World History Chapter 11 Quiz and Test

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The House of Wisdom
In the early AD 800s a combination research library and school called _____ opened in Baghdad
In ancient times people who lived on the Arabian peninsular were ____, nomade who hered sheed, camels, and goats
the Madinah Compact
In AD 624 Muhammad drafted a politcial agreement know as ___ _____ _____ which created an islamic state and culture as well as a religion
the five pillars of Islam
To be a Muslim all believers must carry out obligations known as
The Umayyads moved the capital to ____, which was centrally located in the expanding Islamic state
migration to Yathrib
Abu Bakr
first caliph
Al- Razi
Comprehensive Book
Muhammad’s wife
Omar Khayyam
The Rubaiyat
holy war
built the Ka’ aba
links between Islam, Christanity, and Judaism
monotheistic, equal rights of followers, Holy book, heaven/Hell, appeal to the poor, common ground in Jerusalem
the final day of the Hajj
perfrom the Stoning in the Mina Valley to ward off temptation
Charles Martel; Battle of Tours
The Umayyad advace into westerm Europe was stopped in AD 732 by ___ ___ at the ____ __ ____
Rightly Guided Caliphs
the military expeditions of the _______, were successful because their horses and camel calvry over welmed more tradtional armies
Muslim scientists used the ____ to determine the size and circumference of the earth
the Mongols
In 1258 they sacked and looted Baghdad and killed the last Abbasid caliph
submission to the will of God
the terms Islam means
the blood kinship of Muhammad
the conflict between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims centered on
social classes
Muslims at birth, convered Muslims, protected people, and slaves were the four ____ ____ in Muslim society
eating pork, drinking alcohol, gambling
Islamic tradtion prohibits the fathful from
Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians
According to Muhammad \”the pople of the book\” were
\”it enableth its possessor to distinguish right from wrong; it is our friend in the desert; our society in solitude… an ornament amoung friends and armor amoung enemies\”
Islamic tradtion holds that in AD 610 Muhammad experienced a revelation proclaimed \”___\”
The Rightly Guided Caliphs were overthrown by rebel groups ehich ended the ____ system of choosing a caliph
born into a powerful clan and orphaned at a young age
the Anglo Saxon Chronicles
the written history of Britian begun by Alfred the Great and finished 250 years after his death is called
In AD 768 Pepin the Short’s son became king and gave the name ____ to his dynasty
In order to seek out and punish heretics, the Church developed a court in AD 1232 known as the
Estates General
To win support against the Pope, King Philip IV of France called together ___ ___, an assembly of nobles, clergy, and townspeople
the exclusive right of the eldest son to inherit his father’s estate is called
Dark Ages
the early medieval period is called the ____ ____ because law and order vanished and literacy almost disappeared
the Jelling Stone
this famous memorial was commissioned by King Harald of Denmark after he converted to Christianity
Gregory VII; Henry IV
In 1075 Pope _______ banned lay investiture. In response Emperor _____ insulted the pope and ordered him to step down
___ living on medieval manors were bound to the land and could not leave without the lords permission
William of Normandy
____ __ ____’s invasion fleet was delayed in France because strong northeasterly winds kept his ship at their moorings
Parliament; Magna Carta
_____ and the _____ ___ limited the power of the english king
_____ revived literacy and learning and united western Europe under one government
Great Army
In 866 the ___ ___ landed in England. Their purpose was to conquer the island and make it Viking territory
royal agents
the missi dominici were
the knights code of conduct
code of conduct
fight fairly, be generous to enemies, protect and cherish noble women and the church, be steadfast, loyal, and always true to their word is part of the knights
the attack on Lindisfarne
\”behold the church of St. Cuthbert splattered with the blood of priests of God despoild of all its ornaments ; a place more venerable then all in Britian is given prey to pagan people\”…. Alcuin refers to
this was the first large scale mechanized seige weapon and it could propel objects up to 980 feet at or over castle walls
shock warfare
historians refer to the type of battles waged by Frankish knights
excommunication and interdict
popes enforced church laws and exercised power over medieval Christians using these two powerful weapons
thomas beckett
Archbishop of Canterbury
Francis of Assisi
Henry II
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Danish conqueror
Philip IV
Capetian king
Monte Cassino
Otto I
Holy Roman Emperor

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