1) Sound waves travel fastest through?steel.
7) Which type of wave can be transmitted through the vacuum of spaceradio waves
8) Which type of wave is classified as electromagnetic?light

UV light waves
Sound waves
Earthquake waves

All of these have which characteristic in common?They all transmit energy.

14) Which example is NOT a part of the electromagnetic spectrum?electricity
15) When light enters a pair of glasses, it ______________ when it hits the glass.refracts
16) In each of these situations light refracts, except for one. Identify the case in which light is NOT refracted.sunlight travels through space
17) Reflection is the bouncing of light rays off of a surface. Which situation is NOT an example of reflection?focusing light through a camera lens
21) Why can television satellites, which broadcast information as electromagnetic radiation, send signals from the vacuum of space?because electromagnetic radiation does not need a medium to travel through
22) In what way are all sound waves and light waves similar?they both transmit energy
25) What information can be deduced by analyzing the graph?Wavelength and frequency have an inverse relationship.
27) Dolphins communicate using compression waves. Some of these sounds are outside the range of human hearing. Upon spotting a hungry shark, dolphin A sends a message to dolphin B. To send this message as quickly as possible, dolphin A wouldsend the message under water
37) The BEST example of diffraction is the image ofa ring around the Sun caused by particles in the air.
42) We can see because light isreflected
44) Longitudinal waves compress the medium they travel though. One example of a longitudinal wave is asound wave
47) Assume the light wave directed at the paper is white light and the paper contains pigments that absorb the wavelengths of red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet. What color will the paper appear to human eyes?black
51) Using an oscilloscope, it can be observed that the pitch of a sound is directly related to a sound waves frequency while the volume is directly related to a sound waves amplitude. The change shown in the illustration suggests that thevolume is decreasing
54) If we compare and contrast electromagnetic waves with sound waves, all BUT one statement is true. That iselectromagnetic waves must have a medium in which to travel, but sound waves can travel anywhere.
· sound
· parallel
· mechanical
· not a vacuum
· needs a medium
· compressions and rarefaction

What type of wave is being described?longitudinal

70) What do a prism, a magnifying glass, a microscope, and eyeglasses ALL have in commonthey refract light
77) Which of these are not mechanical waves and can be used to send a signal to astronauts on the moon?radio waves
79) Sound waves cannot travel in a vacuum becausethere is no medium for the sound waves to travel through
81) Why do people tend to cup their hands around listeners ears when whispering to them?Solid objects, such as a cupped hand, can direct sound waves into the ear of the listener.