Zoonotic Infections

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Microbe – Vibrio cholerae
Animal reservoir – shellfish
Spread – T; water/food
Microbe – prion
Animal reservoir – cattle/humans
Spread – T; food/cannibalism
Microbe – Flaviviridae
Animal reservoir – monkeys/humans
Spread – V; mosquito – Aedes
Microbe – Filoviridae
Animal reservoir – bats
Spread – T; body fluids
Microbe – Bunyaviridae
Animal reservoir – rodents
Spread – T; airborne
Microbe – Yersinia pestis
Animal reservoir – squirrels, rats, etc.
Spread – V; fleas – Xenopyslla
Microbe – Rhabdoviridae
Animals reservoir – racoons, etc.
Spread – T; bite/saliva
Microbe – Trichonella spiralis
Animal reservoir – pigs
Spread – T; food
Microbe – Francisella tularensis
Animal reservoir – rabbits
Spread – V; ticks, deer flies, etc.
Microbe – Flaviviridae
Animal reservoir – birds
Spread – V; mosquito – Culex
Borellia burgdorferi
Bacterial – Lyme disease
– Early localized stage (primary)
– Early disseminated stage (secondary)
– Late stage (tertiary)
Diagnosis: symptomology/epidemiology; ELISA; increased IgG and IgM
Other diseases: autism?
Borellia recurrentis
Bacterial – Relapsing fever
– recurring fever, 8 day cycle
– rash and splenomegaly
– occasional meningeal issues
Diagnosis: blood culture during febrile period; darkfield microscopy w/ Giesma; serology
Leptospira interogans
Bacterial – Leptospirosis
– bacteremic phase (primary)
– immunologic phase (secondary)
– Weil’s disease
Diagnosis: blood/CSF/urine culture (wks/mos); darkfield microscopy, rare
Bartonella henslae
Bacterial – Cat-scratch disease
Diagnosis: serology
Other diseases: bacillary angiomatosis
Bartonella quintona
Bacterial – Trench fever
Diagnosis: serology
Other diseases: bacillary angiomatosis
Brucella spp.
Bacterial – Brucellosis
Diagnosis: serology, skin test for exposure; culture
Other diseases: induced abortions; neurobrucellosis
Rickettsia rickettsia (and other)
Bacterial – Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever; Rickettsial Pox
Diagnosis: serology and Weil-Felix; immunofluroescence of skin biopsy; symptomology
Rickettsia prowazkeii
Bacterial – Epidemic typhus; Brill-Zinser Disease
Rickettsia typhi
Bacterial – Endemic typhus
Rickettsia tsutsugamushi
Bacterial – Scrub typhus
Ehrlichia chaffensis and Anaplasma phagocytophilium
Bacterial – Human Monocytic Ehrlichiosis (HME); Human Granulocytic Ehrlichiosis (HGE
Diagnosis: serology and PCR; symptomology
Coxiella burnetti
Bacterial – Q fever
Diagnosis: serology and PCR; symptomology
Other diseases: hepatitis; endocarditis

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