Unit 01- Computing Overview

You are looking at a female TRS connector on the computer.

Which device uses this connector?

You purchased a new LED monitor for your computer. On the back of the monitor you see the following port (pictured below).

Which type of cable should you use to connect the monitor to your computer?

Display Port Cable
You are connecting an older, dot matrix printer to a computer. The printer’s cable is a D-shaped connector with 25 pins.

Which port type does the printer connect to?

Parallel port

(25 pins)

You are providing telephone support for a user who is trying to connect a computer to a projector. You know that the projector only has a VGA port.

How would you describe the connector that the user should look for?

D-shaped with 15 pins
Consider the external ports for a typical PC system (pictured below).
Drag the port type on the left to the letter on the right that best identifies it. (Each type can be used once.)
b) Thunderbolt
c) IEE 1394
d) USB
f) DVI
g) RJ45
h) RJ11
i_Figer S/PDIF
j) Audio Jack
Consider the cable connectors used by various peripheral devices (pictured below).
Drag the letter on the left to the peripheral device on the right that would most likely use the connector type.


External Storage Device
Analog Monitor
Video Camera
Dial-up Modem
Digital Monitor (without audio)
Network Adapter Headphones
Which of the following are considered computer hardware? (Select two.)
Which computer function takes data through a series of procedures as defined by a set of instructions?
You need to replace a broken monitor on a desktop system. You decide to replace it with a spare monitor that wasn’t being used. Even though the monitor is made by a different manufacturer than the desktop computer, it still works with the computer.

Which computer design concept makes this possible?

Which of the following are considered input devices? (Select three.)
Drag the computer function on the left with its associated hardware component on the right. (Each option can be used more than once.)

Hard disk

1) Storage
2) Output
3) Input
4) Processing
5) Output
6) Processing
7) Storage
8) Input
Which connector on the back of a computer is used to attach a mouse to a modern PC system?
You are looking at a high-density (three-row) female DB-15 connector on the computer as shown in the figure below. What device uses this connector?
VGA/SVGA monitors
You are helping a customer over the phone who needs to connect a monitor that uses a digital interface. Which port should you instruct her to look for on the back of her PC?
Which Windows component can be used to display information such as weather forecasts, time, and news headlines on the desktop?

(not Notification Area)

Which component of Windows prompts the user for credentials or permission to minimize the dangers of unintended software installations?
User Account Control (UAC)
Which of the following items are likely to be displayed in the Notification Area of a computer running the Windows operating system? (Select two.)
The current time

A volume control

Which Windows tools would you use to browse the file system on a drive? (Select three.)

File Explorer

Windows Explorer

Which operating system(s) include the following features?

• Cortana
• Cloud storage
• Continuum
• Microsoft Store
• Microsoft Edge

Windows 10
What is the name of the set of features that improves the visual appearance of Windows? These features include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Glass effects
• Window animations
• Flip 3D
• Snap
• Shake

Which of the following is the term used for a set of programs that acts as an interface between the applications that are running on a computer and the computer’s hardware?
Operating system
Match the operating system attribute on the left to the correct description on the right.

Ability to use multiple processing devices.

Ability to run multiple applications simultaneously.

Ability to run multiple parts of an application simultaneously.

Which of the following is the name of the core of the operating system that is loaded into memory when the system boots up? This part of the operating system is responsible for
• Controlling security
• Managing the file system
• Providing a platform for applications to run on
You need to find a file that you saved on your computer. You will have to search for it because you don’t remember which directory it was saved in. Which Windows feature improves the speed of file searches on your computer?
Indexing service
What would you enter at the command prompt to start a new Bourne-again shell (bash) session?


What would you enter at the command prompt on a Linux system to display the present working directory?


What would you enter at the command prompt on a Linux system to display the IP addresses and the subnet masks assigned to each network interface on a Linux system?


What would you enter at the command prompt on a Linux system to display a list of files and subdirectories that exist within the present working directory?


You are logged in as a user with limited system privileges. You are the Linux system administrator and you have the password to the root user account. When you need to switch to root user to perform administrative tasks, what command would enter at the command prompt?

Tip: The command must switch to the home directory and environment variables assigned to the root user.


su –
You want to know more about the usage, command syntax, and the options available with the Linux ifconfig command. What would you enter at the command prompt to display this information about ifconfig?


man ifconfig
Match the Mac key labels on the left with the corresponding Mac key descriptions on the right.

-The primary modifier key on Apple systems, used like the Ctrl key on a Windows system

-Primarily used for text document navigation

-Used for application and navigation shortcuts

-Typically only found on Apple notebooks and is used to access the F1-F12 keys on the keyboard

You’re working on a Mac computer that has an issue with a non-responsive application. You need to stop the application using the Force Quit feature.

Which of the following keyboard shortcuts can be used to access the Force Quit feature?

Which of the following Mac features is used to launch apps, switch between running apps, access the Trash, and also to access specific folders.

(not Spotlight, Terminal, Mission Control)

You can use these finger motbns to perform specific functions on a Mac OS system:

• Right-click: Tap with two fingers to right-click
• Smart zoom: Double-tap with two fingers to zoom in on a web page, image, or document (double-tap again to zoom out)
• Scroll: Slide up or down using two fingers to scroll up or down
• Zoom: Spread two fingers apart to zoom in. Bring fingers back together to zoom out
• Page navigation: Slide two fingers left or right to navigate between pages in a document
• Mission Control: Slide four fingers straight up to open Mission Control
• All apps: Slide four fingers straight down to display all windows of the active app

What is the name of the Mac feature that makes these finger motbns available?

Mission Control is a desktop and windows management utility that is used to access several Mac OS features. Which of the following are Mac features accessed through Mission Control? (Select three.)
All Windows
Multiple Desktops
All Windows
Multiple Desktops
All Windows
Multiple Desktops

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