Walt Whitman Analysis

When was Walt whitman born?
May 31, 1819
Who was he born to?
Walter and Louisa Whitman
What did they name him
Walt not Walter
What were his brothers names
Andrew Jackson Whitman, George Washington Whitman, and Thomas Jefferson Whitman
What happened when Walt was 11
He was pulled out of school to help his family earn money in a printing business
What describes Walt Whitman
Self-taught and highly intelligent
What happened when Walt Witman was 17
He became a teacher until 1841
What did he become an 1841
A journalist
What did Walt Witman do during 1848 and 1849
He founded the newspaper long islander
What did he do in 1848
He founded the newspaper Brooklyn freeman
What did Walt Witman right about
About very controversial issues against the wishes of his bosses
What was the leaves of grass
A book of poems which began with only 12 in 1855
How many poems were there by the time of his death
what were the themes of the poems
Extremely profane sexual and sensual pleasure that was immoral
What time did he coin
Manly love
What part did you play in the Civil War
He volunteered as a nurse in the Civil War
When did he die and where was he buried
He died on March 26 1892 and was buried in a self designed and self built tomb
Where is one monument found of him
Walt Whitman Bridge in Camden New Jersey
What was Walt Whitman known as
Considered one of America’s most important poets along side of Emily Dickinson
What was he believed to be
Homosexual or bisexual
How did they know he was bisexual or homosexual
There was no proof but he had intense relationships with boys and men im his life

His letters to male friends and journals cite sexual relationships

What was published in leaves of grass collection
Song of myself
What was written in the song of myself
52 different sections to mirror the number of weeks in a year
What did the Boston district attorney say about the song of myself
He threatened action against leaves of grass due to the obscenity and sexuality
What was walt whitmans title
The father free verse
What was the song of myself considered

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