Tangerine Study Guide

Paul and family moved to Tangerine County

Rising Action Part 1
Paul goes to school and the sinkholes swallow the portables

Climax Part 1
Paul goes to Tangerine Middle to play soccer

Rising Action Part 2
Victor, Tino, and Paul avenge Luis’s death on War Nights

Climax Part 2
War Eagles win the soccer championship

Rising Action Part 3
Paul makes the soccer team

Climax Part 3
Paul remembers how he is blind

Falling Action
Arthur gets arrested Erik confined to the house, and Paul gets expelled

Paul start school in St. Anthony’s

Realistic Fiction

Section Labels
Journal Entries Dates

Paul Fisher

Point of View
1st POV

Author’s Purpose
entertain young adults ;realistic novel

Choices and Consequeces
cause and effect

Main Subplot
Erik Fisher Football dream

Theme(story about)
Paul can see things that everybody else can’t

Moral (lesson)
The truth will set you free

1st semester;mid late 1900s

1.Erik wants key to storage 2. Erik,Arthur smells like bug spray 3. girl says Erik as Mr. generosity 4. Arthur quickly puts shiny things away

1.smoke/hazer/mist/fog 2. color grey 3.a wall

an object represents an idea

a direct comparison

a comparison using like or as

extreme exaggeration

the feelings associate with a word (can be positive of negative)

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