Understanding Weather – Chapter 3, Section 3

Question Answer
The most powerful storms on Earth are Hurricanes
What weather would cumulonimbus clouds likely bring? Thunderstorms
A tornado is dangerous mostly because of its Strong winds
Which describes the eye of the hurricane? Has warm, calm and light winds
What statement about lightning is true? It is one of the most dangerous parts of a thunderstorm
Finding a high place to wait is a safety measure during a flash flood
Wind moving in opposite directions causes air in the middle to spin. What is it making? Tornado
If there is a tornado warning in your area, you should Go to a room with no windows
What statement about tornadoes is correct? 75% of the worlds tornadoes are in the U.S.
A storm surge is a dangerous part of A hurricane
Lightning is a discharge between positively charged area and a negatively charged area
Meteorologists track cyclones and anticyclones because they Help predict stormy or clear weather
Unstable conditions lead to formation of lightning and thunder in cumulonimbus clouds
How does a hurricane begin? With thunderstorms over the ocean
What causes lightning? An electric discharge
Which is the safest in a thunderstorm? Staying low on the ground
Lightning is one of the most dangerous parts of a thunderstorm
Strong spinning winds are the most dangerous part of a tornado
Flooding caused by high waves would most likely occur during a hurricane
During a lightning strike, why is lightning seen before thunder is heard? Light travels faster than sound
Why do tornadoes often destroy buildings in their path? Buildings are often destroyed by tornadoes' strong winds
Why don't hurricanes form over land? Hurricanes get their energy from warm water

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