US History Chapter 21 (complete)

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the time period of prohibition
18th amendment
the amendment that made prohibition a law in the US
an underground bar
the illegal sale of alcohol
al capone
public enemy #1 during prohibition period; leader of major organized crime in Chicago
21st amendment
amendment that repeals prohibition
protestant movement that believed everything in the bible was literal; skeptical of science and believes that it disrespects God; major problem with evolution
clarence darrow
famous lawyer who defended john scopes in the scopes monkey trial
william jennings bryan
the prosecuting lawyer of the scopes monkey trial
scopes monkey trial
a trial in which a biology teacher is arrested for speaking of evolution; the verdict is that the teacher is found guilty
a new ideal for women as women embrace new fashions; wore close-fitting felt hats, waistless dresses above the knees, skin tone stockings, and bobbed and died black hair
equal partnership
marriage started to become this rather than the previous tradition of arranged marriage
double standard
a set of principles granting greater freedom to men than to women
the biggest problem of schools in the 1920’s was teaching to this group of people
the most powerful form of communication in the 20’s
baseball; boxing; football
three most popular sports in the 20’s (in order)
babe ruth
#1 baseball star; over 60 homeruns
jack dempsey
boxing star
notre dame
the number one football team in the 20’s
gertrude ederle
first woman to swim the English Channel
charles lindbergh
this man made the first trans-atlantic flight in the spirit of st louis.
largest part of entertainment; becomes the 4th largest industry in the US
jazz singer
the first $1 million box office movie
clara bow
famous actress
rudolph valentino
famous actor
charlie chaplain
famous comedian
eugene o’neil
the first american to win the Nobel Prize for literature
george gershwin
the first american to win the Nobel Prize for music
edward hopper; georgia o’keefe
two famous painters during the 20’s
F. Scott Fitzgerald
this author wrote the Great Gatsby
Ernest Hemingway; Sinclair Lewis
two authors (besides Fitzgerald) of the 20’s
great migration
the time period in which 100’s of 1000’s of African Americans move from the South to the North and the West
economic opportunity; racial violence
two reasons for the great migration
a group formed to urge the protest of racial violence
W.E.B. DuBois
the leader of the NAACP
James Weldon Johnson
NAACP secretary who helped propose anti-lynching laws
the united negro improvement association; mobilizes over 500,000 people through meetings, parades, and speeches
Marcus Garvey
leader of UNIA
Harlem Renaissance
the flowering of African American creativity in the 20’s; poetry, art, music, etc.
Zora Neale Hurston
most accomplished female African American writer
Langston Hughes
most famous african american poet durint the harlem renaissance
possibly the greatest contribution of the harlem renaissance; originated in New Orleans
Louis Armstrong
most famous jazz performer

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