2015 Spring Geography Final

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Mexico’s Largest Physical Feature is
The Plateau of Mexico
In what year did Mexico establish a presidential democracy?
In which climate zone are most of Mexico’s farms and people located?
The Tierra templada, or “temperate land”
In A.D. 1200 the Aztec Civilization began when the Aztec  people settled-
In the Valley of Mexico
The earliest civilization of Mexico was that of the –
The largest Aztec City was-
In what year did Mexico gain its independence?
Explorers led by Hernado Cortes-
Conquered the Aztecs and claimed land for Spain
Between the late 1800s and the early 1900s Mexico experienced
many political and economic problems
Which of these were provided for in the Mexican Consitution of 1917
Land reform and presidential democracy
Since teh 1940s which of these has played a growing role in Mexico’s economy?
What is Maquiladora
A facotry
What caused many poele to move from the southeast of Mexico city in 1996?
The Volcano popocatepetl erupted
Mexicos two largest cities, Mexico city and _____, are located on the Plateau of Mexico
The Olmecs, Maya and Aztecs used each of hte following innovations except-
The wheel
What did the Maya create to help them keep track of their stored crops?
A number system including zero
In the 1970s Mexico diversified its economy and became a major
Oil Exporter
Why did the Aztecs called Mexico “Land of the Shaking Earth?”
The Aztecs lived in an area of strong earthquakes
Waht do most people in Mexico live on the Plateau of Mexico?
It is a temperate climate
Why are some people willing to live near volcanoes?
They provide fertile soil for farming
What Mayan innovation is still important in mathematics today?
The symbol for zero
The Political Party that controlled the Mexican Presidency for 71 years was the –
Institutional Revolutionary Party
All of the follwoing have been Mexican leaders except
Guadalupe Hidalgo
Which two smaller regions make up Middle America?
Central America and the Caribbean
the main geographic features of Central America are-
Two areas of lowlands with rugged moutanins in between
Which of these Caribbeans islands is part of the Greater Antilles
What destructive forces do people in the lesser Antilles experience in teh summer months?
Which of these Caribbean islands is part of the Greater Antilles?
of the 700 islands in the Bahamas, people live on about –
Which of these people were the first to live int he Caribbean?
The Arawaks, Caribs and Ciboneys
The most important crop that the Spanish colonists grew was-
What is the name for the movement of people, plants, animals, and ideas between the Eastern and Western Hemisphere?
The columbia Exchange
In 1821 Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua-
BEcame independent from Spain
The people of Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic
Are among the poorest int eh Western Hemisphere
The most successful crop grown on the pacific and Atlantic lowlands of Central America is –
The ___ islands were given their name becasue they are sheltered from the trade winds.
What was the name of the ancient civilization of Central America that built great cities but later abandoned them?
Leaders who took control of Central American Government and had not limits to their authority were-
In 1952, which island adopted a constitution that made it a commonwealth of the United States?
Puerto Rico
The _ is one of the driest places on Earth.
Atacama Desert
The Amazon River is very important to trade in the area becasue
It provides transportaiton corridor
The land of South America looks very much like that of –
North America
Which of these moutnain ranges is Earth’s largest?
The Andes
The Pamap is a –
Vast grassland in Argentina
The Amazon River drains an area equal to most of –
Teh United States
What percent of South Americas population lives in urban areas?
A south american country that won its independence peacefully is –
How much of the land in South America is used for farming?
To farm the steep slopes of the Andes, Inca Engineers built-
Which nations are the leading manufacturing countries in South America?
Argentina, Brazil, Chile
Simon Bolivar and Jose de Sun Martin-
Helped south American Colonies win independence
Many south American nations want to make thier economies less dependent on –
Exports of farm and mining products
Which group developed the first known civilization in South America?
To further improve thier economies, South American nations have formed-
Trade organization that encourage trade wtih each other
What is one of South America’s strongest trade assocation
What revolutions inspired South American independence?
The American and French Revolutions
During each summer the people of the Caribbean and Central America are on teh lookout for Fierce storms called-
The revolutionary leader who dreamed of a United States of South America was-
Simon Bolivar
What is the name of the largest territory owned by the United Kingdom?
Falkland Islands
Between what latittudes are the British Isles Located?
50 and 60 North
What bodies of water separate the British Isles from teh Main continent of Europe?
North Sea and English Channel
Why are the British Isles no longer connected to the Europe mainland?
The earth warmed and melted a glacier that flooded the area casuign a separation
What are the poltical parts of Great Britain?
England, Wales, Scotland
What naem is given to Wales, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and many smaller territories ?
United Kingdom
What are the two physical regions of the British Isles?
Uplands and Lowlands
What is the longest river in the British Isles?
Shannon River
The largest country in Western Europe is
The _River flows through Germany and Links Norhtern and Southern Europe
Most of Western Europe has a _ climate.
Marine West Coast
____ is a Romance Language based on Latin, the language of the ancient Romans.
Western Europe feces the enviornmental problems of ____.
air and water pollution
The highest moutnains in Western Europe are the___.
The Physical region that lies between the Alps adn Central lowlands is __.
Central Uplands
The Highest peak in the Alps is ___.
Mount Blanc
Walls built to keep water from flooding the Netherlands are called __.
Most Western Europeans are ___.
Becasue Japan is amde up of a string of Islands, it is called a(n)
The largest Japanese Island is
The Japanese culture borrowed these from China and Korea
Writing, Buddhism, and Confucian Values
What caused confluct in Japan for Hundreds of years
Shoguns fought each other for control of the land
What effect did isolation have on the countries of Japan and Korea?
their cultures did not contain influences form other countries
Most Japanese people live
On the narrow coastal plain
What are the highest and largest moutanins in Korea?
nangnim and T’aeback
What two major cities are located on the Kanto Plain of Japan
Tokyo adn Yokohama
What landfrom covers 80% of Japan and 70% of Korea
For what are hte Rivers of Japan and Korea used for?
Irrigation and Hydroelectric Power
Why did many dialects, homes, foods and dress develop in Korea?
The people are isolated by mountains
Living National Treasures in Japan are
People who practice traditional art forms
This is a major problem for both Japan and South Korea, but not a problem for North Korea
Which country is communist and has a farm-based economy?
North Korea
What technology allows Japan and South Korea to do factory work?
How does Japan rank in the world with regards to economy?
Becasue Japan spends more money on oil than any other product, they have developed
Nuclear Power
The Biggest INdustry in Japan is

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