# 8 – Flashcard

what is the heat in the atmosphere that moves from place to placeradiation
tings are always _________moving
the more _______ you give to a substance the more it movesheat
________ causes heat and ____ causes movementmovement heat
every atom has ________ inside itselfmovement
the earths _______ absorbs energy from the sunsurface
some energy is transferred back into the __________atmosphere
gas molecules are constsntly ______moving
cold molecules move more _______slowly
hot molecules move more ______fastly
the total energy of motion is called ________ energythermal
___________ is the average amount of energy of motion in each molecule of substancetemperature
the basic matter of which something is madesubstance
98.6 degrees is the _____________ temp. of humansaverage body
_____________ is 1 of the most important elements of weathertemperature
air temp.is measured with a _____________thermometer
the liquid inside of a themometer is __________________ or ________colored alcohal or mercury
thermo meansheat
a thermometer works because liquids _______ when heated and __________ when cooledexpand contracts
one of somethingunit
why is mercury and alchohal used in thermometersit has low and high freezing points
all ____________ have different freezing pointssubstances
alchohal boils at ___ and freezes at ___144 -148.5
mercury freezes at ___ and boils at ___-38 674
mercury symbolHg
temp. is measured in ________degrees
there are 2 different kinds of therm _________ and _________farenheit and celsius
you feel heat through ____________ radiationultra violet
heat is transferred from ______ molecules to ______ moleculeshotter colder
heat is transferred in 3 ways _________, ___________, ______________radiation conduction convection
you (can or can not ) see IR heat with normal visioncan not
__________ heat spreds out and warms airradiation
__________ is the type heat that ia transferred by directly touched heat transferred from oe substance to anotherconduction
the closer together molecules the more _________ they can conduct heateffectively
__________ is the transfer of heat thru the movement of afluid warm air rises and cool air sinksconvection
______ heat warms the atmosphereall
__________ currents move thru the troposphereconvection

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