27 Amendments

1st Amendment
Freedom of religion, speech, press, and assembly

2nd Amendment
Right to bear arms

3rd Amendment
Quartering troops

4th Amendment
searches and seizures (search warrant)

5th Amendment
(1) No Self-Incrimination
(2) No Double Jeopardy
(3) “due process of law” (fair treatment)

6th Amendment
speedy trial

7th Amendment
Right to jury in civil trials

8th Amendment
cruel and unusual punishment

9th Amendment
rights retained by the people, that some rights were not listed out

10th Amendment
federal government has only those powers specifically granted by the Constitution

11th Amendment
One State cannot be sued by another state

12th Amendment
separation of votes for President and Vice President

13th Amendment
Abolished slavery.

14th Amendment
All persons born in the U.S. are citizens

15th Amendment
States cannot deny any person the right to vote

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because of race.

16th Amendment
Power of Congress to tax income

17th Amendment
Established the direct election of senators (instead of being chosen by state legislatures) essay writer hub

18th Amendment
Prohibition of alcohol

19th Amendment
women’s right to vote

20th Amendment
Congress begins on January 30th; President starts on January 20th
`Lame-duck` Amendment

21st Amendment
Repeal of Prohibition

22nd Amendment
Limits the president to two terms or 10 years.

23rd Amendment
Gives Washington DC electoral college votes as if it were a state

24th Amendment
Abolishes poll taxes

25th Amendment
Presidential succession

26th Amendment
States cannot deny the right to vote based on age (18+)

27th Amendment
congressional pay raises are not begun until the next election
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