What is Science?

What is one way scientific theories and scientific laws are similar and one way they are different?
Both are explanations for a pattern observed repeatedly in nature. A theory is more of an attempt to explain the pattern while a law is more of a rule. Both stand until someone makes an observation that doesn’t follow the theory or law.

Explain why science can answer some questions, but not others.
Science can answer questions about the natural world through observations and investigation. Opinions and questions about art, books, and music cannot be answered by science.

Explain how the human body is a system.
The human body is composed of many different systems that all interact with one another to perform a function. The heart is a control center for blood circulation. Even though not all systems report directly to the heart, they all interact with its function. If the heart is not working, the other systems fail as well.

List at least two things that scientists and explorers have in common.
Both use scientific methods; both use technology.

What is the difference between science and technology?
Science is the process of trying to understand the world around you. Technology is the application of knowledge learned through science.

What is a system?
A system is a collection of structures, cycles, and processes that relate to and interact with each other.

Explain why science cannot determine whether or not a painting is a great work of art.
Science can only answer questions about the natural world that can be determined through observation and experimentation. Science cannot tell you what is good, bad, beautiful, or ugly.

Why is technology important?
Technology applies science in useful ways.

Describe a scientific theory.
A scientific theory is a possible explanation for a pattern observed repeatedly in the natural world.

What are examples of careers in each branch of science?
Life science: biologists, nurses, botanists; Earth science: geologists, naturalists, volcanologists; Physical science: chemists, physicists, engineers

Systems are only found in the study of science.

Learning about the natural world starts with memorizing scientific laws and theories.

Scientific ____ must be supported by observations and results from many investigations and are not absolute.

A camera is an example of ____.

Scientific ____ are the best explanations so far to explain a pattern seen in nature.

In a system, structures, cycles, and processes do not interact with each other, but rather, stand alone.

Why do many scientists work in groups?
To generate new ideas

The three branches of science are ____, earth, and physical.

A teacher explains that a scientist named Boyle did many experiments to determine what the relationship is between the volume and pressure of a gas. Boyle’s experiments tell what will occur in the relationship between gas and pressure. Which choice is the best name for these experiments?
Boyle’s Law, because it describes what will happen in the relationship between the pressure and volume of the gas.

Another term for technology is ____.
Applied Science

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