220-801 Certification Practice Exam

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Which type of printer boils the ink in its print head to print?
Thermal inkjet (bubble jet)
Which of the following situations is most likely to require a system BIOS upgrade?
You are upgrading the processor.
You have just finished upgrading the CPU in your desktop system. After running the system for about 15 mins, the system locks up and automatically restarts. What should you do first to troubleshoot the problem? (Select two.)
Make sure there is thermal paste between the heat sink and the CPU.

Check the CPU fan power.

Which of the following are advantages of solid state storage compared to hard drives? (Select two.)
No moving parts.

Lower power requirements.

What is your top priority when responding to emergencies and hazardous situations?
Ensure the safety of people in the area.
Which of the following refers to placing two processors on a single processor chip or die?
You have three computers in your office. You would like to reduce the time it takes to move from one computer to the next, and you would like to use only one keyboard, one monitor, and one mouse for all three computers. Which device will allow this type of setup?
Which of the following processor features is used to dynamically reduce power consumption based on current operating conditions?
Which of the following expansion buses are most commonly used for video cards in modern computer systems? (Select two.)
PCI Express


A user needs to use her laptop to give a presentation using a video projector. She called asking you how to switch the display to the external monitor port on her laptop. What should you tell her?
Press the Fn key along with the function key on the notebook keyboard with a monitor on it.
Which connector is used with unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable?
You are providing telephone support for a user who is swapping out an old CRT SVGA monitor with a new LCD SVGA monitor. He’s not sure which connector on the back of the PC is used for the monitor. How would you describe the connector that he should look for?
D-Shaped with 15 pins
Which of the following are valid IPv6 addresses? (Select two.)


You want to build a new desktop computer that is portable that you can easily take it your friends’ houses for gaming parties. Which of the following form factors would you likely select?
Which of the following are advantages of using fiber optic cabling for a network, as opposed to other types of cabling? (Select two.)
Greater cable distances without a repeater

Immunity to electromagnetic interference

Hard drives are best stored in a:
Static-shielded bag
You need to replace the power supply in your home desktop computer. As you choose the replacement power supply, which of the following specifications are the most likely to affect your choice? (Select three.)
Processor connector

Output voltage

Form factor

Where should the thermal paste go when installing a processor?
Between the heat sink and CPU
Which of the following are characteristics of the 802.11g wireless standard? (Select three.)
Operates in the 2.4 GHz range

Backwards compatible with 802.11b devices

Maximum bandwidth of 54 Mbps

You would like to install Windows on a computer that previously had another operating system installed on it, but you are not sure if the audio card is compatible. The installed audio card is a SoundMax D1371 (PCI) card. What should you do?
Check the manufacturer website compatibility information.
When configuring an ADSL installation, where should you to install the DSL filters?
On connections leading to an analog phone.
Which of the following media types is not hot swappable?
DVD drive with an IDE interface.
You have been told to replace the hard drive on a laptop computer that has a drive bay accessible from the outside of the computer. Which of the following should you do after powering down the system? (Select two.)
Unplug the AC power

Remove the battery

What should you do before flashing the BIOS?
Backup CMOS settings
You’ve enabled Remote Desktop on a Windows workstation. Which port must be opened in the server’s firewall to allow remote clients to access the desktop?
You use a laptop running Windows that has a single type III PCMCIA slot. You have started Windows and have been using a Firewire card in the PCMCIA slot. Now you want to remove the Firewire card and replace it with an 802.11n wireless network interface that uses the PCMCIA slot. How should you make the change?
On the System Tray, double-click the Safely Remove Hardware icon. Shut down the Firewire card, then remove it. Insert the network card.
Which of the following statements is true regarding single- and double-sided memory?
Single-sided memory uses half the number of memory modules as double-sided memory of the same capacity.
You need to replace the video card in a laptop. What is the first step?
Find a service manual with correct disassembly procedures.
After installing two memory modules, you power on the system to check for errors. You find that the BIOS program recognizes only one of the memory modules. What should you do first?
Make sure that both modules are seated properly in their slots.
You’re troubleshooting an older laser printer that is creating ‘accordion jams’ where the paper is crumpled as it exits the printer moving into the output tray. What can you do to fix this problem?
Install a maintenance kit.
What type of configuration would you use if you wanted to deploy 802.11n technology to communicate directly between two computers using a wireless connection?
Ad hoc
Which of the following expansion buses is most commonly used for devices such as sound cards, modems, and network cards?
You are trying to troubleshoot a power supply issue with a voltmeter. Which two of the following options are common voltages produced by a desktop power supply? (Select two.)


How do you prevent wear and tear of a network cable if it is run across the floor of an area with high traffic?
Run the cable through the ceiling area instead of across the floor.
Which of the following expansion buses are most commonly used for video cards in modern computer systems? (Select two.)
PCI Express


Which of the following requires that either all memory slots are populated with memory modules or with a continuity module?
You are configuring a new system and want to use a RAID 0 array for the operating system using SATA disks and the RAID functionality built into the motherboard. Which of the following actions will you take as part of the configuration?
Load the RAID drivers during operating system installation.
What devices use the high-density (three-row) female DB-15 connector?
VGA/SVGA monitors
You recently replaced a malfunctioning video card on your laptop. After reassembling the laptop, everything works well except for the wireless network connection. The wireless adapter function correctly before you replaced the video card. What would most likely resolve this problem?
Reconnect the antenna connections in the bezel.
When conducting a forensic investigation, and assuming that the attack has been stopped, which of the following actions should you perform first?
Document what’s on the screen.
Which of the following would be a good reason to not recommend a solid ink printer?
The user has a surplus of toner cartridges and would like a printer that can be used with these.
Which of the following is a valid MAC address?
You are using a crimper to attach an RJ-45 connector to a Cat 6 UTP cable. You need to use the T568A standard to connect the individual wires to the connector. Which wire should be connected to pin 1?
Green with white
You’ve just finished installing a wireless access point for a client. Which action best protects the access point from unauthorized configuration settings?
Changing the admin password
You want to purchase a home theater. Which hardware selection criteria would be most important for this system? (Select two.)
HTPC form factor

Video card with HDMI output

One corner of the image on a SVGA monitor always has a more purple tint than the rest of the image. What is most likely the problem?
Data cable
Which of the following IP addresses belong to the Class A network (Select three.)

Which of the following are printer languages? (Select three.)
Escape codes
Which of the following tasks would you complete as part of the SATA installation?
Use the 15-pin power connector.
What is the approximate bus speed of DDR2 memory rated at PC2-5300?
333 MHz
Which tool in Windows would you use to browse all networks and shared folders to which a user has access? (Select three.)

Windows Explorer


Your desktop workstation system uses a SCSI bus to connect storage devices. The SCSI host adapter is assigned an ID of 7, the SCSI hard disk is assigned an ID of 5, the SCSI tape drive is assigned an ID of 3, and the SCSI DVD drive is assigned an ID of 0. Which device has the highest priority on the SCSI bus?
Host adapter.
Which type of cabling could be used for an Ethernet 100BaseT (100 Mbps) network? (Select two.)
Cat 5 UTP

Cat 6 UTP

Which security measure uses a unique key that can be used for hardware system identification?
Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
You want to configure your laptop to hibernate when you press the power button. You edit the Power Options settings and enable hibernation, then you configure the power button to trigger hibernation. Everything works fine for several weeks. However, one day when you press the power button, the laptop does not hibernate. What should you do?
Free up disk space.
What does a beeping from the UPS mean?
The computer is running on the UPS battery power.
You are purchasing a PC system that will be used as a file and print server in a small business. Which hardware selection criteria would be most important for this system? (Select two.)
RAID 1+0 array

64-bit multi-core processor

You are looking at a female TRS connector on the computer. What device uses this connector?
You need to add security for your wireless network. You would like to use the most secure method. Which method should you implement?
Your CRT monitor flickers. What should you do?
Increase the refresh rate.
Which of the following network technologies is packaged as part of a BRI plan?
Which of the following statements accurately describes how a modem works? (Select two.)
It modulates digital data from the PC into analog data and transmits it on a telephone network.

It demodulates analog data from a telephone network into digital PC data.

Which of the following protocols is non-routable and requires another protocol to enable internetwork communications?
You have a notebook computer with a built-in wireless network card. One day it stops working. Because the network card is integrated onto the motherboard, you do not want to replace the entire motherboard What can you use to connect to the wireless network? (Select two.)
Insert a wireless USB network card.

Insert an ExpressCard wireless network card.

Which IEEE wireless standards specify transmission speeds up to 54 Mbps? (Select two.)


Which of the following terms describes a PC card that you can insert and remove without rebooting the computer?
Which of the following are safety benefits associated with encasing cables that run across the floor? (Select two.)
Reduces tripping accidents

Prevents wear

Which of the following components are found in dot matrix printers? (Select two.)

Tractor feed

Your monitor displays a large black border around the main screen image. Where should you go to fix this problem?
Monitor hardware controls
What is a DB-15 connector on a sound card typically used for? (Select two.)
MIDI port


Which data transmission rate is defined by the IEEE 802.11b wireless standard?
11 mbps
Which RAID configuration level provides increased performance using only two disks?
Which of the following is an advantage of serial ports over parallel ports?
Serial ports can send data over longer distances.
Which of the following methods can you use to connect your printer to an Ethernet network?
Connect your printer to an external print server device that is connected to the network.

Add an Ethernet network card to your printer.

Which of the following functions are not associated with a CNR?
You have a CD-RW drive that advertises speeds of 32x/12x/48x. What is the read speed of the drive?
Which of the following are characteristics of coaxial network cable?
It has a conductor made from copper in the center of the cable.

It uses two concentric metallic conductors.

Which of the following CRT monitors is capable of producing a picture with the least amount of flicker?
What is the maximum cable length for the IEEE 1394a standard?
4.5 meters
Which of the following are features of Basic Rate ISDN (BRI)?
Two data channels

One control channel

Dial-up connection

What is the major difference between the BTX and ATX standards?
Processor slot rotated 45 degrees

Improved thermal management

You are purchasing several PC systems that will be used as thin clients in a large organization. Which hardware selection criteria would be most important for this system?
Gigabit Ethernet adapter
Assuming the same operating frequency, what are the advantages of DDR3 over DDR2?
DDR3 uses less power than DDR2
DDR3 doubles the data transfer rate of DDR2
You’ve just installed the DNS service on a Windows server. Which port must be opened in the server’s firewall to allow clients to access the service?
Which of the following is inserted in an AMR slot to provide sound functions?
Which of the following are characteristics of the 802.11g wireless standard?
Operates in the 2.4 GHz range

Backwards compatible with 802.11b devices

Maximum bandwidth of 54 Mbps

Which of the following cards can be placed in a Type III PC Card slot?
Type II PC Card
Type III PC Card
Type I PC Card
You have a computer system with two IDE channels built into the motherboard. You add a PCI expansion card that provides an additional four IDE channels. What is the maximum number of IDE devices that can be attached to the system?
You have a computer with three hard disks. A RAID 0 volume uses space on disk 1 and disk 2. A RAID 1 volume uses space on disk 2 and 3. Disk 2 fails. Which of the following is true?
Data on the RAID 1 volume is accessible; data on the RAID 0 volume is not.
What type of connector is used for coaxial cable?
Which of the following is a characteristic of a multi-processor system?
Multiple processor sockets on the motherboard.
Print jobs from the inkjet printer are missing colors and leaving gaps. What should you do to resolve the problem?
Use the automatic cleaning feature.
Which of the following drive configurations uses striping without fault tolerance?
The display is using strange colors. Which of the following is a solution to this problem?
Increase the color depth.
Which of the following connectors are part of the system case and connect to header pins on the motherboard?
Hard disk LED light

Power switch

Which of the following printer types is considered an impact printer?
Dot matrix

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