6) Amino acids – the monomers of proteins

What percent of organic matter do proteins make up?50
Functions of proteins =Structural, membranes, enzymes, hormones, antibodies
Basic amino acid structure =Central carbon atom with 4 sub-groups attached

4 components of amino acid structure =Carboxyl group, amino group, h atom, r group
Carboxyl group =Basic
Amino group =Acidic
R groups can be…Positive or negative, hydrophilic or hydrophobic
Plants are able to manufacture the amino acids they need as long as they…obtain nitrate
Plants turn nitrate into…Amino group and bond to organic group
Proteins digested are turned back into…Amino acids
Which amino acids can humans not build?8-10
Amino acids animals can’t build =Essential amino acids
Where are most essential amino acids found?Meat
What does soya contain?All essential amino acids
Something that contains all essential amino acids =Soya
If there are too many amino acids in the body, it can be…Toxic
Process by which amino groups are removed =Deamination
Where does deamination take place in animals?Liver
In the liver, amino groups are converted to…

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Amino acids are joined together by…Condensation
Bonds between amino acids =Peptide bond
Peptide bond can be broken by…Hydrolysis
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