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Do you agree or disagree? “People learn and improve from adversity (hardship).”
One time when I was in Europe I saw this message in a gift store

“Today problems will be the best experiences in the future”.

I do agree with this idea. Although most experiences in our lives seem difficult, after overcome problems that these experiences involved, they become valuable lessons for the future.

1) Difficult experiences demand people be strong. In my own experience, for instance, I lived one of the most difficult situation that a human being can live, which is to lose the most valuable person: the mother. Because I lost my mother when I was seven years old, I learned how to be responsible and take care of myself, and now I am an independent and strong person who can face any difficulty for severe that seemed.

2) On the other hand, sometimes, difficult situations offer challenges that can change one’s life.

For example, five years ago I won a scholarship to study a Master degree, and in compensation for this grant I was asked to do some work for the University where I was studying. They proposed me to be a teacher. Although I felt fearful and unconfident at the beginning, I accepted that challenge and I became to be an excellent teacher.

Finally, after overcome difficult situations people are able to handle any problem in a better way because they are already familiar dealing with unpleasant experiences. My own case illustrates it.

After loosing my mother and being a teacher without previous experience, I have developed skills like control of stress and work under pressure that has allowed me to face any problem to challenge.

In conclusion, people complain about having difficult experiences, but after all, they understand how living these situations in one of the better way to learn valuable lessons that will help them all their lives.

Life is a continous struggle and it has its ups and downs. Sometimes we are quite satisfied with our lives but there are moments when we don’t feel zest in our life due to some unavoidable problems. I totally agree with the notion that the difficult situations we face in our lives become a valuable lesson for our future. This I supports with following facts and examples.
It has been proved scientifically that when we feel ourselves threatened, we use our best physiological and psychological capabilities. Often in our lives, we remain in a safe and
satisfied atmosphere and avoid problems as much as we can. In this condition, we can easily
become lazy and our abilities may rote as we are not using our full potential.

There are countless examples quoted in newspapers
about people who after losing their jobs unexpectedly found an excellent and more paying job. Truly, a difficult situation is a blessing in disguise.
Failure is also a cause of our bad experiences. But failures are no more failures if we can learn from them. Actually, there are no failures only feedbacks. I have used this statement to guide my life.

Once, I have almost failed an examination in my school life and ended with just passing marks. Instead of being dishearted, I decided to learn from this experince so that it should not happen again. I listed out all the factors that were responsible for my failures like watching too much television and studying without concentration. Next academic year, I took care of all those listed causes and I was able to secure the first position in my school. Thus, failures gives us new directions and guidance in our lives.

Survey of successful persons has shown that many have seen more tough time then probably
unsuccessful persons.

The only difference is that they have faced the situation with their full
might, learned from them and applied learned lessons in their future strategy.

We should not be afraid from bad circumstances and should try our best to convert them into useful lessons to chart our future.

Would you rather work for someone else or work for yourself?
Some People Prefer to work for themselves or own a business.Other prefer to work for an employer.i like or prefer self business. Both have advantages and disadvantages.But the advantages of self business have greater importance than the work of employer.Like Independence, Freeness

1)First of all,the main benifit of self business is independence to do business.You are the owner of can do every thing according to your wishes.You can make decision for the benefit of your business without any outer disturbance. No one can stop you.No doubt, a businessman work under the rules of Government. But the role of Government in his business is very small. On other hand ,an employer works under someone. It may be a manager or owner or some other person of his organization. He has no independence to make decision himself.

2) The second benefit of self business is that you are totally free for working. You can do work for your business any time. No one can stops
you.You can come in your office any time and you can go from your office any time.You are free from restrictions.

But on the other hand, an employer of any company has to face a lot of restriction. He has to fear from higher authorities of his organization. He must have to give respect to his higher authorities of his organization. And a self employeed business man is free from all these things.

No doubt,there are some disadvantages of self business. A owner of business has to face these disadvantages.The main drawback of self business is that he has a lot of burden in his mind.He remains more busy and more curious about his business than other members of his business. He has to face more problem than employer of an organization.

In the end couclusion is that no doubt there are some disadvatages of self business.But the advantages of self business have more attraction than a work of an employer.

In a city, is it more important to save old buildings or to replace them with new ones?
It is very important for a city to have old and historical buildings because these kinds of place are a efficient way to welcome tourist from all over the world.
Additionally, these buildings offer a good way for people to learn about that city’s history and culture . It is obvious that for to have old and historical buildings provide a city many opprtunities. Because of these advantages a city try to preserve its old and historical buildings.

1) First of all, since tourists generally like to visit historical place, a city in which there are a lot of historical buildings have more chance to be visited compare to others . These visitings increse city’s wealth, reputation and decrease poverty.

Moreover these developments lead a city more attractive and clean. These kinds of benefits not only make richer that city municipality but also make richer people living in that city. Obviously, because historical places are favorites for tourist trips, a city should keep its historical buildings in good repair and well-cared for its own future and interest.

2) Secondly,to visit old and historical building is a good and easy way to learn that place’s history and culture and keep that city lively. Particulary these kind of places are very important to teach a city’s tradition, culture and history to young generation. Nowadays new generations came across culture shock. To destroy its historical building cause serious society problems especillay in terms of youth. People can have many information about that city by visiting these kinds of places.

3) Last not the least, historical building are the Status symbol for the nation.Like Taj mahal is the status symbol of beauty and love for India., so it will heart the people which are emotionally connected with the building anyhow.You can take example of pyramids, the country is Egypt is popular mainly for it huge pyramids. So historical building are important in the sense that it brings the fame to the country worldwide.

A city should try to preserve its historical buildings to establish a bridge between past and future.
In conclusion, if a city wants to have many advantages such as to attract to tourist attentions and to keep its culture and tradition lively, it should preserve its old and historical building.
we should try to preserve the old, historical buildings to make people understand better their history, and to help the nation to get fame worldwide and earn money from the foriegn tourist visiting.

Do you agree or disagree? “Students become successful in school more because of their classmates than because of their parents.”
When children attend school, they spend most of their time with their classmates. Because of this reason many people think that classmates are a more important influence than parents on a child’s success in school. I totally agree with this statement in the light of my experiences and my other friends’ experiences. In this essay, I will try to figure out how classmates are an important influence on a child’s success in school.

1) First of all, at the very beginning of the school years, children meet new friends and they get close with some of them either because they get along with them well or they are in the same neighborhood. It is very normal for a child to have new friends that she likes and have enjoyable time but sometimes these classmates become a very important influence on a child’s behavior. This behavior can affect her positively or negatively.

For example my cousin had had some friends at school. She liked them a lot but I felt something wrong as soon as I met them. I talked to my cousin about it but she didn’t listen to my advices. Later on she realized that her friends were using drugs and cut her relations with them. My cousin and her family had to move to another city because this event affected my cousin very much and she suffered some psychological problems. My cousin had to give up her school for a year and took her 2 years return to her normal life.

On the other hand, classmates can influence a child’s success in school in a good way. Because, to my way of thinking, meeting new people, getting to know them, is an important experience in one’s life. Studying together, helping each other with some problems is very useful.

For example, I study with my friends for the exams and I think it is very helpful. One of my friends can solve a mathematics problem that the others cannot solve, so we complete each other. I sometimes don’t feel like studying but my friends force me to study and I thank them for that. Because sometimes one needs motivation and friends are there at this times.

Finally, we can say that classmates are an important influence on a child’s success in school. The important point is that how they influence a child’s success. And as long as we have good friends, they play an important role in our success.

Would you rather hire a worker with a lot of experience (whom you would have to pay more) or a worker with less experience (whom you could pay less)?
If I were an employer, I would hire a worker depending upon the type of the work my organization deals with. There are many types of organizations that deal with different works like industry, resturants, consultancy, banks, forum etc. And depending upon these types of organizations, the working personal also varies. If I belong to the organization that works for building and construction, and I require workers for the same purpose, then I would surely hire inexperienced workers at a lower salary. By doing this I will make my organization more cost effective, as for building and construction purpose, more numbers of workers are required, and this helps cutting down expenses. Also, when the work is related to the physical work, then more than experience, the desire to work counts. If the person is inexperienced, then he can learn how to work, until he has desired to work.

But, if the organization is related to the professional levels, then in such case, experienced workers are highly required. So, the type of the work is directly related to requirement of the experienced or inexperienced worker with respect to the amount of the salary. As I am related with the international organization, I would prefer an experienced worker even at a higher salary.

Experience is the most important criteria for getting professional job. Experience makes the person perfect. And perfect ones can only work effectively and efficiently by the time they join the organization. Even for the experienced person, it takes some time to understand the way the organization works and the management over there. So, for the inexperienced person, it takes almost months to years to know the working atmosphere of the organization depending upon the type of work. The total amount of the salary the worker gets by the completion of work is almost same whether the worker is experienced or inexperienced. Training is required for an inexperienced worker and the training expenses can be more.

But for the experienced worker, training is not required, one can just understand by observing, and managing oneself. The experienced one can get the job done soon while, the inexperienced worker takes double the time. Double the time means double the salary one gets. So, whether one is experienced or not, total amount of the salary, the employer has to pay is somewhat equivalent. Organization values its overall human resources, no matter whomever; all are integral part for its existence. For the long-term development and for the excellency, experienced worker needs to be hired.

I work in the international organization that deals with the e-consultation. If the inexperienced person was hired for the same job, then he would almost take 6 months to understand what’s going on. But if the person is experienced one, he needs not more than one month to get involved. For such an organization, excellency is of prior than the amount of salary that is to be paid. Also, it’s not sure that even after training, the inexperienced person can work effectively. In the medical shop, if I have to hire the sales man than, I would go for the experienced one even at the higher salary. Experience is the most important criteria for employing as the work is relates to the health of many people.

So in my point of view, experienced workers are more effective than inexperienced ones regardless of the amount.

Organization of the company or doing the responsibility of hiring workers for the company is a tough job. And as an employer it’s a very hard decision to hire an inexperienced worker at a lower salary or a knowledgeable worker at a higher salary. Saving money and making money both are the foremost issues for an employer. I would definitely go for the later. And in order to make lot of money I would go for a skilled worker although it will cost me to pay more salary but still I be getting the sufficient satisfactory results from my worker’s experience.
Today technology and information are two basic key foundations of any kind of business. And to run the business successfully one has to be aware of these changes. And to my belief only experienced person can deal with those kinds of changes.
Experienced person not only opens gates of success for himself but also for the company he is working for. Nevertheless he will contribute his share to the company’s success by his expertise. Every employer wants progress and success in his field, therefore to get his goals by hiring experienced workers are an excellent idea. This will eventually help the company to compete in this challenging competitive world.
Only experienced workers can bring advancement to their company. As an employer I would expect my employees to cope with this rapidly changing, demanding world. Advancement and changes marks the day today and only and an experienced worker can help his other colleagues with his awareness and knowledge to help them familiar with these changes. Although hiring qualified worker could cost me more money but at the end it would be more benefited for the company.
Just to save some money by hiring an inexperienced, raw, unproven worker at low wages would eventually going to cost me more in terms of compromising myself with delay in completion of work. I would definitely not going to compromise on the terms of success and progress of the company to save some money.
In conclusion, I see long-term benefit by hiring an experienced worker at higher salary. It will bring success and prosperity to the company and that will definitely lead to making money too.
Is homework important for students?
This question of whether or not to give the students daily homework is a much debated problem in that it affects everybody as a student like us. Of course, doing homework will scare our leisure time in some extent, but it can help students understand the texts more deeply, force students to review the texts and make students have a lasting impression about the texts. So personally, I would prefer to do homework everyday.

There are numerous reasons why I think that daily homework is necessary for students, and I would here explain some of the most important ones.

1) The main reason is daily homework can help students understand the texts more deeply. It can be given an example, you must make yourself understand the texts firstly in order to do your homework. Whatever in mathematics, in chemistry or other courses, if you don’t understand the texts, you can not finish the homework of that day.

2) The other reason is that daily homework can force the students to review the texts. Just imagine when you have the problems in your homework you will understand it more. When you have the problems, what can make you work out is reading your texts and your notes carefully or discussing with other students.

3) One very strong argument is that doing homework can make the students have a lasting impression about the texts. In order to see it clearly, let us see an example. When students do their homework, they have to review the texts, understand the texts, even more discuss the problems about the texts. They gradually have a lasting impression about the texts.

From what has been discussed above, doing homework has more advantages, so we finally draw the conclusion that daily homework is necessary for students.

What is something new that you would like to study in school?
I’m studying statistics at the university. Even if I like dealing with numbers and numerical analysis, I would like to study medicine, if I had given the chance. I have never had the chance to study medicine but I would love to be a doctor and help people. There are two reasons for this,

1) one is to earn a lot of money and the other
2)and the most important is to help people.

1)First of all, medicine is vital for human. If one loses his health, no matter how rich he is, he also loses his happiness and love of life. I believe that doctors have a very important role in our community. Doctors help people when people are in need of them.

for example 2 years ago, there had been an earthquake in Istanbul and it was terrible. On the television, it was announced that many doctors were needed. It was a horrible feeling and I wished that I were a doctor, then, I would have the chance to help children and other people.

2) Secondly, in my country,India, doctors earn a lot of money but studying medicine requires a high mark in a medical exam, which is held every year. People who pass this exam study medicine for six years. It is very difficult to study medicine. Firstly, you should be very patient, and careful, because a little mistake you make can cause someone’s death. Doctors also have to psychologically strong.

For these reasons, I don’t think that I am suitable for this job. I’ve never had the chance to study medicine, but if I had been mentally strong and patient to cure people, I would choose to study medicine and would like to be a doctor.

Have automobiles hurt or harmed the world?
Most people think that the automobile is the most important and useful invention of the twentieth century. They think that automobiles have improved modern life. Others think that the automobile has caused serious problems. In my opinion, automobiles have improved modern life and caused problems at the same time. I will try to figure out my reasons in this essay.
First of all, if we approach to the subject as a technological invention, an automobile is a great thing. It provides comfort for the people. One can go from one place to another quickly and comfortably. Furthermore, you don’t have to wait for the bus, if you have a private car. On the other hand going to all the places by car can cause a lot of money.
Nowadays, owning a car has become very important for most people. As soon as one has enough money, he goes to an automobile gallery. They want to live comfortably, and think owning a car will provide them a comfortable life. But, there are also some serious problems, which are caused by automobiles. For example, air is polluted because of the carbon dioxide gas which comes from car engines. As the number of cars increases, we see more accidents on the streets.
It is possible to solve the problems which are caused by the automobiles. If the road are improved, then, there will be less accidents. The drivers also should be very careful while driving and obey the rules.
We can prevent air pollution by using public transportation. We can use public transportation while commuting to our offices and use our cars on the weekends.
In the light of the discussion above, it can be said that there are some problems automobiles may cause, but we can reduce them by obeying the rules or using them less and preferring public transportation.
Would you rather work at a job that required you to work a lot, but paid you a lot, or a job that required you to work less, but paid you less?
In order to earn a living many people are engaged in jobs. Some jobs are high-paying with long hours of work while others are low in salary but the working period is also less. Now if I were given a choice to choose between these options then I would certainly choose the latter one.

Man is born free but he is in chains. He has various duties to perform. He must earn bread for his family. But in doing so he must not be devoted to his work so much that he has little time stored for his family and friends. Because there are times when he should give some time for his family. To strengthen the family ties, it is essential.

Now-a-days the society has gone to astray because there is no family values. Parents are busy with their work. Children do not find their parents most of the time. So they are with their friends most of the time and if they choose wrong friends then they are likely to go down the drain. But if parents are beside them at their time of need ,then they won’t feel lonely. Parent-children relation will grow.

Money is essential but it is not the only thing we should run after. If a friend is in need ,we should be by his side. If a relative is ill ,we should manage some time to see him. And most of all if our family needs us, we should put aside all jobs and be there. We cannot escape from our duties by just saying that we are too busy in our work. We should keep our priorities in order.

Finally, it can be said that we earn money for our happiness and for the comfort of our family. In doing so we should not forget our ultimate goal. If we do, then our families will be in a disaster. In our difficult times we will have no friends to share our problems with. So we should get jobs considering the consequences it may bring. If a lower-paying job with shorter hours makes me happy in the long run, then it is the one I certainly will choose.

Do you agree or disagree? “Grades are great motivators for students.”
Learning is a great tool. Grades are great reward for a good learning. Attending school is a great way to acess your learning ability and performance. I believe that grades are great indicators of a good learning for the following reasons: They prove how well he or she has learned the topic, area of weakness, and what it needs to be done to improve.
Grades prove how well he or she has learned the topic. Take for instance, if a person take an exam and perform poorly, then this prove that he did not prepare for the exam enough to pass. Therefore, grades are great indicators if a person was prepared for an exam or not.
Grades will also prove the area of weakness. Exams tend to gear the student on how to approach a particular exam and how to focus on the area of weakness. For example, if a person is preparing for a national exam, he or she must focus on the areas where he or she lacks. Grades will show which areas he or she performed well and the areas of poor performance. This set a guidelines for a student to prepare more precisely to sharpen his weak area.
Grades also help student study harder. A student has the tendency to study harder if he or she gets a positive reward. For example, I used to be very unhappy if I did not pass an exam. Therefore, I took my unhappiness and anger toward my studying and put more hours into the subject so I can perform better. I recall an incidence in high school when I had failed my official exam which it made me realize that studying less will not be the solution and studying hard was my only way to pass this exam.
Grades are essential to every student and I believe it is a great way to gear student ability, and performance. They do help a student to focus, work harder, and concentrate and the area of weakness. Finally, assesment is a way of encouraging, and improving each student learning
Have computers helped or hurt our lives?

What is the value of the information available on-line (on the Internet)?

In my opinion computers have made life easier and more convenient thanks to the variety of utilities they offer to us. Organizations automates their activities using them, saving time and money to themselves and also to customers. Computers help to handle information and data, considered between the most important resources of organizations.

Since computers revolution in the 80’s, personal computers have expanded so greatly and fast that today almost every organization base their activities on computers. They are everywhere we go, in banks, supermarkets, offices, public organisms, etc, automating repeatable operations. Information systems based on computers make it much easier to enter, manage and retrieve information. For example, banks can run transactions very fast giving a better service to their customers. Today we can buy a plane ticket on the internet, and get it delivered at home. People communicate with friends and relatives using the e-mail, saving money and time, because is cheaper than using the phone, and faster than sending a letter by mail. Never has it been easier to keep in touch with people anywhere.

The software industry has developed products that simplifies the work in all kinds of areas, such as manufacturing, servicing, financial services, aerospace, biotechnology, and so on. Software can process big amounts of information and make complex calculations that could only be performed by an expert in the subject after long time of work, if computers did not exist, therefore organizations can employ less qualified personnel to execute some operations, because computers do the hard work.

To conclude, I say I have no doubt that computers have introduced an enormous progress into our daily life and the benefits of their use are countless. It is remarkable the fact that they execute tasks more efficiently than if done manually, doing the work easier for people, fast and well organised.

Life has changed a lot since the invention of computers. The computer influences our lives and we influence the world by using the computer. I believe that the computer have made our lives a lot easier and convenient for the following reasons.

First of all, we save a lot of time using a computer and this makes life a lot easier. How much time would we spent waiting in banks in order to get the information we like to receive or we urgently need. With our personal computer we don´t even have to leave our homes. Online banking allows us to get the information through the internet and to get it immediately.

Second, we will save not only time but also money. Nowadays nearly every company can be contacted through electronic mail or internet. If we like to buy a special product we can do this using our personal computer. What we pay is the price for the product and the telephone costs for using the internet, but nothing has to be paid for gasoline or other transportation costs.

Furthermore, I would like to lay stress on the advantage which is created through the access to information via internet. Students, for instance, have to do a lot of research work for the university. With your computer you get an access to other universities all over the world.

with a computer, people can do many kinds of work in shorter time with less mistakes. Once a program is set correctly, computers process assignments such as calculations more quickly and acurrately than a person. Moreover, there are several computer programs that provide checks of errors commited by an user, for example, the spelling check function in programs of word processor. Thus, saving time and reducing errors by using computers, people can invest their time for more creative work or activities.

To sum up, I believe that the advantages of computers outweigh the disadvantages of this invention. I recommend everyone who thinks that life is getting more complex and stressful should start learning more about the good sides of the computer.

Do you agree or disagree? “If you travel, you should travel in a group with a guide who knows the areas you’ll be visiting.”
Traveling is the best way to get rid of stress. Everyone likes to travel and see different places. Some people travel alone and discover new places. On the other hand, some prefer to travel in a group led by a tour guide. Because I like meeting new people, I would prefer to travel with a group of people. In this essay, I will try to figure out my reasons.

First of all, we should know the language of the country if we are going abroad or we might have great difficulty in communication. Also we should search for the places that we are going to visit in order to not to waste time. As long as we are not professional tour guides, we cannot know all the important places that have to be visited.

Tour guides can help us in different situations; so, traveling in a group led by a tour guide is better than traveling alone. Most of the tour guides knows at least two foreign languages so they help us to communicate when we have trouble. Tour guides, also give us information about the places that we visit, so, the trip get even more informative.

Secondly, meeting new people can be very interesting. We can build friendships that last forever. For example, two years ago, with my cousin, we went to Paris with a tour. There were lots of people in our tour. We get along with each other very well. We went to restaurants all together and it was really fun. If the number of people in a tour increases then, the transportation and hostelling prices decrease, and people can visit more places with a small amount of money.

Finally, I can say that traveling in a group of people led by a tour guide is the best way to travel if we want to visit the most important places and get information about the places that we visit.

Do you think it’s better to focus on one subject in college or study a variety of subjects in college?
Some universities require students to study different subjects, while some other do not. There should be some reasons behind these 2 practices. I am graduated from a university of the former type, and I tend to support the former practice than the latter due to my experience.

University is a place for knowledge. Sometimes, knowledge cannot not be easily classified into a single category. Take Statistics as an example. It requires both logical thinking technique and good mathematics foundation for making the study more efficient.

In addition, a university is a place for building up personal connection, which is an important factor of success with it comes to the business world. Most of the business deals are concluded because people often help with each other when they recognize that they are from the same group, such as, races, schools or hometowns

However Some people may think that if some time are spent on some other subjects that are not related to the purpose of their studies in the university, they are wasting their time.This kind of saying is not correct because with the assistance of other knowledge, a student will become more knowledgeble and actually will bring them more strength in an overall sense.

Last but not the least, with the learning of other subject, a student may be able to realize his/her real strength and interest. I have an old classmate who was from the faculty of medicine. During his first year of his study in the university, he had taken a course in Operational Management. He scored very high in that course and he enjoyed doing projects with the classmates who’s major is Business Administration. In his second year, he decided to transfer to the Business faculty. Today he set up his own company that sells medical equipment. I consider this to be a very successful example of the practice that I am supporting.

To conclude, I am in favor the practice that universities should require their students to study varies subjects. This not only allows student to recognize their strength and interest, but also provides a good environment for the cultivation of successful persons.

Do you agree or disagree? “Children should start learning a foreign language very early.”
Language is the best mean of communication. In globalization era, one language is definitely not enough for one to be able to communicate well with foreigner. I strongly support the idea that children should begin learning a foreign language as soon as they start school. They will get themselves familiar with new language, improve hearing ability as the time goes by, and learn to speak new word early.

In my country, Thailand, it is compulsory for all children to start learning English at the age of three or four. However, they learn only a few word like one, two, three and simple animal names. It is more fun to know other languages especially when children begin to learn with very easy vocabulary. The learning process is more fun for them. Most language books for kids are colorful and fun to read. It gets children familiar with new languages without feeling afraid or bore to learn.

No doubt, early start means more time for practise. Children can improve their hearing ability from foreign movie, songs, or from tourists. They might not be able to understand the whole conversation but they will hear the word they have learned and know how to pronounce them correctly. I have read the book about bringing up a child where parents speak two languages; there is no problem for a child to learn two languages at the same time. Psychologist said a child will not get confuse but he will be able to speak two languages which will surely be one asset for the future.

In addition, children would start to say a word or sentence early and do not worry so much about mistake as most adults do. You cannot refuse the fact that adults always concern more about grammar and pronunciation of the new languages. This is one of the big barriers for learning. Adults are afraid and not say at all afterward. Language is a matter of practicing not avoiding. Children will start to say what they learn regardless of rule or grammatical part. And that is the best way to learn language.

To me, children can receive new things fast and their development is always progressing. Time and practise will make them master in new language, which will benefit them when they grow up. All in all, language is an art, which one should learn as early as possible. If one wants to see outcome soon, one must start sooner.

Normally a foreign language such as English is very important because it is an international language, different people from different countries in this world can use English for communication. Therefore, I totally agree with the following statement “Children should begin learning a foreign language as soon as they start school” because I think children at the age of starting school can learn and develop their skill faster than children at other ages.

First of all, children at the age of starting school can learn many new things. They can absorb much new knowledge.

Second, I think the younger they are, the easier they can learn how to pronounce like a native speaker. And for me pronunciation is an important key for using foreign language because it is depend on pronunciation whether one can communicate with a native speaker or not.

In addition, I would like to use my case as an example. I began learning English since the first day that I went to school. I think I do it quite well. I can communicate with any English speaker. But now I am 22 years old and I live in France for working as a software engineer. So I had started to learn new foreign language again. And I found it was very difficult for me. More than that, the most difficult part for me is pronunciation. I have been living here for almost 1 year, but I cannot make someone at the supermarket understands me what I really want to buy. And I am sure that the problem is pronunciation not grammar or vocabulary, which I believe that if I had learnt French since I was young, I could do it better than now.

In conclusion, if we can arrange some suitable courses for children to learn a foreign language as soon as they start school, there will be more advantages for their learning and their development. I believe that they can learn successfully and use that foreign language as well as a native speaker does, which is the most important goal of learning a foreign language.

Is it a good idea to have boys-only and girls-only schools?
Whether boys and girls should attend separate schools or not is a complex and controversial issue. Some people think attending separate schools is benefit for boys and girls to put their heart into studies. On the other hand, other people argue that boys and girls would be benefit from not only studies but also social skills if they are put together in the same schools. In the final analysis, I prefer the later one to the former one. In the following discussion, I would like to have evidence to support my view.

First of all, the disadvantage of attending separate schools is that the mutual sex will be suffering in the future because of lacking the knowledge about the opposite sex.

One of my friends, for example, who was in separate high schools, lost the regular psychological mind after breaking up with her first boy friend. Because she didn’t know boys very well, she hoped they could get along well as the relationship between she and her girlfriends. However, her boyfriend didn’t do as what her girlfriends did such as going shopping for a whole day. She was disappointed by him and had an extremely terrible fight with him. They broke up in the end. She was hurt so deeply that couldn’t control her behavior any more.

Second of the place, the advantage of attending mixture schools is that boys and girls can help each other more efficient than those in separate schools. Because of different physical minds, they have different ways to think about questions. When they communicate together, they exactly can get some new ideas from others. I still remember after discussing with my partner who was a smart guy, I learned to consider the same thing with different ways. In this case, I really benefit from those experiences to work out every possibility in my work.

However, it may be true that in the mixed schools students will be affected by falling in love so early. But the thing is when girls from separate schools meet strangers they are much easier be attracted by opposite sex than those from mixed schools. So this alone can’t constitute sufficient support to the view that boys and girls should attend separate schools.

Given the reasons discussed above, the conclusion, which may intertwine at the beginning of discussion and thus become more persuasive, may be safely reached that it’s not necessary for boys and girls to attend separate schools.

Discuss an important person from your country.
If it is decided to build a statue or monument to honor a famous person in my country, I would choose Mahatma Gandhi- The father of our nation.Though there are many other personalities who have contributed to the country and will be a part of the unforgettable glorious past of our country, but Mahatma Gandhi’s contribution to his country and fellowmen is irreplacable.

In the 1940’s while my country was under the british rule, there was only one sole voice and the entire country and the whole free world stood behind him. The reason behind this being, his idealogy which was based on non-volience and non-co-operation against the british rulers. His non-co-operation movement and the swadeshi movement (which means using only things made indegenously) was so successful that the british rule crumbled under on their own and were forced to leave our country.

Mahtama Gandhi was a person who made it possible to achieve independence from British rule. He believed in the principle of non-violence which he followed throughout his life till he breathed his last. Due to his realistic approach,our country was able to free itself from the shackles of injustice and slavery.

Mahatma Gandhi was an advocate by profession but he spent his entire life for his country and lived a most simple and disciplined life. He invented the spinning wheel which was meant to teach the people of the country a means of producing their own cloth for wearing instead of relying upon the foreign goods. The superior example of his simplicity and determination to achieve anything in life is a inspiration for the generations to come.

In conclusion, Mahatma Gandhi in my opinion truely deserves the respect of people and also the title given to him as The father of the Nation. Any monument/statue in his memory can prove to be a mark of respect for the great personality.

Which is the more important quality in a worker: to work well alone or to work well in a group?
Man has always been a social animal. It is established that most of his achievements are attributed to social structure and team work. So, it is more important to be able to work with a group of people on a team than to work independently.

Every person has a knowledge unique to himself. No person has complete knowledge about any subject. People have different approaches and contribute in different ways to the same cause. So, a group of persons can contribute more to a cause than a single person can do.

Having many persons working together also helps in the fact that a group can execute its plans more strongly and in a better way, whereas a single person may fail to do so because of lack of opinion or resolution.

A team also promotes team spirit. There is a healthy competition within the group members and this breeds innovative ideas by provoking thoughts. On the other hand, a single person thinks in his own way. The possiblity of verification and hence improvements are less than they are in a group. I fear he may continue to make same mistakes and will realize them very late.

A team person draws ideas from each of his teammates and hence is more exposed to the current progresses and latest methods in his field. A single person may need to put a lot of effort, (often impractical) to gain an equal amount of knowledge.

At some or the other stage in one’s life, everybody should work wih others. A person working in a team learns to live with many persons and work in harmony with strangers. Meanwhile he gets rid off his individual complexes which might have adverse effect on one’s profession. These lessons he learnt in his team are also important assets in his personality that he carries home. But, a person working independently would not have experienced these things. He may find it difficult to work with others in future. He will have to start afresh and learn to cope with the group when it is inevitable.

Hence, I strongly feel that team work is essential in everybody’s life. It brings out the best out of a person. Even a brilliant person cannot strive for excellence without anybody’s assistance. Therefore, it is very important to develop team’s attitude.

Discuss an important custom from your country.
As with any other ancient civilization, India is a land of deep-rooted customs. Customs are nurtured and nourished to maintain deeply held values.

Many Indian homes have a prayer room or altar. In Hindu households, a lamp is lit and the Lord worshipped each day. Other spiritual practices like japa (repetition of the Lord’s name), meditation, paaraayana (reading of the scriptures), prayers, devotional singing, etc., is also done here. Special worship is done on auspicious occasions such as birthdays of loved ones – both human and the Gods, anniversaries, festivals and the like, but each member of the family, young or old, communes with and worships the Divine here.

Since the Lord is considered the creator, He is therefore the true owner of the house we live in too. We are mere earthly occupants of His property, thus this notion rids us of false pride and possessiveness.

2) Indians greet each other with namasté (na-mas-té). The two palms are placed together in front of the chest and the head bows whilst saying the word namasté. This greeting is for all people younger than us, of our own age, those older than us, friends and even strangers.

There are five forms of formal traditional greeting enjoined in the shaastras of which namaskaram is one. This is understood as prostration but it actually refers to paying homage as we do today when we greet each other with a namasté.

Is it to wake up the Lord? But the Lord never sleeps. Is it to let the Lord know we have come? He does not need to be told, as He is all-knowing. Is it a form of seeking permission to enter His precinct? It is a homecoming and therefore entry needs no permission. The Lord welcomes us at all times. Then why do we ring the bell?

The ringing of the bell produces what is regarded as an auspicious sound. It produces the sound Om, the universal name of the Lord. There should be auspiciousness within and without, to gain the vision of the Lord who is all-auspiciousness.

Even while doing the ritualistic aarati, we ring the bell. It is sometimes accompanied by the auspicious sounds of the conch and other musical instruments.

1)Temple Etiquette
Always take your shoes off before you enter a place of worship in India, and do not wear revealing clothes.

Travelers in India are often tempted to wear shorts, but it’s crucial to keep your shoulders and the lower part of your body covered when visiting a site of religious importance.

2)Public Displays Of Affection
The beautiful lagoons of Kerala or the beauty of the Taj Mahal might make you want to sidle up to your partner and give them a quick hug and kiss, but think twice before doing that in public.

Even though you might catch young couple canoodling in public parks, it’s best not to perform public displays of affection in India.

3)Hands and Feet

Hand by Meanest Indian

There’s a whole hierarchy of the body parts in Hinduism. The head is superior to the rest of the body, and the feet are lowest on the rung.

Feet are considered dirty in India, so take off your shoes before you step into someone’s house. Don’t step on anything important and if you do, immediately express your apologies.

It’s a sign of deference to bend down and touch a respected elder’s feet in India.

The left hand is customarily used for cleaning oneself after defecation, so Indian people never eat with their left hands. Also remember never to pass on anything – money or a gift – to an Indian with your left hand. The most conservative Indians might take offense.

4) Indian Festivals
With so many religions and cultures, you will come across fairs, celebrations and merrymaking of all kinds.

Whether it is the shimmering lights of Diwali, the colors of Holi, the extravaganza of Durga Puja, Navaratri, Onam, Dusshera, Id Ul Fitr and Christmas, you’ll encounter indigenous customs, amazing Indian cuisine and total festive abandonment.

Has technology helped or harmed the world?
Technology as we all know has changed the way we live our lives in this new millenium. It has affected each and every faucet of people from all countries irrespective of cultural and physical boundaries. Now many people may argue with the fact that, not all change brought due to the technological revolution has resulted in progress for the human kind. But I strongly support the argument that technology has made the world a better place to live. I will explain my point of view with examples and reasoning in the following paragraphs.

First of all, technology has improved the quality of our lives. For example, in our working lives where we use computers, which help us plan and execute our work faster. And also for instance the communication technology which has revolutionized the way people around the world talk and share information. Previously, pigeons were used to transmit information, now due to efforts of many scientists and organizations we have mediums such as e-mail, telephone, fax which allow people to share information, in ways which was never thought possible before. All this results in people meeting and sharing thoughts and exchanging knowledge, which eventually leads to betterment of mankind.

Secondly, It has made it possible to do things unimagined before. For instance, it was never thought possible to cure people of some diseases and disabilities. But path breaking applications of radioactive isotopes in cancer treatment and artifical limb implants in disabled persons are some instances where technology has given people a new ray of hope.

It has also resulted in increasing the effciency of humans. A good example of this are the machines used in factories which are 1000 times more effecient in doing some repetitive tasks compared to humans. This results in industry being able to supply the increasing demands of the ever increasing population. Good examples of this are cars and packaged food products.

Technology has also given us a second chance in case of unexpected events like diseases and natural calamities. Because of technology we can better respond to these problems. For example, vaccines are used extensively thoughtout the world when any particular pandemic or epidemic breaks out and now less lives are lost due to natural disasters than before, thanks to the state of the art search and rescue equipment.

Lastly, it has given us a purpose of our life. For example space technology has stived to explain our origins in the universe. Meanwhile also finding the roots of our own evolution. All this results in a better understnding of the forces of nature controlling our existence and better utilizing them for our own good.

In conclusion, I fully support the statement that technology has made our world a better place to live and also gives us a means by which we can preserve the best of our world for future generations to come.

Does advertising reflect culture?
Advertising is an all powerful tool in todays world where communication means are varied and accessible by all, and reaching the target audience with the right message makes all the difference. Advertising is a medium through which, people can be educated about a particular issue at hand. Advertising can be about a new product, a new business oppurtunity or in this case about a country. I strongly agree with the statement that advertising can inform, educate and can tell a lot about the country. I will support my argument through examples and reasoning given below.

Advertising can be of many forms: Printed and published information, through broadcast media (radio and television) and now the most important emerging means of all; that of the Internet. All these forms of advertising have their own advantages and dis-advantages. Advertising is generally responsible for the first impressions of a country in people’s minds. In this case, what they hear about a particular country for the first time through any means of advertising, will result in it being a true picture of a country for that person / country.

So that’s the reasons why governments of some developed countries have taken this issue of projecting the right image of their country through advertising very seriously. This is proven by the fact that their tourism numbers and advantages of living and working in their country are most highlighted than other countries. This is nonetheless important in todays competitive global environment where countries are competing against each other to attract new investments and business in their country. All this directly affects the economic and development scene of the country as good or bad advertising can directly result in the country’s growth.

For instance, in my country India, the Information technology ministry has spent substantial finances and efforts to highlight India’s advantage as a global source for information technology workers. This in fact has resulted in growth in the Gross Domestic Product of our country there by raising the standard of people living in this country and giving a nacent industry a chance to grow in a free capital environment. This coundn’t have been acheived without concentrated advertising of our advantages and economic benefits of developing software in India.

So I conclude to say that Advertising can not only tell a lot about a country but can also result in bring growth to the ecomony and prosperity to its people. Adding to that, I would like every government of the world taking efforts to promote the best their county has to give to the world, here by promoting peace and prosperity among all nations.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Advertising can tell you a lot about a country. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Diverse cultures and backgrounds lead to people having different perceptions and understandings about a product. Advertising is thus an art to communicate, the qualities of a product and its use to the people in their percieved language. And in doing so, advertising definetely will tells us a lot about a country.

People tend to place a lot of significance on details like color, packaging style, special symbols, celebrities who model for the product, relgious and traditional sentiments. These factors definetly make the advertising of the same product different in each country.

Color plays an important role in choosing a product, Red represents passion, excitement, danger and power, most communist countries love this color, but a few countries consider this sinister and it is the color of mourning in the orient. Green is a favourite color for the muslims, but often green tends to represent fresh and vegetarianism, which wouldn’t go well with all products. White is considered a depressive color,and a color of mourning in India, but in China White represents happiness. Hence while advertising color plays an important role, if a red colored product is advertised in a islamic country, it may be rejected but could have surprising response in a red loving country. Pepsi wisely invested several dollars in research and found out that blue was a universally accepted color and immediately changed its brand color to blue from red , thus saving millions of dollars on advertising.

Celebrities and stars often carry a lot of weightage on an individual’s decision about buying something. They symbolise their fantasy and identify with them. If there favourite star, sportsman or model is promoting a product, they would buy it irrespective of its utility and need.

Revlon is a leading cosmetic brand world wide, instead of one promoter, the brand has a promoter for each country. Halle Berry a Miss America promotes the brand in Usa, the american women identify her and are in awe of her beauty. Now that they know Revlon products are the secret of her beauty they will tend buying the products too. But if the same ad is shown in India, where a select few know about her, the product would hardly sell. Instead if a local model or a star the Indian women identify with,promotes the brand, the product would do good here too.

Similarly sentiments and traditional values differentiate advertsing from each country. Lets take an example of an ad for a wrist watch. A ad in a Western country would show a top model, a star or a sportsman promoting the product, as an accessory to his designer suit, shoes etc. Here the product is perceived as an accessory, but the same product is perceived as a luxury in India. Hence the ads would show the product being given as gifts during important occassions like weddings, graduations etc.

A same product having a single utility and purpose in different countries is perceived differently based on the above factors, and determine the advertising which tells us
about that country.

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