The Pact Rameck Questions & Answers

Which of the authors had parents who were drug addicts?

In 2nd grade, Dr.Rameck, having scored high on a placement test entered what program?
“Gifted & Talented Program”

Why Did Dr.Rameck’s father drop out of college?
He was using drugs and fighting a group of white guys

Why was Rameck’s father discharged from his first job?
He committed a robbery

What was Rameck’s 1st job?
He worked at Bill’s Barber Shop sweeping hair from the floor

What career does Rameck consider in Junior High?

What high school did Rameck attend?
University High

What crime was Dr.Rameck charged with after being arrested?
Attempted Murder

Why were the charges against Dr.Rameck eventually

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The victim failed to appear in court – Leading to the judge throwing out the charge

What did Dr.Rameck’s Plainfield friends ask him to do while they were all on house arrest?
Confess to stabbing the drug addict (“crackhead”)

Why hadn’t Dr.Rameck confessed to stabbing the drug addict?
His lawyer advised him to keep [his] mouth shut

What caused Dr.Rameck to separate himself from his Plainfield friends?
The assault event of the drug addict – and jail time which led him to realize he must separate himself from these bad influences

Why did Rameck’s mom arrange for him to go to University High School?
To get him to change his friends who were headed towards jail or death she wanted better examples for her son to follow

Why did Uncle Richard change his name to Rasheed Shabazz?
Because he joined the Nation of Islam

Why did Rameck decide to separate himself from the boys in Plainfield?
He ended up in jail with the Plainfield guys who wanted him to confess to the stabbing so they could get off on a lesser charge

What is their unwritten code of honor?
Their hangout behind the school was not a place for selling or using drugs

What happened to Rameck’s friend, Ahi, that caused him to run to Ahi’s home?
Ahi had been shot at the end of his junior year.

Who was Rameck’s suite mate during his freshman year of college?
Sam Davis

Including the 3 doctors how many students had been accepted in to the Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Plus Program?

What event cause Rameck to be confronted at Seton Hall University?
He slammed a fellow student on the ground breaking the boy’s leg as a result

What causes Rameck to slam a fellow student to the ground?
The student would not leave the scene of an argument Rameck was having with his “step-brother”

What did Dr.Rameck steal from the campus bookstore during his freshman year?
A sweatshirt

What was the name of the student organization the three doctors created at Seton Hall University?

How did the 3 doctors fundraise for Ujima?
The threw parties and sold soda and chips

How old were they when they created Ujima?

Other than Ujima, what mentoring program did they create?
The Three Doctors’ Foundation

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