Study Guide; Political Parties, Voting, and Elections

Liberal (Republic)

Moderate (most Americans)

Conservative (Democratic)

Explain how the high cost of campaigning has affected American elections
It gives an advantage to the wealthy.

Explain the difference between a third party and the two major parties and how a third party can affect the outcome of an election.
Third parties cab rarely win elections but take votes from both parties. Third parties often revolve off a particular issue and introduce new ideas.

What are the qualifications needed to vote in VA?
18 years old, US citizen, VA resident

When does voter registration end for people who want to register to vote in Virginia?
22 days before election

What are the three ways a person can register to vote in Virginia?
online, in-person, mail-in

Characteristic of a person who are most likely to vote?
Age, Educated, Income

Reasons why people do not vote?
Lack of interest, failure, to register, wont be near precinct

Where can you go if you will not be near your precinct?
Absentee ballot

What are the steps of the electoral process?
Declaration of intent, Primary. caucus, campaign trail, national convention, election day, inauguration

How many electoral votes does VA have?

How are electoral votes determined?
State reps plus senators

How many electoral votes are needed to win the majority of votes?
at least 270 votes

When is election? Month and day of week?
November, first Tuesday, every 4 years

How does mass media shape public opinions and the role mass media play in the election process?
Identifying candidates, emphasizing selected voting issues, broadcasts different P.O.V’S, openly discusses and criticizes politicans

What does PAC stand for?
Political action commite

What role does a PAC play in elections?

How is a super PAC different?
They can accept money from people union and corps.

How can citizens make informed decisions about when they are constantly influenced?
Separate facts from opinions, Look out for bias, evaluate the source of information, identity/ recognize propaganda

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