Winchester Troper Essay Example
Winchester Troper Essay Example

Winchester Troper Essay Example

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  • Published: December 23, 2017
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Anglo-Sexton service book dating from about 980 (Hughes, Doom 180). This collection of songs was performed in the early church. There are two of these troopers, the second one is Just a modified version of the first.

A trope is a type of medieval liturgical chant book (Sadie, Stanley 794). The earliest known practical source of polyphony Is one of the two 1 lath century troopers from Winchester (Caldwell, John 116). Polyphony Is the style of music which has multiple arts being played together or sang together at the same time, which create harmony.

The Winchester Troopers bear witness to the rapidity with which liturgical embellishments, including polyphony, spread throughout Western Europe (Hopple, Richard 503).

The Winchester Troopers testifies to the early cultivation of organ In England, although the music cannot be transcribed with any certainty and s


ome of the pieces apparently came from the region of the Loire Valley In France (Hopple, Richard 503). The first practical collection of organ Is found In the later of the ropers.

Organ is simply music with multiple voice parts, not just one melody by itself. The manuscript contains organ for soloists as well as for choir (Caldwell, John 119).

No large body of organ from the 11th century after the Winchester Troopers is known to exist (Hopping, Richard 503). In many ways, the Winchester Trope has shaped music today. It is the oldest example of polyphony there is, not to mention the fact that this music includes voice crossing and contrary motion (Seas, Albert 88).

Needless to say, The Winchester Trope is very important to the musical development of the world.


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