14th Century II

Flashcard maker : Lily Taylor
What is depicted in the Triumph of Death, seen above?
a panoramic landscape of death
How did Giotto (right image) depict space differently than Cimabue?
He used the play of light and shadow across these figures to create a sense that they are 3-dimensional beings in real space.
How did the Black Plague affect the city of Florence?
It killed nearly 80% of the population.
In the image above, Triumph of Death, what did the people on horses find?
three open coffins
Which of the following buildings holds the Giotto fresco seen below?
Scrovegni Chapel
Who is the artist of the image below?
Which of Giotto’s accomplishments are highlighted in the image above?
his depth in a landscape, and his ability to model forms with color
Which of the following best describes the themes in Giotto’s work?
traditional religious subjects
How did Giotto show the emotion in the piece above?
He showed real human suffering rather than symbolism.

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