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American Literature Canterbury Tales Character Trait Characters English/Language Arts 3 (11Th Grade)
Canterbury. Tales Review – Prologue and The Pardoner’s Tale Characters – Flashcards 27 terms
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Character Trait Comparison And Contrast English 2 English/Language Arts 3 (11Th Grade) Subject Verb Agreement Winter
English 11B – Flashcards 112 terms
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112 terms
Character Trait Dance Democracy English 1 The Eye
EB White essay summaries 30 terms
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Background Information Character Trait The House
Buried Onions Review Questions 28 terms
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Which character trait does Dexter establish when he quits his caddying job?
letting his obsession with Judy control his decisions
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What does Philip identify as one of his character traits?
Malloy Magic – he has a special charm.
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How does the stranger describe his parents character traits?
… He talks about his mother’s tender caress and about his fathers smile of benevolent pleasure.
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The study of positive emotions, desirable character traits, and optimal human functioning best describes what subfield of psychology?
positive psychology
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J. If you were in our position, interviewing candidates for this assignment, which character traits would you look for and why?
T: Were I hiring a teacher for this job, I would look for the traits of passion and knowledge of the subject taught, creativity, persistence and collaborative abilities. A: Passion and knowledge lead to engaging lessons that keep students connected and interested in learning. Creativity in finding and using activities that engage students is also something I would seek out. Persistence is important because students need to know their teacher is willing to keep on looking for ways to help them learn and be able to apply their knowledge in school, Lastly, collaborative abilities are important because in this day and age of large class sizes and diverse student abilities sometimes I need to rely on another teacher with different strengths to offset areas where I may be struggling to meet a student need.
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List 5 Character traits of Scrooge. Provide evidence from the story to support your answer.
grumpy, greedy, selfish, mean to others, very rich successful businessman
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Ch. 4 1) The frequent repetition of an act, to the extent that it becomes characteristic of a group of people, is a A) custom. B) popular culture. C) habit. D) taboo. E) character trait.
A) custom.
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Consider Cassius’s character traits. Even though his flaws cause his downfall, why does he fall short of being a tragic hero in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar?
He falls short of being a tragic hero because Cassius didn’t have a tragic flaw, but he did have flaws. Cassius didn’t have just one flaw that made everything happen and lead to his death. Plus, he is greedy and dishonest, he is not noble.
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Different — Character Trait
Romeo’s primary character Flaw is emotional instability. Paris’s character Haw is having too little emotion
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Describe Slim. What is his job on the ranch? What are some of his character traits?
He is the head Skinner on the ranch. He is the leader of all the working men. He’s a tall man in his 30’s to 50’s
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