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To gain evidence for criteria 3. 2 discuss the kinds of behavioral problems that should be referred to others and whom these should be referred. Behavioral problems Referral Constantly Child’s angry & showing Aggressive behavior towards other children swearing, hitting children throwing things at other children. Keep records of all incidents Report to supervisor, parents, referral to Health visitor or G. P. Will refer to Specialist therapy in behavior, range of coping skills to defuse their anger & aggressive behavior, helping to relaxation techniques are taught. Behavior problem of Self-harm

Prolong episodes of screams, Pulling their own hair Banging their head against wall etc. Keep records of all Incidents refer to supervisor will refer to Health violators or G. P. Would refer to professional psychologist or psychiatrist. Attention seeking could be Constantly shouting, Tipping things on floor regularly or Deliberately being uncooperative may be a sign that they need help. Keep records of incident refer to Health Visitor refer to professional to educate parents on how to communicate, child taught social skills such as how to have conversation or play cooperatively with other children

Change of child behavior on certain days, this could be due to Bereavement In family, Severe illness, Parent separation, Physical abuse at home if parents are alcoholic, drug abusers etc. Child showing signs of Bruising from being slapped, cuts, & bite marks, Thrown against hard objects, causing fractures of limb or head, Burns, & Scalds from cigarettes, iron, Keep record of days of miss behavior refer to supervisor, refer to parents, if need refer to G. P. Or Social worker who will refer to Professional Psychologist as they will assess, give strategies & will give support to the child.

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