1984 Studyguide

Who turns out to be a member of the Thought Police?
Mr. Charrington
Who is the Poet arrested for leaving God at the end of the line?
Who is Winston’s Co-worker who suddenly disappears one day?
Who is Winston’s wife?
Who is the Leader of the Brotherhood and the enemy of Oceania?
Emmanuel Goldstein
Who is Winston’s Neighbor?
The Parsons
Which main character is a member of the Junior Anti-Sex League?
Who is in charge of Winston’s Interrogation in the ministry of Love?
Who were the original revolutionaries that Winston found the picture of?
Jones, Aaronson, Rutherford
Why are there are no written laws in Oceania?
If the law was written, then people could and would purposely go against them, but if they are unwritten the Party could punish them for anything.
Is there any mention of nuclear weapons in 1984?
Do Winston and Katharine have any children?
Is Winston Julia’s First Lover?
Is Big Brother is a real person?
Is it difficult to find out where people live in this society?
Why are gangsters and murderers treated better than political prisoners in Oceania?
Because they aren’t trying to against the government, they didn’t commit thoughtcrimes
What country did Oceania used to be?
Great Britain
Does Winston Hates Big Brother at the start of the Book?
How does Newspeak try to make it harder for people to think about Concepts the government doesn’t like?
Because it takes out words that go against the Party
Is O’Brien arrested as the novel ends?
Where does Winston work?
Ministry of Truth
What is the alcoholic beverage Winston usually drinks?
What is the government agency in charge of maintaining law and order?
Who is the Chestnut Tree Café is a meeting place for?
Disgraced party members
Who is the target of the daily Two Minute Hate at the start of the book?
Emmanuel Goldstein
Who does the dark-haired girl in Winston’s dream later turn out to be?
Where does Winston live?
an old tenement/Victory Mansions
Where does the Memory Holes in the Ministry of Truth lead to?
the incinerator
How is Membership to the Party gained?
What does Winston write in his diary at the start of the book?
He writes in a panicked manner about a war movie he saw.
How are Party members supposed to spend their evening?
At the community center
When Winston first encounters the dark-haired girl outside Charrington’s shop. What does he consider
doing to her?
murdering her
What medical problem is Winston is afflicted with?
varicose ulcer
Doing “our duty to the Party” was an expression Katharine used to refer to what?
sexual relation/having children
What does Winston attempt to talk to an elderly Prole about?
life before the revolution
The Newspeak word which means the ability to hold two mutually contradictory ideas in mind
simultaneously and to believe both of them is what?
What does the note Julia slips to Winston say?
I love you
To the leaders of Oceania, war is what?
Winston and Julia tell O’Brien that they are willing to do anything for the Brotherhood except what?
separate from each other
Winston most enjoys talking with Syme about what?
O’Brien explains that the three stages of Winston’s reintegration are learning, understanding, and what?
In the government of Oceania, members of the Party are a part of what group?
The Bureaucracy, Inner Party
What is the most feared place in the Ministry of Love?
Room 101
Where is the Telescreen that eavesdrops on Winston and Julia hidden?
behind the engraving/picture of the church
“The book” O’Brien gave Winston was really written by who?
O’Brien and other party members
In addition to painful torture, O’Brien also uses a treatment on Winston that makes him what?
blocks out his memory temporarily
The one thing Winston fears most is what?
Where is Winston at the end of the book?
Chestnut Tree Café
Name all the slogans used by the Party?
War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.
Having thoughts of one’s own, apart from the Party’s beliefs, equals what?