1984: Book 2 – Chapter 1 to 5

What does Winston notice about the girl with dark hair?
her right arm was in a sling

What was a common accident in the Fiction Department?
crushing your hand while swinging around one of the kaleidoscopes

What happened to cause the girl to scream out in pain?
she fell on her injured arm

What happened to cause Winston to betray a momentary surprise?
the girl slipped something in his hand

Winston assumes the piece of paper has to do with politics. What are the two possibilities of the message the piece of paper holds?
she was part of an underground organization or a member of the thought police

What did the message say?
I love you

When Parsons sat next to Winston, what was he enthusiastic about?
a papier-mache model of Big Brother’s need

Why is sending a letter in the mail not an option?
all letters were opened in transit

Why does Winston not achieve his mission of sitting next to the girl in the canteen?
she comes in when he’s leaving

Explain Winston’s quick hallucination in response to be distracted.
he wanted to smash the man’s face in with a pick-axe

Where are Winston and this girl supposed to meet?
Victory Square

When Winston meets the girl, what is causing a diversion for them?
a man tripped and fell

What directions does the girl give to Winston?
when and where they can meet

What do Winston and the girl do before departing?
hold hands

Over what distance does on need a passport?
100 kilometers

What is Winston shocked to find out that Julia already knew?
his name

What does Winston tell Julia he thought of her before?
he thought she was part of the thought-police (he hated her)

What does Julia pull out of her pocket?
a small slab of chocolate

What does Julia say is the only way to stay safe?
always yell with the crowd

What does Julia say she saw in Winston?
something in his face; she knew he was against the party

Winston says the place is just like what other place?
The Golden Country (his dream)

When Winston finds out that Julia has done this with scores of other men, what is Winston’s reaction?
he was happy because it was with party members

Winston is not really interested in love. What is he interested in and why?
the animal instinct, desire; force that would tear the Party to pieces

Why could now emotion be pure in Oceania in 1984?
everything was mixed up with fear and hatred

Winston views his and Julia’s act as a ______ act.

When Julia awoke, how did her demeanor change?
she is all about business

Where are Julia and Winston to meet four days hence?
in a street of the poorer quarters

What will be the sign that the coast is clear?
she will blow her nose

Where does Julia have to be at 19:30 and how is this ironic?
to put in 2 hours for the Jr. Anti-Sex league; she had sex

What does Julia call the kind of talking where they have to keep stopping and starting because they are worried about being detected?
“intermittent conversation” – talking in installments

What did Julia talk Winston into volunteering to do?
do some munitions work

Who does the Party pick to work in Pornosec and why?
girls because they can control their sex instincts

Explain Julia’s first love affair.
she was 16 and had sex with a party member who was 60 years old; he later committed suicide to avoid arrest

What Newspeak word does Winston use to describe his wife Katherine?
goodthinkful – incapable of thinking a bad thought

What was more important about depriving people of sexual relationships?
energetic to do other things; war fever, leader worship

How did the Party attack parenthood?
they trained the children to spy on their parents

Winston thinks to himself that Katherine probably would have called the Thought Police on him if weren’t for what?
if she had not happened to be so unintelligent to detect the unorthodoxy of his opinions

What did Winston almost do one time? Now he regrets not having done it.
push his wife off a cliff when they got lost on a community hike

At the beginning of the chapter, where is Winston?
a room above Mr. Charrington’s shop

Who wrote the words of the songs that the proles sing?
music department, ministry of truth

Why had working hours been increased?
in anticipation of hate week

What thought popped into Winston’s head while he waited for Julia?
he thought that the thought police got her

What gifts does Julia bring, and where did she get them?
she brought sugar, bread, jam, milk, coffee, and tea; she got it from the inner party (black market)

When Winston saw the make-up and smelled the perfume, what was he reminded of?
half darkness of a basement kitchen and a woman’s cavernous mouth (old prostitute)

What did one never see anymore except in the homes of the proles?
double beds

What does Julia throw her shoe at?
a rat

What is Winston’s reaction to this?
he is terrified

When Winston starts to sing, what does Julia do that surprised him?
she finished the line; she knows the rest of the song

What has Julia never seen and wonders what it looks like?
lemons (describes like an orange)

What does Julia say that she will clean some day?
the picture frame and the bugs behind it

What happened to Syme? What evidence does Winston see to know that this has happened?
he was vaporized; his name wasn’t on the list for the chess committee

What is the new tune that everyone is singing?
the hate song

Explain the new poster that appears all over London. How is it similar to the description of the poster of Big Brother?
no caption, monstrous figure of an Eurasion soldier; shows a man at war

What was the rumor going around about the directing of bombs? And what was the reaction from the proles?
Wireless waves directed the bombs; killed an old couple

What month are we in during this chapter? How may months have passed so far?
June; 5

What does Winston tell Julia about O’Brien?
he wants his help

What is Julia’s theory about the wars?
they’re fake; the government is taking everything for themselves

What does Julia say about Winston’s “concrete evidence”?
she wouldn’t keep it if it wasn’t worth it

What does Julia do if Winston continues to talk about subjects that she has no interest in?
she falls asleep

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