5- Hospitality Facilities Management and Design

Backflow Preventer
A valve used to prevent water from flowing from one subsystem to another–for example, to prevent water standing in a hose from re-entering the building water system.
Deduct Meter
A device that submeters water that is used by a property but does not flow into the sewer system (for example, water used in cooling towers, irrigation systems, and swimming pools) so that it can be deducted from the sewage disposal bbill.
Directly Fired Water Heater
The most commonly found type of water heater, in which a fuel is burned and heat is transferred to the water. For all fuel sources but electricity, a source of combustion air is required; the combustion gases are sent up a flue. May have integral or separate storage tanks.
Grease Separator (a.k.a. grease trap)
A device used to capture grease in wastewater before it enters the sewer system.
Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH)
A water heater that extracts heat from the air within a space, the outside air, or a water source and, using a refrigeration cycle, transfers it to the water being heated.
Indirectly Fired Water Heater
A water heater in which steam enters a coil or heat exchanger that transfers heat from the steam to the water.
Suitability for drinking.
A grouping of rooms in sets of two by floor and vertically within the guestroom blocks that share piping for the supply of potable water and removal of waste.
Sanitary Sewer System
A system that removes waste products from a facility and carries them to a sewage treatment facility.
Storm Sewer System
A system for the disposal of rainwater that flows directly to some discharge location where the rainwater enters a river, lake, or other drainage system.
A water-filled section of pipe that keeps sewer gases and odors from entering the building.
Water Softening
The removal of calcium,manganese, and iron from the water supply.
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