5 Paragraph Informative Essay Structure

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First paragraph of a standard 5-paragraph essay
Paragraphs 2-4 of a standard 5-paragraph essay
The last paragraph of a standard 5-paragraph essay
1st sentence of essay – A way to get a reader interested in the topic of your essay. It can be a related quote, startling statement, definition, or a thought-provoking question.
Giving the reader information that is helpful or necessary related to the topic of the essay
Background information
Last sentence of intro – The main idea of the essay. This answers the essay prompt and includes 3 general reasons for your opinion that you will prove in the body paragraphs.
Thesis statement
States the main idea of a paragraph. This should not include specific reasons.
Topic sentence (brain)
These are the reasons that help prove the topic sentence of a paragraph. These can include anecdotes (stories), facts, examples, evidence etc. to help prove the opinion in the topic sentence.
Supporting details (muscles)
This sentence restates the topic sentence in a different way. It reminds the reader what was the main point and can include what can be learned or why it is important.
Concluding sentence (legs)
A group of paragraphs explaining an opinion of a subject
A group of sentences about one topic. (You should indent all paragraphs about 2 fingers written or about half an inch typed. )
Restate the main idea of the entire essay (the thesis)
1st sentence of conclusion
Review the main points of the body paragraphs
Middle of conclusion
Last statement that leaves the reader thinking and brings closure to the entire essay.

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