The liar vocab

Term Definition
Reproach to blame, to criticize
pompous arrogant, self-important
concession something given up; or the admitting of a point claimed in an argument
concede to give in
arbitrarily randomly
arbitrary random
morbid suggesting an unhealthy mental state, often related to an interest in disease or death
eulogy formal expression of praise for someone who has died recently
furtive marked by quiet, caution, and secrecy
emphatic forceful and definite
magnanimous noble, generous
indignant showing anger
miser a person who is reluctant to spend money
irk to make weary, irritated, or bored
solipsist one who attaches oneself to philosophical idea that "my mind is the only thing that I know exist."
depot station where transport vehicles load or unload passengers or goods; storehouse
loiter to stand about without aim or purpose
veldt open grassland in southern Africa typically used to grazing
recede to withdraw
twinge a sharp and sudden feeling, usually of pain; prick
engrossed totally absorbed in something; to absorb one's attention
sedative something, usually a drug, that calms and soothes; also have a soothing effect
joviality happiness; jovial – cheerful
paranoia disturbed thought process characterized by anxiety and fear
emanation something that flows forth or is radiated
emanate to flow forth
jaunt a short journey taken for pleasure
bemused puzzled
intersperse to scatter here and there; to place at intervals with other things
contemplate to observe or study thoughtfully
edify to instruct
chagrin regret; feeling of vexation marked by disappointment
aplomb confidence
rendition an interpretation of something
enigmatically mysteriously
enigma mystery
stymie to block or hinder
brisk energetic
reparation the making of amends for a wrong done to another person or group
pivotal of crucial importance in the development of something else

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