR record is damaged?
Invalid partition table error
A privacy filter is used for what aspect of security?
screen viewing
After initially installing Windows 7, you need to disable the Guest account so nobody can use it.
Defragmenting is not recommended for solid-state hard drives.
A setting called airplane mode lowers the output power of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas allowing these networks to function, but at a reduced range.
The default value of the security level in IE is Medium-high
If you don’t want to use BitLocker to protect your computer, you can still configure a power-on password using which of the following?
the BIOS
To which group does Windows give access to folders that you create which are not part of your user profile?
Authenticated Users
Which Windows utility program lists errors and issues that need attention?
Action Center
Which of the following is NOT a task you can perform with Task Manager?
restart a process
It is important to try the ________________________ early in the troubleshooting session before it is overwritten.
Last Known Good Configuration
You can use ____ to convert two or more basic disks to dynamic disks.
Disk Management
The Home editions of Windows 7 do not include the Local Security Policy or Print Management.
A degausser can erase everything on an optical disk.
A snapshot of the system settings and configuration is called a ___
restore point
Most Microsoft patches and device drivers can be applied to a 32-bit installation and also a 64-bit installation.
Windows Task Scheduler can be set to launch a task or program at a future time, including at startup.
Which command is used to check and repair the hard drive?
chkdsk c:/r
Which of the following is used to uniquely identify a computer on a network?
IP address
The Advanced Boot Options menu appears when a user presses F8 as Windows is loading
A Windows 7 system repair disc can be created using the Backup and Restore utility.
If you get an error message about a missing DLL, the easiest way to solve this problem might be to reinstall the application.
What keystroke should you press to get a logon window if you don’t use the welcome screen?
Which of the following storage devices can be divided into partitions that can have one or more volume?
hard drive
A ____is a convenient way to access several folders in different locations from one central location.
Using Windows 7 Backup and Restore, you can back up the volume on which Windows is installed.
Which Task Manager tab allows you to show processes from all users to verify no applications are running under that user account?
Processes tab
Use the ____ command to rearrange parts of files on the drive so they are contiguous.
Which Task Manager tab provides details about how a program uses system resources?
The ____ is usually on the right side of the taskbar and displays open services.
system tray
Where can a user find out more information about a hardware or network failure that occurred on that particular PC?
Event Viewer
What is the term given to the individual tools in a console?
Which program is used to start the part of the Win32 subsystem that displays graphics?
For optimal performance, how much free space does Windows need on a hard drive?
15 percent
Which of the following is NOT true about Remote Desktop?
by default all users can access Remote Desktop
The Windows desktop is itself a folder.
A hard drive can only have one single root directory.
-the practice of tricking people into giving out private information or allowing
unsafe programs into the network or computer
-an infestation designed to copy itself repeatedly to memory, on drive space, or on a network
-A type of malware that tricks you into opening it by substituting itself for a legitimate program
-a program that AV software recognizes to be potentially harmful or potentially unwanted
-a code used to identify and authenticate a person or organization sending data over a network
– type of smart card that contains authentication information
– a set of distinguishing characteristics of a virus used by antivirus software to identify new viruses as they get into the wild
-when someone who is unauthorized follows the employee through a secured entrance to a room or building
-software installed on a computer that produces pop-up ads using your browser
-type of spyware that tracks your keystrokes, including passwords
– F. social engineering
– J. worm
– H. Trojan
– C. grayware
– B. digital certificate
– E. RSA tokens
– I. virus signature
– G. tailgating
– A. adware
– D. keylogger
How often does Windows 7/Vista automatically defragment a hard drive?
once a week
– a TCP/IP command that gives statistics about TCP/IP and network activity and includes several parameters
– command is used to display statistics about the NetBT (NetBIOS over TCP/IP) protocol
– permissions assigned by Windows that are attained from a parent object
– a method to control access to a shared folder and can be assigned to NTFS or FAT volumes
– a TCP/IP command that enables you to resolve a connectivity problem when attempting to reach a destination host such as a web site
– a tool that can locate a Wi-Fi hotspot and tell you the strength of the RF signal
– a TCP/IP command that lets you read information from the Internet name space by requesting information about domain name resolutions
– configuring a computer so that it will respond to network activity when the computer is in a sleep state
-the folders that are shared by default on a network domain that administrator accounts can access
– a method to control access to a folder or file and can apply to local users and network users
– C. netstat
– G. nbtstat
– B. inherited permissions
– F. share permissions
– H. tracert
– J. wireless locator
– E. nslookup
– I. Wake on LAN
– A. administrative shares
– D. NTFS permissions
Which Windows tool allows an administrator to decrypt a file that is not available because the user account that encrypted the file is no longer accessible?
After installation, how many days do you have to activate Windows 7?
Which partition is the bootable partition that startup BIOS turns to when searching for an operating system to start up?
active partition
What is another name for a blue screen error which occurs when processes running in kernel mode encounter a problem ad Windows must stop the system?
stop error
When a user logs on to a Windows 7 computer using Remote Desktop, users that are logged on locally are unaffected.
Windows needs free space on the hard drive for normal operation, for defragmenting the drive, for burning CDs and DVDs, and for a variety of other tasks, so it’s important to delete unneeded files occasionally.
If you want to be able to power up a computer remotely, what feature should you use?

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