Walegur – Geography M01 – Chapter 4

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The Sun’s radiant energy reaches above the Earth across space in approximately __.
8 minutes
Which wavelengths are most poorly transmitted through the atmosphere?
The only major country still using Fahrenheit temperature scale is __.
The albedo of the Earth’s system has been determined to be __ percent.
Earth’s reradiation to space consists mainly of __ rays.
The specific heat of water is greater than that of land. This means that water __ more slowly than land does.
For the most part, the atmosphere is heated directly from the __.
Earth’s surface
A temperature inversion is mainly an inversion of the __.
normal lapse rate
The process of evaporation of liquid water to vapor releases stored energy called __.
latent heat
With respect to absorption of solar radiation, it is understood that __ are the most efficient absorbers.
dark colored objects
The extremely low surface temperatures in the Antarctic in July clearly demonstrate the influence of __.
greater cooling of land than water.
Solar energy and terrestrial reradiation are usually measured in units of length called __.
The absorption of longwave radiation in the atmosphere is popularly called __.
the Greenhouse Effect
In the Northern Hemisphere, about __ percent of the surface is land.
In the Southern Hemisphere, about __ percent of the surface is land.
The energy emitted from the Sun is a product of __.
Adiabatic processes cause cooling by __.
At 0 Kelvins, __.
molecular motion stops
Advection is a __ wind movement.
The longest of all visible light waves are __.
Only __ of the Sun’s energy reaches the Earth.
2 billionth
Radiation from the Earth is mostly absorbed in the lower troposphere and __ back towards Earth.
About __ percent of the total insolation is directly absorbed by the air.
The map of world average annual temperature range shows __ to have the greatest range.
eastern siberia
Which substance is the best transmitter of solar energy?
The higher latitudes receive much less intense insolation than tropic zones because of __.
Sun’s angle of incidence
Heat transferred laterally in the atmosphere by horizontal wind movement is a process called __.
In the electromagnetic spectrum, visible light occupies the band between 0.4 and 0.7 __.
The solar energy reaching Earth travels a distance of __ million kilometers.
__ objects radiate in shorter wavelengths than __ objects.
hot; cold
Most of the radiation incident upon the Earth falls within the __ part of the spectrum.
The phenomenon of Rayleigh scattering is most closely associated with which visible electromagnetic wavelengths?
The reddish tint of the Sun at sunset results from __.
The freezing point of water is __ on the Kelvin scale.
What is the most prolific producer of carbon dioxide?
The burning of fossil fuels

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