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US History 2 H Chapter 38 Quiz 1 – Flashcards 10 terms
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Which part of Johnson’s Great Society programs remains controversial today?
a. the cost of government spending
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Which statement best describes the Great Society programs?
Many of them are still in effect today.
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Richard Nixon’s plan for dismantling the Great Society programs was called:
Great Society programs of the 1960s led to
a decrease in the poverty rate
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Following the implementation of several Great Society programs, high school graduation rates
Some critics complained that the Great Society programs a. gave the federal government too much power. b. paid too little attention to health care. c. gave the rich too many tax breaks. d. favored rural over urban citizens.
In the final analysis, Lyndon Johnsons Great Society programs Select one: a. actually increased the poverty rate. b. proved that poverty could not be papered over with greenbacks. c. did no good at all. d. received more money than they could effectively spend. e. won some noteworthy battles in education and health care.
What is the main reason so many Great Society programs became law during the Johnson presidency?
a. The Democrats had a supermajority in Congress and passed many of the bills Johnson proposed.
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